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Venus Williams Tennis Racquet Review: Wilson Blade 104 Tennis Racket

Venus Williams's Tennis Racquet


  • Head Size: 104 sq. inch
  • Racket Length: 5 inch
  • Weight:8 ounces
  • Balance: 5 points Head Light
  • Stiffness: 59 RA
  • Swing Weight: 309
  • String Pattern: 18×19

Venus Williams is one of the greatest tennis players of all time, not only that, but she is also one of the greatest sportswomen in the history of sport. This great player has 49 titles to her name and 7 of these titles are grand slam titles. Beyond all reasonable doubt, Venus Williams has had a pretty decent career.

Despite all her success on court, Venus has during most of her career been in the shadow of her little sister, Serena Williams. However, she is still one of the most popular players in women’s tennis.

Her popularity and success on the court make many people wonder and ask what racquet she uses to compete at the very highest level. For people curious to know what racquet Venus uses, look no further as this review is provided to give you detailed information on her tennis racquet.

Technical Detail

The tennis racquet Venus Williams uses currently is the Wilson Blade 104. She uses the Wilson Pro Overgrip on this racquet and she strings it with the Wilson Natural Gut. The customization Venus Williams makes on her racquet is not known but the general spec of the Wilson Blade 104 is known.

The Wilson Blade 104 tennis racquet comes with a head size of 104 square inches, a length of 27.5, a weight of 10.8 ounces/306.17g and a 5 points headlight. The racquet also comes with a flex of 59 RA, a swing weight of 309 and 18×19 string pattern.'s Exclusive Preview

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+ pros

The Wilson Blade 104 tennis racquet comes with some merits which makes it suitable for players like Venus Williams. These merits are:

  • The soft flex of the Wilson Blade 104 enables the ball to stay longer to offer more spin and control. This offers the racquet extra power even with its large head size.
  • The weight (10.8 ounces) of this racquet means the racquet is neither too nor too heavy. This property makes it perfect for intermediate players who are still figuring out how to generate their pace. This weight also makes the racquet the choice of advanced players as its balanced feel makes it easy for them to swing faster and with more power.
  • Its large hitting area helps to minimize missed shots.

- cons

The demerits of the Wilson Blade 104 tennis racquet are:

  • It lacks stability at times, particularly during off-centre hits.
  • The fact that the Wilson Blade 104 is a premium racquet makes it expensive. Thus, it is not a suitable option to go for if you are on a budget.

Features and Benefits – Wilson Blade 104

The Wilson Blade 104 tennis racquet comes with amazing features which makes it suitable for pro tennis players to use on the court for an excellent performance. These features include:


The Feel Flex Technology is an amazing feature of the Wilson Blade 104. This technology involves the strategic placing of the proprietary carbon mapping throughout the hoop of the racquet. This feature results in added flexibility and stability to better complement the modern vertical swing path.

The blend of this racquet’s specs with the Feel Flex Technology results in an effective mix of lightweight power and connected-to-the-ball feel. Ultimately, this allows players to hit with confidence and aggression.


The Wilson Blade 104 tennis racquet comes with a unique construction, which is the braided graphite and basalt construction. Basalt is a volcanic rock which can be manufactured to give fibers with properties similar to fiberglass.

 The blend of the Braided Graphite with Basalt results in an elastic and reactive material.  This feature increases the racquet’s flex. The improved flex of this product increases the ball’s contact with the strings, thus enhancing feel and offering greater control. In other words, this technology results in a pure, classic feel.


The parallel drilling is another feature of this racquet. This design involves drilling the grommet holes to each other to increase string movement. It dramatically increases the sweet spot of the racquet by up to 27%. Ultimately, this results in a consistent, more forgiving string bed response.


The Wilson Blade 104 comes with a head size of 104 square inches. This large head size allows for great power. Also, it results in a larger hitting area and sweet spot, thus resulting in more forgiveness on off-center hits.

Also, the large head size allows for solid control and so you will be able to make better contact with the ball in various instances.

The 104 square inches of this racquet makes it ideal for intermediate players who desire a racquet with a little more comfortable and forgiving than a conventionally sized mid plus racquet.


The Wilson Blade 104 tennis racquet comes with an 18×19 string pattern, which denotes 18 mains (vertical) and 19 crosses (horizontal). The 18×19 string pattern is another feature which enhances the control of the racquet and allows for shot-making.


Venus William’s tennis racquet comes with a length of 27.5 inches as opposed to the 27 inches standard length of an adult tennis racquet.  This feature makes the racquet longer. And so providing more reach on groundstrokes, slightly more power as well as added leverage on serves.

The extended length of this racquet offers you extra reach on volleys and serves. Also, the added length of this racquet is ideal for cutting down shots at the net.

Ultimately, this feature of the racquet helps you to manoeuvre more than you used to before. It will also help you to get the stability required at the point of impact with the ball.


The Wilson Blade 104 tennis racquet is a great weapon for both beginners and particularly, advanced players of the tennis game. This product gives you a lot of power, spin and enough control. The excellent performance of this racquet makes it one of the most popular racquets on the WTA Tour, most especially at the recreational level.

Venus William tennis racquet, Wilson Blade 104, is readily available on the online market. However, when getting one you must ensure that you buy the right version as there are plenty of different available.

The features of this amazing racquet make it a highly responsive and comfortable weapon for tennis players.

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