Wilson Tour Slam Adult Recreational Racquet review


Player level: Beginners

Flexibility: Stiff

Balance: Head Light

Weight: Even (10.3 oz.)

Head size: Large (112 sq inch)

Wilson Tour Slam Strung Tennis Racquet, 4 3/8-Inch, Black/Green

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Ground strokes








Overall rating: 7.7

The Wilson Tour Slam is a perfect racket for beginners to the game of Tennis, recreational players and those that do not plan to take the game seriously. It is referred to as a forgiving racket, as it comes with a large sweet spot. This makes novices love it. It also has this great feeling because it is very light. It is also great for players that like a powerful racket. It offers right combination of control and power.

The weight and length of this racket provide inexperienced players with the proper amount of power, spin, momentum, and maneuverability that is okay for their level. Its handle is very soft and thick, so it gives more support, making shots quite easy. Players that have used this racket report that their backhands have significantly improved.

Wilson Tour Slam (1) is also known for its affordability, and that is even one of its selling points. It comes with a great string, and its strength is quite impressive. This racket comes with style, and it is available in three colors.

You can read through this write-up to get enough information as regards the Wilson Tour Slam.

Technical Details -wilson tour slam tennis racquet 

This racket comes with the Volcanic Frame Technology that is built into the bridge, which offers stability and extreme power. It also has the Stop Shock Pads that help to reduce vibration, so there is proper control. It has a string pattern of 16 x 19 inches. It is an open string pattern.

This is a racket that comes pre-strung along with a Wilson string. Pre-strung rackets are not as expensive as the premium rackets. This is one of the reasons that makes Wilson Tour Slam quite affordable in comparison to some others with the same quality.

It comes with a headlight equalization that supports the development in the more substantial edge. The Stop Stun Sleeves brings about more solace. It is lightweight, thereby it gives support to strikes, shots and adds vitality to the game.

+ pros

  • Large Sweetspot: the sweet spot of the Wilson Tour Slam is large enough to provide reliable and powerful shots. You hardly give wrong chances or even miss them because it is a forgiving racket.
  • It increases the nature of your strike. Several players have commended how radical this racket is.
  • It is very affordable
  • The intensity of this racket is awesome
  • It is lightweight. The weight of this racket makes you enjoy it when you hold and feel it in your palms.
  • It is perfect for beginners
  • It is also great for recreational players
  • It has a headlight balance
  • It comes pre-strung
  • It comes with an oversize head
  • The construction is solid and sturdy
  • It is very comfortable

- cons

  • The fact that Wilson Tour Slam is powerful can be overwhelming. It can hinder a player’s real playing style.
  • Not too great for players with little hands: some have said the grasp on the handle is too extensive for those with small hands.
  • Professional or advanced players are not using this racket
  • It has been noticed that it packs pummel with little or no exertion sometimes

Features and Benefits – wilson tour slam tennis racquet

The characteristics of something lets you know what is all about. Same goes for a tennis racket. The Wilson Tour Slam we’re discussing comes with features that make a stand out from other rackets.

These features account for its quality and durability.

Power String Bridge Technology

This tennis racket comes with a technology that makes it sturdy and strong. This feature underpins moves and makes your shots very powerful. It also provides the stability of your movements and shots. This makes it the perfect choice for beginners and players that are not well developed. It strengthens your shots and does the job more than your hands. The head is strung very tight, so power is maximally used.

Length and Weight

The length is 27.5 inches which give you energy when hitting the ball. Its length also lets you stretch and hit shots better. It adds to the power too. It comes with 112sq inches. This is quite large, and it provides solace and also strength. It also offers inexperienced players with the proper amount of power, spin, momentum, and maneuverability that is okay for their level.

Headlight Balance and Stop Stock Pads

This racket has a headlight balance, and it supports the development in the edge, which is heavier. This implies that the heavy frame gets more movement. The stop shock pads help to reduce the vibration and serves as an addition to your comfort.

Open String Pattern

Wilson Tour Slam comes with a free string pattern, and rackets with such patterns give players more strength and spin whenever they hit the ball. It      also has a big gap between the strings with lesser intersections. This enables the ball to rebound with a stronger than better force. The string measures 16 x 19.

Large Sweetspot

The large sweet spot this racket comes with makes it able to deliver powerful hits. It helps beginners with more power so that they do not use a lot of their energy. This size of the sweet spot makes sure you hit well and hard.


The Wilson Tour Slam Tennis Racket is a beautiful product for those that knows its worth. It is a very nice option when the quality and price is considered. It offers right combination of control and power. As a beginner or one that does not play Tennis so often, you would enjoy this racket. If it’s the case that the back of your hand can use a little work, then get a Wilson Tour Slam!

Have your shots not been good or powerful enough for you? Then this a great choice! Not playing so well, and you need to improve? You can try out this racket, and you’ll be glad you did! You can trust Wilson Tour Slam for versatility and reliability.

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