Wilson Blade 98 16×19 Countervail Racquet review


Player level: Advanced

Flexibility: Flexible

Balance: Head Light

Weight: Heavy (11.4oz.)

Head size: Mid Plus (98 sq inch)

Wilson Blade v7 98 16×19 Tennis Racquet (4 1/8″ Grip)

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Ground strokes








Overall rating: 8.2

Wilson is a visionary leader when you talk about designing quality tennis racquets, and they did impress us when they introduced the Wilson Blade 98 model tennis racquet.

The company has put in a lot of effort and time in to achieve additional improvements to this brand of tennis racquets almost every year. The Wilson blade 98 is a beautiful popular racket that is well known among players that are energetic and aggressive on the court.

Reviews show that this racket does precisely what the manufacturers say it does. One major feature is the Wilson (1) countervail technology which tends to dampen the shock through the racket on impact while ensuring the feel of the racket doesn’t leave the racket. The dampened shock helps to reduce muscle fatigue in the arms of the racket.

Technical Details  – Wilson Blade 98  

This current version has a feel different from the previous year’s model basically because of the subtle improvements that have been made by Wilson on it.

Some characteristics such as a secure grip string technology and dynamic dampening effects anytime the ball makes contact with the racquet has helped significantly improve the control that you would get when making your return shots with the aid of this model racquet. There is probably a noticeable difference in this area from the former one from last year.

The Wilson Blade 98 is a tennis racket that provides for a wide array of options to those that buy it such as distinct string patterns. The most popular of them is still the 18×20 pattern which offers the ground for more power and the 16×19 model for those players that want to enjoy more control.

Another significant improvement that Wilson brought about in this quality line of tennis rackets is to improve the look it comes with. It features a beautiful and sleek new finish that would complement almost any uniform that you wear while making use of it. That may not necessarily help your gameplay while playing a match, but it would still offer you that extra bit of confidence while playing.

+ pros


It is absolutely a dream come true to volley with the aid of this racket, as this is one of the many attributes comes to mind. You would most likely love the soft feel or impact that you would get on your volleys and the manoeuvrability and stability up at the net.

Even if you don’t know how to make incredible volleys, you would realize that your reaction volleys would be better. However, you might lack the feel on your first volleys or floating balls that need to be handled well.

With the aid of this racquet; however, you would enjoy a decent shot of confidence at the net. It would be quite amusing to play a full doubles match with this racquet to test it out, and spend quite some time trying out different volley drills. You are sure to notice an astonishing rise in your volley techniques so well.


The racquet wouldn’t in any way disappoint any user. There is a combo of reliable power and huge shock absorption capacity, which makes it very comfortable for serves and produces a high noise when it makes contact with the racquet. This is a very much overlooked attribute, as it is always adorable to hear that heavy thud off your strings while playing on the court!

You would enjoy so much power when making your first serves and understand that you could easily stay there all day and all night without getting fatigued or wasted. This is a part where you would be impressed with the Wilson Blade 98, and it’s new countervail technology as well.

- cons


This is where it tends to get a bit tricky as the cost can be a bit offsetting for some. The Wilson Blade 98 commands a bit of a hefty fee that is sure going to make you consider your pockets well before making a move for it. Other than this, there are not too many known demerits of this excellent piece of equipment.

Features and Benefits – Wilson Blade 98

Countervail Technology

This model racket features what Wilson likes to refer to as their ‘countervail’ technology. This is a process that offers additional carbon fibres alongside the frame of the racquet in other to maintain its lightweight nature, as it helps to absorb better energy when a ball comes in contact with the racquet.

Because of this, a player would get access to faster and more precise swing speeds and also suffer less arm fatigue during a match. This technology is also designed to help dampen the speed of the incoming tennis (2) balls when it makes contact with the racquet, so you enjoy a better chance of making a return shot plus more control as well.

Improved Groundstrokes

This is an essential aspect of any racket, but you need to know that you would feel completely in control while making your groundstrokes. This would also be experienced when starting the practice off.

Also, the task of hitting down the middle would be a pleasure for you, and you would easily enjoy the tons of feedback offered by the racquet. It would help you get right, consistent length without having to swing too hard and the manoeuvrability this racquet features was also excellent.

You would not have any issues with taking the shots fired at you as shortening the swing and making fast, and precise movements would be a walk in the park for you.


The Wilson Blade 98 ‘Countervail’ Racket was designed for both intermediate and professional level of tennis players. These categories of players tend to demand a more balanced and enhanced performance from their rackets, and this model would offer you that.

The technology employed in the design of this racquet ensures that there is adequate ball control, shot power, and swing speed when you make use of it. If those are the features that you want to start seeing in your game, then you wouldn’t be making a mistake by going for this fantastic model of a tennis racquet.

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