Wilson K factor (K)Zero Tennis Racquet review-beginners tennis racket


Player level: Beginners

Flexibility: Stiff

Balance: Head Heavy

Weight:  Light (9.1 oz.)

Head size: Over Size (118 sq inch

Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value Tennis Racket (Red/Black, 4 1/4)

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Ground strokes








Overall rating: 8.2

The Wilson K factor Kzero is one of the best selling products of the Wilson brand. The reasons for this are its features, which include fast swings, lightweight, and its maneuverability. It is also widely known because one of the best players in the world of Tennis used it; Roger Federer.

The Kzero is made of K factor technologies that contribute to the power and the maximum stability as well as control of the vibration. It is best for beginners, recreational players and those with a compact short swing. Now the qualities that make this racket stand out will be discussed shortly.

Technical Details – Wilson K factor (K)Zero

This is a racket that provides players with maximum power, especially those that are new to the game. It comes with a large sweet spot and control because of the oversized head. Kzero makes sure that you can maneuver excellently with no issue at all.

The ‘K’ in the name of this product stands for (K)ompact Center technology. This technology is an industrial design that ensures the handling and maneuverability are great as well as providing you with a nice feel when you hold it. The star Roger Federer inspired the feature of the nice feel.

The other ‘K’ is referred to as the (K)ontour Yoke, which is responsible for the enhanced stability in players whenever they are at stressful points. The nice feeling of this racket can also be partly attributed to the new racket structure of (K)arophite Black construction.

This tennis racket is recommended for beginners that cannot exert a lot of power on the court. It is also perfect for recreational players that also do not plan to do something very energetic. This is possible as a result of the fact that the Wilson K factor Kzero gives as much power as you want.

+ pros

  • It comes with a very nice feeling that improves the mobility and stability of the racket when in the hands of a player
  • It is extremely light when compared to several rackets that fall within the range of the Wilson Kzero
  • It comes pre-strung with the Wilson synthetic Gut Extreme 16g at 60lbs
  • It is perfect for beginners that do not have enough strength to play well or those that don’t want to use their energy
  • It also comes with a large head size, which is, in turn, responsible for the large sweet spot. Large sweet spot means more power
  • It is durable
  • It is stylish and sleek
  • It has been designed for the optimum maneuverability and handling
  • It also comes with large holes found in the strings. The holes make the racket long-lasting and also ensures the accuracy of your shots
  • Feels good when holding and playing

- cons

  • Due to how light and how powerful this racket is, it can result in more shocks. But the shock can be worked on by getting a shock absorber.
  • This powerful racket makes some players rely heavily on it. Such that a change in the racket that can create some severe setbacks.
  • It has been said that it lacks control

Features and Benefits –Wilson K factor (K)Zero

The K factor

The (K) stands for Zero’s new proprietary Wilson technologies. This technology works hand in hand with the next generation in Nanotechnology with peculiar frame innovations and control. This particular racket now comes with (K)ompact Center technology, (K)ontour Yoke, and the (K)arophite Black construction. The K-factor sums up the features of this racket. These features are thoroughly described below.

These concepts are responsible for the nice feel, enhanced stability as well as the firm handling maneuverability. The Kompact Center tech is responsible for the frame structure that was created through a process of nanoscopic level for stability and solid feel. Its fibers a uniquely weaved in the frame design, and this makes the frame stiff. It, in turn, reduces the torsional twist and then gives little or no power loss off-center shots. 

The (K)ontour  Yoke is for the stiffness at significant stress points of the racket for stability. This also adds to the reduction of torsional twist and loss of power during shots. The (K)arophite Black construction is a quality material that works for the combination of the power grooves and power holes tech that provides the controlled power. This is made possible by the manipulation of repositions and string movement after shots. It combines Carbon Black from the nCode rackets with the SiO2 molecules to offer a dense and strong racket.

This racket is powerful as it is considered oversize with a head size of 118sq. This provides the racket with a large sweet spot that gives way for forceful shots even if the ball does not land at the center of the racket. The nice feel of this racket makes sure the generation of power takes less energy. It is lightweight, which enables the racket to be less energetic, very maneuverable, and has fast swings. When you consider the head size and the length of this racket, you realize that the Wilson K factor is indeed lightweight.


The focus of this racket is mainly the powerful shots made with less energy and the way players can easily maneuver it. The lightweight feature of 9.1 ounces when strung makes it a great option for players generally. It also improves your mobility while making sure you hit shots on time. So if you are in search of a racket that improves your chances with little or no energy of yours, then this is the racket for you. Or you want a racket that is very light and is stiff at the same time, then Wilson K factor Kzero is the racket for you!


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