Top Court tennis Review: Learn with topcourt How to play tennis from the pros review - pros, cons, and benefits

Imagine you were given an opportunity to learn directly from your favorite tennis player for a whole day. Oh! The questions and secrets they would have to reveal that day.

Whether you are just an avid tennis fan or an amateur player, I’m sure there are a few things you would love to learn directly from the pros. If only there were a means.

This article details a trending platform that affords beginners and fans a chance to watch the pros in action from up close. What does TopCourt offer that has created a rave around the online product? Read on to learn.'s Exclusive Preview

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TopCourt is an innovation of three tech-savvy collegiate tennis players; Zach Hunter, Alex Rafiee, and Taylor Meyer. Together, they have built a platform where top professional tennis players and coaches can come around and download all they know about tennis for end-users to watch and learn.

The platform aims to bridge the gap between the top tennis players and their fans out there. And while getting to know how these guys make it in professional tennis, you also get to learn “up close” the defining skills and expert techniques that the pros have perfected over the years.

Since its inception, the likes of Lindsay Davenport, the Bryan Brothers, Sloane Stephens, Genie Bouchard, among many other world-class players, have shown their support for the project. And since then, several instructional videos have been created by them.

TopCourt is a much welcome innovation, especially with the global pandemic outbreak, which has restricted fans from watching live games from the courtside. Watching live tennis games is not only for entertainment but also for many tennis enthusiasts; it’s also an opportunity to learn the best ways.

So, with such an opportunity no longer available, there is a void already regarding learning from the pros. Many thanks to the creators of TopCourt; this learning void can now be filled. Fans don’t have to wait for ATP tournaments to watch their favorite tennis players up close anymore. You can now do so from the comfort of your home.

You might ask, how comparable can a recorded session be to a live game? I’ll tell you what. TopCourt redefines how you view a match. It goes beyond typical game recordings or even watching a live round from one point of view as an audience. The videos here are captured from more than four different angles using 4K cameras and drones.

With the tech guys’ combined efforts, TopCourt now boasts a fantastic collection of instructional videos and drills with some of the best tennis hands around. Surprisingly, they could pull all this off within a few months as the platform was only created in June 2020.

With a handful of investors, the creators could pool a starting capital of around $1.25 million. And with the success rating of the innovation, more funds would come together. And in no time, the best of the best players across the globe would also join in. There’s so much to benefit from by joining the platform in its early stages now.

TopCourt Pros

  • Detailed coverage with superb video quality
  • Access to exclusive off-court content from professionals
  • Learning the psychology behind playing at the top level
  • Reward program included
  • Fair cost of membership

TopCourt cons

  • Content available are all professional level, which may be too tactical for beginners
  • Some content is exclusive to gold members
  • Gold membership is more costly

Features of TopCourt

1.  Top Professional Tennis Players

The first selling point of the TopCourt online platform is the lineup of star tennis players they’ve been able to pull together on their shows. They’ve got features from Lindsay Davenport, Genie Bouchard, Fernando Verdasco, The Bryan brothers, Monica Puig, Taylor Fritz, Sloane Stephens, and a few more of the tennis big guns.

And yet, they are not resting on their oars. There are even bigger names scheduled to come on. Petra Kvitova, Andrey Rublev, Mackenzie McDonald, Sofia Kenin, Elina Svitolina, Jelena Ostapenko, and many more big names are still in the rack.

The documentaries for each of the players are extraordinary and very easy to relate to. They share defining moments in their career that put a whole new perspective on playing tennis at the professional level.

And one thing that is so special about the sessions that each player granted is the originality of the discussion. Their unique personalities make up the versed array of skills you can learn from the platform. On the platform, you’ll find players who play aggressively and those who prefer to sit in deep.

Putting all the content together, you have a comprehensive tool for users to learn what it takes to be a pro. The TopCourt library is diverse and cuts across all areas of tennis.

Another strong point about TopCourt is that they bring a new player every month. It would help if you imagined how much premium content the platform has in stock in the next few years.


2. Content Quality

TopCourt boasts unmatched quality for all their video content. I’m talking about crystal clear video expositions that are professionally produced. The sound also is top-notch and well-engineered.

This is made possible with the production team saddled with directing and producing the video sessions as naturally as possible. No one wants to see instructional guides that are more or less robotic or easily relatable.

And the other point that determines video quality is the type of equipment put to use in shoots. When the guest appearances are to come in, the TopCourt crew already have stipulated venues for the show. And on the ground at these venues are 4k cameras at every corner to capture both the scripted portions and the supposed “off-camera” parts.

So, at the end, when all the content captured is brought together and edited, there is an overall sensation that TopCourt delivers. It’s like you are watching a live tennis game from the courtside.

