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Stiga Xtr Outdoor Ping Pong Table review

One of the great mid-tiers weatherproof outdoor tables is the Stiga Xtr Outdoor Ping Pong Table. This product is engineered to be able to withstand extreme changes in temperature and moisture. Its aluminum composite top offers excellent resistance to rust and stands up to sun damage, so it will not warp when wet for an extended period.

Its quick assembly process, solid frame and pretty rugged playing surface and some other features of the product make it an ideal choice for you when looking for an outdoor ping pong table. It is also one of the most popular outdoor ping pong tables in the world. This review is provided to give you detailed information about this fantastic product.

Technical Details

The Stiga Xtr Outdoor Ping Pong Table is designed and manufactured using durable, all-weather materials like aluminum, exterior grade powder coating and galvanized steel. This product’s makeup makes it weatherproof, rust-free, and resistant to sun damage; this makes it ideal for year-round outdoor storage in any climate. This Ping Pong Table comes with a regulation size dimension of 9 × 5 feet, and it weighs 166 lbs.

Each table half can be separated and used as a free-standing multipurpose table for dining, playing cards and more. Thus, after playing, you can conveniently fold each table half into the upright position. Then, lock into place using the red safety latch and roll to the desired location for convenient storage. In other words, the separate halves of this product allow for an ultra-compact folded profile and capable of fitting into any space.

This table comes 95% preassembled with just a simple step to undertake so you can begin to play in less than 15 minutes.

+ pros

The following are the demerits of the Stiga Xtr Outdoor Ping Pong Table:

  • The ping pong table’s thick top surface offers a good and even bounce over the entire table.
  • This table has a weatherproof frame which is rust-resistant; this makes the undercarriage strong and durable. Moreover, the height adjusters of its legs help to ensure a level playing surface.
  • The playback mode allows for individual practice.
  • This table is easy to fold away, and the self-opening leg system automatically deploys the product when unfolding it. Also, the Eight 3 inches caster wheels make the table easy to move around.
  • The QuickPlay design makes the table simple to assemble; thus, you get to set it up within a short time.

- cons

The basic demerits of the Stiga Xtr Outdoor Ping Pong Table are:

  • This table is not thick enough.
  • It is relatively heavier than other similar products.
  • The cover is sold separately.

Features and Benefits – Stiga Xtr Outdoor Ping Pong Table

The Stiga Xtr Outdoor Ping Pong Table comes with several features worth mentioning and considering when buying a new table. A few of these features are:


If you are playing to play ping pong outdoors, it is essential to buy a ping pong table that is built specifically for use outdoors. Generally, indoor tables are prone to moisture and water damage; thus, they get spoilt faster when wet. However, outdoor tables are built with different materials and are sealed to prevent moisture from getting in and causing the table to warp.

This Stiga Xtr Outdoor Ping Pong Table comes with a 6mm thick tabletop made from an aluminum and plastic composite. This product is supported by a 1.5 inches (38mm) tubular steel apron; this ensures that the ball bounces evenly and consistently over the entire table. The table’s thickness is a bit standard for outdoor tables, and it tends to be between 5mm and 7mm, and it is made from some aluminum mix.

This construction makes the table resistant to water damage and rust. Also, you are guaranteed that it won’t fade if left out in the sun.


The Stiga Xtr Outdoor Ping Pong Table has a strong, durable and weatherproof undercarriage. The 1.25 inches (32mm) welded steel legs of this product makes it sturdy. The self-opening feature of the legs makes them deploy automatically when you unfold the table.

The adjustable height levelers on the end of the legs help ensure that the table is always level no matter the where it is set up. You enjoy great flexibility and mobility to move this product into position smoothly and safely. This property is because each half of the table has four 3-inch wheels. The ability to lock the wheels into place helps prevent the table from moving unintentionally when in storage or mid-game.


This product comes with a standard net and post. The 72-inch exterior-grade net and post set enables you to adjust the tension. The posts come in a threaded clamp system; this allows for easy putting on and taking off when you are done using it.


This product has a unique chassis design where each half of the table has its own caster beams. This feature makes it easy for you to fold up and put the table into storage mode. When both tables are folded up, it packs down very small with storage dimensions of 60 inches (W) × 23 inches (L) × 64 inches (H). In other words, both tables nest into each other pretty snug.

Its playback position allows you to practice all by yourself; that is, it allows for individual practice.


The features of the Stiga Xtr Outdoor Ping Pong Table make it perfect for families as well as recreational players who want to enjoy the ping pong game outside without having to worry about their table warping or cracking as a result of harsh weather conditions. It is also convenient for skilled and unskilled players.

Setting up this product is a breeze as it comes mostly assembled. The excellent design and good build of this table make it very portable that you can place it at your patio or backyard and enjoy playing the ping pong game all year round. With this table, you get all the qualities you need to experience endless fun and participate in tournament play.

In all, this product offers you supreme playability while offering all-weather performance.

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