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Player level: Advanced

Blade: 5 ply extra light

Handle: Flared

Weight: 90 gr.







Overall rating: 9.4

Xiom Vega Pro is one of the finest brands in Table Tennis.(1) Xiom Vega is designed with innovative technology. The implementation of these latest technologies in manufacturing Vega Pro allows for better performance of the players. The Xiom Vega Pro has three major components: a large sweet spot, 5 layers of wood ply, and 2 composite materials of Carbon and Zephylium.

With a thickness of 5.8 mm, a Head size of 152x157mm and weight of 90grams, it appears seemingly heavy but is very lightweight because of the composite materials.

It also has a high rating of 9 for control, 9.2 for speed, and an impressive 10 for a spin. This racket helps you create the perfect ball spin you’ve always wanted without losing control.

+ pros

  • The large sweet spot, fast without being overly demanding, easy loops
  • Unique Design: the type of material used in manufacturing a Xiom Vega Pro goes a long way in determining its performance. One of its astounding features is that it is designed with unique and high-quality materials.
  • Strong and reliable blade with a woody feel
  • Prolonged shelf-life
  • Maximum durability
  • Incredible control- this enables you to place the ball wherever you want without getting shocked.
  • Great and affordable price

- cons

  • Hands are prone to sores and blisters: due to the sharp edges on handle and blade edges, after few hours of playing, your hands could get discomfort.

Features and Benefits – XIOM VEGA PRO FL BLADE

Highlighted below are some of the exciting features of this racket:

Unique Construction

Xiom Vega Pro has a unique combination of X-Carbon and 5 wood ply. It also features a thin layer made from a sponge material underneath the rubber to help you hit the ball harder, which will give you more spin and more speed. The outer ply is made of Limba, which makes the short game so easy and helps to generate lots of spins.

The first layer is made from softwood which gives you longer dwelling time on the ball and more feeling, just under this layers, there is a very thin layer of carbon that provides the blade with stability and control for big hits. The outer layers of limba provide a soft touch on the net, and Zephilium Carbon gives it speed on the faster stroke

Short game

The short game is so great, even with the fast blade. This blade really has many gears, upon thin contact it gives great spin and control. If you swing the blade a bit faster and harder, it generates a lot of power while still providing room for lots of spins. You’ll enjoy counter-looping with it a lot.

Aesthetic Design

The manufacturers at Xiom (2) have a record of making very appealing designs. It is packaged well and comes with a little Xiom sandpaper for the edges of the blade and handle, to avoid getting blisters on the hand after the first few hours of playing.

Lightweight Blade

The feel of the blade and veneers is top notch. The Xiom Vega Pro is a very linear blade comparable with a ZLC or even SZLC blade.

Something very visible when playing with this blade is the significant amount of control – the ability to place the ball where you want. It brings unbeatable confidence. In close touch play, the Vega Pro very much feels like an all-wood blade. Not until you start exerting some power in your stroke; will you clearly notice that it is truly a composite blade. With these compositions, the weight of the blade is reduced while the feeling is increased.

Large Sweet Spot

It gives you a large ‘Sweet Spot’ when playing, which is about 3/4 circular area of the blade. It is ideal for offensive players who like looping or smashing. The large sweet spot is more forgiving than other blades. The infused carbon helps you generate more spin and power on your returns.

Speed and Control

Xiom Vega Pro is about the same speed as a Viscaria, could be slightly slower on a super powerful shot but it is significantly faster than the WSC. Vega Pro has a significant level of control. It is much more controllable than the Viscaria and the MJZLC, and it is less controlled than the WSC. It is very easy to block with this blade, and it combines well with thicker sponges. It is best tried with a 2.0+ sponge rubber.


Vega Pro is spin innovated, and it makes higher and more curved arcs to create the largest safe zone over the net. The Xiom Vega Pro has a deeper feel at impact. It reflexes upgraded flexible force of rubber to make more spins. The new Carbo-Sponge helps to generate additional energy onto the ball.


Having explored the technical features, the good and bad of this racket, it’s fair enough to say that it remains a fantastic choice and not a loss. It is Excellent for both attack and defense and offensive topspin play style

Xiom Vega looks perfect with its great power and control. It brings on a special feeling you might not find elsewhere.

With an average and affordable price tag, nothing should hold you back from getting yours. Its performance is worth the penny!

Get a Xiom Vega Pro now and take your game to a higher level.

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