Also crucial to how well the content comes up are the different angles from which the shots are taken. The dynamic approach makes instructional guides more relatable. Nothing beats the feeling of being on the scene of the play, as delivered by TopCourt.

3. Instructional Guides

A primary role of a tool such as TopCourt is to improve the gameplay of its subscribers. And to achieve this, users need to learn how to play from what they are privileged to get. This is where instructional capacity comes in.

TopCourt videos provide a step-by-step guide on how to play. What makes the instructions unique is that they don’t just come from your regular tennis coaches but rather from experienced professionals who have applied the technical skills over time.

They can relate those technical skills that feel so hard well to the audience. How is this so? The players are showing off their most prized skills, which they do by explaining how they can make these particular moves. This makes it easier to relate with the instructions that are passed across on TopCourt videos.

4. Usability

Apart from the content on the site, how users can use the platform goes a long way in how well they can get the message being passed across.

The TopCourt platform is direct and easy to operate. The functionalities on the website are not many and can be easily navigated. From the dashboard, you can almost see all you need to explore on the site.

The most important contents are the drills and instructional materials from the guest appearances, which appears on the main page. After login, there is no need to filter through irrelevant materials; go straight to what you need, and get learning.

The videos are structured into short episodes that are categorized together. You can explore a player’s story as a whole or, if you prefer, go directly to individual materials from different individuals.

5. Pricing

To access TopCourt materials, you need to get either of their subscription plans. They have basic and gold membership options.

The basic membership covers all the main features of the platform. Access to all video content, redeem gold court points, and also allows you to ask questions from the players. The plan costs $180 for one year. And it can be subscribed to every month.

On average, that is almost measurable to what you get from a regular training session. Directed practice by your coach or senior players is more or less what TopCourt offers going by the comparable content delivery. But at a much lesser price of $15 for the three-hour sessions each month.

For the gold membership, this is more like an upgrade on the basic tier. Although the video content for both membership types is the same, users can get access to video content earlier with the gold option.

Then, there are other perks like a chance to win a trip to a TopCourt shoot and get to meet guest player appearances. That means you can even ask the pros questions directly. How cool is that? And it doesn’t stop there. There is also a chance to win a trip to the Grand slams or an ATP tournament. All these for $600 a year.

Benefits of TopCourt

With all the features we’ve highlighted in the previous section, I’m sure you can point a few points that you stand to gain by subscribing to TopCourt. Here are some we’ve noted out ourselves;

Think Like the Pros

The mentality of top professional players is something that can’t be learned from just any coach. It is something that has to come from those who have experienced the pressure first hand, the top guys themselves.

What they do to get the results they desire from each shot. This goes beyond mere directions and named techniques. It borders on things like inner intent and body composure. And some would even point out the state of mind of the player during an intense match. All these things count when taking a real-life shot in games.

Player psychology is an aspect of tennis that can be related best by sharing experiences and defining moments. These are things you might miss out on going through normal training processes and other recorded instructional materials. But TopCourt delivers all this intending to help users get to the peak of their careers as well.'s Exclusive Preview

Start your Free Trial of TopCourt for 14-days on us
(Link shared exclusively for our readers)

Up-close Training

Improvement. And it has been proven well over time. For one, it means you’ll be paying more attention to details – a much-needed approach for every form of training.

Unlike in love games, many other things are going on around; with a session on TopCourt, you can focus only on the needful. And then, from the guest player’s perspective, they get to relate more to the audience much more naturally.

There is this humane touch that TopCourt videos cover in their exposes with top professional tennis players. These guys share stories on the biggest influences on their careers right from the early stages. This portion serves as a motivation for young players out there, and it’s always so relatable for me.

Then, they also touch on the biggest dramas that have rocked their career as a tennis player. The highs and the lows, and more importantly, how they have been able to keep forging ahead even through the thick and thin.

Reward Program

Watching players as closely as possible, is an effective method for game Reward Program

The reward program is like a side attraction to all the main features and benefits of the TopCourt online tennis learning platform.

The TopCourt reward program uses the gold court points, a form of reward for completing milestones on the platform. Some points are given upon creating an account, referring another user, or choosing a favorite player.

The excellent court points can redeem various items from the gift shop like signed tennis balls, t-shirts, face caps, and the likes. The gold court also features a monthly draw that chooses users to visit a TopCourt shooting and get to meet guest players.

Interestingly, TopCourt also sells the gold court points at a rather costly fee. So, you should know to spend your free gold courts wisely when you get them.


Finally, with all the features and finesse put into creating a TopCourt platform as we have carefully gone through them, you can also attest that it is worth the pay. However, if you’d still like to test-run all of these superb tennis modalities by yourself, then you can always utilize the 14-day free trial available on the platform.

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