Wilson Blade 101L tennis racket review – 274 g tennis racquet


Player level: Intermediate

Flexibility: Stiff

Balance: Head Light

Weight:  Medium (10.3 oz.)

Head size: Mid Plus (101 sq inch)

Wilson Blade 101L





Ground strokes








Overall rating: 8.2

Each tennis player has different preferences and needs compared to other players. The best tennis rackets are designed with features that enable them to be used reliably by all players. Moreover, tennis is a game that requires power, control, and versatility. Therefore, every player should go for a racket that they find easy to control and handle and has a unique performance.

Wilson blade 101L tennis racket (1) is a suitable racket for every player who wants to top in the tennis game. This racket allows the player to play different styles against their opponents with its lightweight.

Wilson blade 101L tennis racket will be a good choice for you if you value comfort and versatility. It is also worth considering if you are a player that could make use of a little bit more power.

The Wilson blade 101L tennis racket makes an excellent racket for professionals. Also, for strong beginners, intermediate or juniors who are ready to move into the adult level. Whatever level a player is, an ultimate goal is to have a lot of wins.

If you are an intermediate level player, the Wilson blade 101L tennis racket will enable you to generate speed for a better pace and spin. This is because of the racket’s easy acceleration.

Tennis players who adjust their game on the fly would love this racket because they can use it to overpower their opponents or outlast them with its outstanding control.

Ultimately, Wilson has created an unusual weapon for the player who needs a light and powerful tennis racket with a high level of control. Click here and improve your game.

Otherwise carefully read through the other parts of the review to learn more about the Wilson blade 101L tennis racket as you make your decision.

Technical details- Wilson blade 101L tennis racket

The Wilson blade 101L tennis racket is an improved blade in the blade range from the Wilson Company with seemingly little but powerful additions. The Wilson Company produced this blade to give players a much more exciting experience in the tennis game.

These improved blade features countervail technology. A unique layer of carbon fiber within the frame of the racket that disperses the energy of the ball on impact. Now reducing vibrations and fatigue by 30% and 10% respectively. The racket allows the player to spend less energy stabilizing the arm during shots.

The blade has been designed for attackers with a thin beam racket to give players a lot of control. A parallel drilling technique to give players the response off strings that they love and want. The Wilson tennis racket comes in a lightweight (10.3oz.) adapted for long term comfort.

The Wilson blade 101L Tennis racket combines a larger head size with its lightweight for natural swings. It also provides accessible power making it a perfect option for players that like mixing up their games with different types of shots. It also makes it a fast racket.

+ pros

Highlighted below are some of the advantages the Wilson blade 101L Tennis racket has over other tennis rackets in the market.

  • Improved power; The power of this blade will make it easy for you to deliver substantial and precise shots without using too much energy
  • Reduced vibrations; The parallel drilling technology enables the string to absorb vibrations. More power is created, and energy flows better as the vibrations decrease.
  • Speed; The Wilson blade racket is a lightweight racket, and it allows for quick stroking speeds and recovery. With this racket, you would also be able to deliver quick serves and switch to different strokes easily.
  • Reduced injuries; As part of the advantages of its lightweight, the Wilson blade 101L tennis racket reduces racket injuries because they are easier on the wrist and shoulders.
  • Dynamic look; The black and green design of the Blade is fabulous, with shining materials for a modern and dynamic look.

- cons

Below are some of the shortcomings of Wilson blade 101L Tennis racket. These shortcomings go a long way to make the tennis racket not entirely perfect;

  • Not very high tolerance; The Blade 101L does not have a very high tolerance when receiving heavy shots.
  • The lightweight of the tennis racket makes it not entirely suitable for totally defensive plays where the player has to keep blocking balls.

Wilson blade 101L tennis racket – Features and Benefits


Wilson blade 101L tennis racket has a modern parallel drilling technology. This allows the strings to absorb more vibration and transfer extra power to the ball. Parallel Drilling technology reduces vibrations by absorbing impact shocks. This would allow for better energy flow and more power. Also, it creates a larger sweet spot and better comfort during games.


This racket is composed of braided basalt and graphite fibers. The braided basalt filters out unwanted vibrations and together with the full frame and the grip technologies provide for a perfect feel. The braided basalt and graphite fibers also reduce the arm vibrations to reduce muscular fatigue.


The Wilson blade 101L tennis racket has a light weight of 10.3oz. Because of this lightweight, the Blade 101L is very easy to maneuver. The weight also makes it easy to spin and swing

Frame surface

The frame surface is 101 square inch. The frames are built with excellent flexible feel and durability. Thanks to the unique composition (braided basalt and graphite fibers). With the strength of the material, you can expand the frame and the impact surface.

Beam Width

The racket has the thickest beam 23mm in the range allowing players to hit with power as well as accuracy.


The Wilson blade 101L tennis racket has a head light balance of 330mm. The head light balance will help a player accelerate the racket head to find a better ball length. The power of this tennis racket also makes it easy to deliver robust and precise shots without using too much strength. Wilson blade 101L tennis racket balance makes it the most maneuverable racket in the blade range.


Wilson blade 100L tennis racket comes with several features that allow you to enjoy your game and have amazing experiences whether you are a professional or medium level player.

Consider buying this racket if you value the features it comes with.

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