Wilson Blade 104 v7 tennis racquet review


Player level: Advanced\Intermediate

Flexibility: Flexible

Balance: Head Light

Weight:  Even (11.3 oz.)

Head size: Mid Plus (104 sq inch)


Wilson Blade 104 – Quality String (4-1/4)

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Ground strokes








Overall rating: 8.2

I’m pretty sure that by now, almost everyone knows the Wilson Blade 104 (1) is one of Serena and Venus William’s choice of the racket and is seen as an upgrade from Blade Team BLX. Although the two rackets have some similarities, the Blade 104 is way ahead on performance levels.

It is regarded as one of the best women’s tennis racket currently available on the market. Its Amplifeel handle technology also enhances it with a muted feel.

Even worthy of mentioning is its new color scheme which will turn heads on the court. I would be taking you through a series of reviews so that you can equip yourself with sufficient information about your newly found favourite.

+ pros

  • It has an attractive color scheme
  • It offers adequate control, comfort and power
  • Amplifeel Technology as a major highlight
  • Improvement in volleys, groundstrokes, and serves
  • The bigger size ensures that you can have an extended reach
  • It is rated as versatile and accurate
  • It is Serena Williams’ choice of a tennis racket

- cons

  • It is somewhat heavy
  • There is no color option available
  • It is quite expensive
  • It can be unstable at times

Features and Benefits

The frame material this racket is made of gives you license as a player to produce medium and fast swings. The extended 27.5 length will help you maneuver more than you used to before. Its ideal length also offers you the stability required at the point of impact with the ball. Although it is designed for players on the intermediate and advanced level, its large 104 square inch head size makes control feel solid as ever.

The Wilson Blade 104 comes with a stiffness rating of 59 and is rated 4 points head light to achieve a proper transitioning on the court. The new color scheme it comes in will make a lot of heads turn on the court.

The Wilson Blade 104 comes in an elegant case with adorable pink colored stripes which flow along the full length of the frame. This is yet contrasting with the natural color of its string bed alongside the base which also comes in a black colour.

Furthermore, the big coloured “WILSON LOGO (W)” designed on the string bed has a perfect blend with its design. The bigger head size of this racket allows you to make better contact with the ball in different instances.

The Wilson Blade 104 weighs in at 10.8 ounces which suggest that it is neither too light nor is it too heavy. This particular detail is essential for intermediate players who are still trying to develop an incredible pace.

As far as advanced players are concerned, they usually prefer the feel and balance the racket has. This is because it, in turn, makes swinging easier and faster and with increased power. One primary reason why the Wilson Blade 104 is popular is due to its versatility and suitability for the different levels of players.

Some players prefer to put volleys away, and hence they love the Blade 104. This is because it provides a fantastic feeling and incredible comfort as well. We also have players who would like to swing cutaways, but also enjoy making powerful drop shots. Most of these players would tell you how the rackets overall feel brings them the desired quantity of versatility.

Furthermore, the baseliners place a premium on the larger sweet spot. They do this because of the extra power it can offer them and the accuracy and speed of their groundstrokes as well.

It has a string pattern of 18×19 which is considered more substantial than usual, but more ideal for players who prefer to take control. If you would like to have more spin, you’ll most likely have to make an addition of an extra string to the frame.

The Amplifeel technology this racket comes with, alongside the leather grip means you can experience comfort all the time. With that being said, the Wilson Blade 104 also affords you with a responsive feel. When combined with the string pattern, you would feel more comfortable handling the racket. This is without mentioning the improved accuracy it offers as well. Because it is quite more extensive than the standard racket, the more advanced players will find a comfortable frame assisting them in control the game adequately. 

The racket provides for incredible control. This, in turn, allows you to produce enough power and generate adequate spin. Serena’s racket of choice will definitely bring an improvement to your game without minding your skill set.

Do not forget that the frame is not as stable as some Wilson frames. Some players who bought the racket made reports that it was not really a setback. According to them, this was because the racket gives you enough room to maneuver quite easily. But, in relation to groundstrokes, the maneuvering would make the stability more difficult to maintain.

This can be a significant issue for some players, especially players who are not so experienced. A major defect of the Wilson Blade 104 is the prolonged difficulty in achieving reasonable stability at times. This usually occurs especially during off-centre periods. To fix that issue, it would need more weight although that would in a way reduce some of the other good qualities of the frame.

If the racket were to be weighing more, you would not have to battle with the stability issue although most players would then find maneuvering more challenging to achieve. This is because it involves a certain level of dexterity and skill. Its beam width of 22.5mm/22.5mm/22.5mm and the balance which is 5 points head light makes the Blade 104 a desirable racket indeed. Wilson has officially stated that the Blade 104 has an official power level which ranges from low to medium.

All these combinations make a perfect racket for both advanced and intermediate level players. This is because they require more power and maneuverability at the same time in the course of their game.

In essence, the Wilson Blade 104 is an expensive racket. That doesn’t reduce the fact that it can deliver exceptional performance. It’s the extended length and more massive head both work to bring about an increase in the hitting area. Although it is arm-friendly, it can still be somewhat cumbersome for some sets of players. It creates optimal power that would help make you be the dominant player on the court.


The mere fact that Serena Williams has won 15 Grand Slam singles titles while using this racket says indeed a lot about the quality and overall performance it promises to deliver. Obviously, the racket didn’t do the entire job, but she definitely needed to have a racket she could rely on.

Even if you are not as good and advanced as Serena Williams, the Wilson Blade 104 will definitely enable and empower you to get to a more advanced level in a shorter time span.

This Wilson Blade model has been crowned as one of the most sophisticated intermediates and advanced tennis rackets you can get in the market due to its versatile nature. It is not uncommon to hear different advanced players of tennis (2) praise and recommend it as one of the very best rackets they’ve used.

The Wilson Blade 104 is recognized for its spin, power, and feel. It also does offer a great deal of control to fast-paced tennis players and amazing mobility even for doubles. All these contribute to making it emerge as one of the best rackets overall. Almost any level of player would find the racket to be an incredible choice for their game, with special preference to players on the intermediate and advanced levels.

Overall, its weight and the comfort obtainable from it all ensure that the model is a frequent choice of so many players who all possess different sets of skills. As an advanced player, you can be rest assured that the Wilson Blade 104 would help you attain perfection in your game. Although, if you are a player on the intermediate level, you would reach your peak and get to the top of your game faster. This is when you are equipped with the Wilson Blade 104 tennis racket.

Although this is a racket that comes with a somewhat sophisticated price, this is for players who would want to make an exchange for a product that promises to bring about a fantastic and incredible performance.

In terms of skill set, on the other hand, this is most advisable for both intermediate and experienced players. Although, as for the speed, this would probably be most ideal for low to medium swingers.

Furthermore, since it has been endorsed and is still being used by the Williams, this would also be a fantastic choice for female players generally. I hope that beyond all doubts, you now have sufficient reasons to want to procure the Wilson Blade 104, as it would take you far beyond your dreams and expectations. You would definitely be on your way to becoming a sophisticated and exceptional player of tennis.

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