TecniFibre Carboflex 125 s squash racket PADDLE review

Tecnifibre Carboflex (S) Squash Racquet Series (125, 130, 135g Weights Available)

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The Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 has a reputation of being one of the best rackets to have been made. It is a popular fact that this racket has been tipped by Mohamed El Shorbagy (1), who is the World No.1 to be the best in the world. Now you should know that this feat is not an easy one, as the racket is well-deserving of the accolades that have often been laid on it.

It features a combination of power, durability, as well as manoeuvrability, and this is just one of the many factors that have helped with its popularity. The frame has a lightweight design. Because of the large head and long strings, players have the floor to make powerful, incredible, and amazing shots and counter-shots. It is not weighty, and because of that, you enjoy awe-striking power when making long rallies.

Shorbagy was noted to have commented that the new Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 is more desirable for him because of the new colors used in the makeup. You would observe that the head of this more modern version is much lighter when compared to the older one. What this means is that the act of volleying becomes more simplified, as you can make those volleys with relatively more ease now. This is a significant boost for players who need to play faster.

Technical Descriptions – TecniFibre Carboflex 125

The Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 weights about 125 grams, plus a balance of 350mm, which makes this head heavy. The head is less massive than the 140 version, although this difference can only be noted by players who have gotten accustomed to the Carboflex model.

The teardrop head has a size of 500cm, which is quite average or ordinary when compared with most rackets on the market. The large head and long main strings offer the racket tons of power and a relatively large sweet spot. The new 305+1.20mm string from Tecnifibre has also been adopted for use by this racket. All these serve as a testament to how powerful and lightweight this racket is.

You would find that you can play the ball at the back of the court with more ease when you use this racket, and this is fundamental because of the balance and the long main strings it features. By using an excellent hold, you can snap through the ball in a way that extreme power is produced or realized. The features, as mentioned earlier, are due to the balance and overall lightweight that this racket boasts of evenly.

From my vast array of experience, I have realized that the balance on this one is perfect for the weight the racket has, while the importance also complements the stability provided by the noise

+ pros

  • Cool design
  • Can be maneuvered
  • Amazing power can be produced
  • Evenly-balanced
  • Optimum ball control and feel
  • Excellent shaft design

- cons

  • Meant for only advanced players
  • Complaints on the grip size

Features and Benefits-Tecnifibre Carboflex 125

The specifications mentioned during this review can be applied to both the new and original version of the racket itself. Although the colour is different, the other changes in this racket would only be noticed by the experts and advanced players because they are so little and not so significant. There are so many features to be enjoyed from the usage of this racket, and we shall be delving into it now.

Tecnifibre Design

Graphite is used as the principal constituent in this racket, and it also features the directional weave, which enhances the feel and also serves as an absorbent, which reduces shock.

Tecnifibre Grip

This racket comes with a dry grip that has a really cool design, while it also stays tacky because of the Tecnifibre branding its features. The grip has an excellent feel, and it can last for an extended period if you maintain it properly while using it on the court and off it as well.

Tecnifibre Power

By using this racket, you can generate decent spend and pace, which is primarily because of the lower tension it has been strung to. This leaves room to make adjustments when you need it. When you hold the racket well and snap the ball with it, you can generate a foreign power. You would not have such a tough time when trying to move the ball from back to the front of the court when you decide to make use of this racket.

Tecnifibre Control

The incredible accuracy you get when playing the ball from the middle of the court is definitely second to none. The string pattern which is dense by the way aids you in the process of making shots on the ball. All these reasons mentioned above culminate in why it is essential and perhaps necessary to go for the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125.


Maneuvering as a process is pretty much easy and straightforward to achieve, as well as switching sides and volleying when you make use of this racket. Overhead shots and different shots can be easily performed when making use of this highly efficient and outstanding racket.

Players across different levels of playing have particularly heaped a lot of praise on this racket because of the quality it affords the players that use it.

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