Wilson Burn 100s Racquet review

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Player level: Intermediate/Advanced

Flexibility: Stiff

Balance: Neutral

Weight: Heavy (11.3z.)

Head size: Mid Plus (100 sq inch)

Wilson Burn 100S Tennis Racket, 4 1/4″

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Overall rating: 7.9

Advanced tennis players need enough spin, stiffness and power in their game. Their need for these attributes makes it necessary that they get a suitable tennis racket that can offer them.

A great product that can meet your desire as an advanced player is the Wilson Burn 100s Racket. It is particularly designed for advanced players with a style of consistency and power that is different from the baseline.

With this tennis racket, you can be sure of a great blend of power, control and stability. With care, go through this review to know more about this fantastic tennis racquet.

Technical Details – Wilson Burn 100s

The Wilson Burn 100s is a racket that looks cool and thus, appeals to you from its appearance. The attractiveness of this racket is due to the combination of orange, yellow and black colours on it. 

It comes with a head size of 100 square inches; thus, it falls under the mid-plus category. Its head size enables the racket to offer a blend of control and power which ultimately results in an excellent performance.

It comes with a standard length of 27 inches. The weight of this racket is distributed evenly from the head to the handle. So, it comes with an even balance. The even balance of this racket allows it to strike a balance between the moderate weight in the head (which offers power and stability) and the moderate weight in the handle (which helps to prevent excessive vibration and shock).

This racket weighs 11.3 ounces, and so, it is considered to be heavy. The heaviness of this racket allows for higher power and stability with less shock compared to a lighter racket.

Also, the Wilson Burn 100s Racket comes with a string pattern of 18×16, that is, 18 mains and 16 crosses.  This open string pattern results in more power and better feel on the ball. You also get extra comfort because the impact may feel softer with the open string pattern of this racket.

In other words, the open string pattern of this racket results in a dense string bed which helps to maximize the energy of the ball.

+ pros

Below are some of the advantages of the Wilson Burn 100s Racket. In case you still have some doubt about this excellent racket, the benefits will help to do away with the uncertainties.

  • Generates powerful spin- the Wilson Burn 100s is one of the rackets to consider if you are looking for a spin-friendly one. The powerful spin offered by this racket is as a result of the dense string pattern it comes with.
  • Suitable for baseline players- the heavyweight nature of this racket allows for a stable feel and also enables it to plough through the ball. This attribute of the racket offers good depth and pace for baseline players, particularly, those with long fast strokes. Thus, with this racket, plunging into the baseline is very easy. The ease of plunging into the baseline makes your opponents to be dumbfounded with your moves.
  • Amazing string pattern- the open string pattern of this racket takes a long time before it loosens. The string pattern also allows you to get optimal energy transfer when you make an impact on the string bed; thus, giving the ball an exceptional power.

- cons

Even though this racket comes with significant advantages, there are some disadvantages attached to using this racket. These demerits are:

  • Unsuitable for beginner players- this racket comes with a head size that is quite small compared to those of other rackets. The small head size of this racket results in a smaller sweet spot, and this ultimately increases your likelihood to miss shots.


This attribute makes the racket unsuitable for beginner players as they need a racket with a larger head size to suit their gameplay.

  • Quite stiff- the stiffness of this racket is quite much; this result to the firmness of the racket, and this ultimately makes it less responsive.

Features and Benefits – Wilson Burn 100s

The Wilson Burn 100s Racket comes with great features that make it suitable for use for advanced tennis players. These features include:

Spin Effect Technology

The Spin Effect Technology of the Wilson Burn 100s Racket means that the cross strings are less than the main strings. Thus, leading to the 18×16 string pattern of this racket. The Spin Effect Technology allows for two inches more net clearance with 12 inches more margin of error. This feature helps to increase the RPM without altering your swing, thus maximizing your spin.

Ultimately, the increase in the spin of this racket results in more controlled power. Moreover, the increase in spin can as well results in opening up of the areas of the court where a flatter ball may not be able to reach.

Parallel Drilling Technology

The Wilson Burn 100s Racket comes with the Parallel Drilling Technology. This technology involves drilling the grommet holes parallel to each other to increase the string movement. The increase in string movement helps to give about a 27% increase in the sweet spot. This feature results in more comfort, a forgiving feel on every shot and responsiveness.

Moreover, this feature results in greater consistency, more stability and power potential.

High-Performance Carbon Fibre

The Wilson Burn 100s Racket is constructed from high-quality carbon fibre. This material helps to increase the frame stiffness, and this ultimately results in explosive power. This feature adds to the suitability of this racket for aggressive swings.


The Wilson Burn 100s Racket is, without a doubt a great product to have for your tennis game. The great power that this racket provides as a result of its weight and string bed makes it perform excellently on the court.

This racket is so spin-friendly that you can with ease direct the ball to wherever you want it to land on the court. This racket does not just perform well but also designed using high-quality materials that it can serve you well for an extended period.

This racket is definitely a good option for intermediate and advanced players who desire a stiff feel and superb spin and power. You can be sure to play excellently and face your opponent with great confidence with this great racket in your hands while playing the game.


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