Stiga Titan table tennis paddle review-paddle for beginners


Player level: Beginners

Blade: 5 ply extra light

Handle: Flared

Weight: 158 gr.







Overall rating: 80

Table tennis is an enjoyable game, and you don’t necessarily have to be a pro to have fun playing the game. If you are a beginner looking to improve your game while still having a good time playing, the right equipment can help you achieve that.

The Stiga Titan table tennis racket is a fast, lightweight racket which is tailored to help novice players develop their skills, improve their game and make it even more enjoyable.

This racket makes it easy to practice fundamentals, and even children would be able to control it comfortably.  It’s a “pick up and play” type of racket for most age groups and all beginner skill levels.

Players who value good control and comfort would love this racket.

Stiga makes perfect paddles at a very reasonable price that almost anyone can afford. Even though this racket is not expensive, it features many of Stiga’s unique paddle design elements.  

Read through this review carefully to know more about Stiga Titan table tennis racket and to decide whether or not it suits your game level and goals.

Technical details

The Stiga Titan Table Tennis racket has a control rating of 82. This is high for paddle at this price point. This racket is designed to help beginners improve their playing stroke because it focuses more on technique and control than on power. So, with this racket players will get good control. They can add more spin to their shots and improve their forehand and backhand shots.

The paddle is made out of five plies of extra light balsa wood that uses Stiga’s Crystal Technology. This makes the blade surface harder and boosts the speed of the racket.

It features a concave Italian composite handle which is very comfortable and light.

The Stiga Titan table tennis racket comes in Stiga’s custom made inverted rubber, which is ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) approved and offers a good amount of spin. The inverted tournament rubber has a sponge with a thickness of 2 millimeters. The rubber is quite sticky, and it can give you a good grip.

These above components make the racket very light (about 158 grams) allowing you to play for an extended period of time without becoming fatigued.

+ pros

  • It is essential to place balls with precision in the beginning when learning the basics. This racket has an edge in this area. Because of the light sponge and blade, the racket does not give too much speed. If you are a novice, this feature makes the racket great for you by helping you, correct stroke mechanics.
  • The price of this racket is a super advantage. It is an inexpensive paddle which offers enough spin to learn the different serves, enough power to put the ball on the other side without much effort and outstanding control to secure your shots.
  • It is suitable for all skill levels, best for amateurs.
  • ​Durable construction, it has been built to handle heavy use.
  • ​Lightweight (158 grams) paddle that makes it all-age friendly.
  • This paddle doesn’t deteriorate quickly and has a good spin control.

- cons

  • This is a leisurely paddle. Intermediate or advanced players might require a racket with more speed.
  • ​Not designed for power; The Stiga Titan table tennis doesn’t really focus on power, its strengths are spin and control.
  • Not so great smashes; If smashing is a big part of your game, this might not be the racket for you.

Features and Benefits

The Stiga Titan table tennis racket incorporates advanced technology in its production and reflects it in its features. Some of these fantastic features of the Stiga Titan table tennis racket include;

Crystal Technology

Stiga uses its unique Crystal Technology to make the blade’s surface harder. The harder the surface, the more speed you get from the ball as it comes off your paddle. The Crystal Technology maximizes the rebound effect and allows the ball to leap off of your Titan paddle and pop it right back at your opponent.


The paddle weighs about 158 grams. This is considered a lightweight racket for all players. The lightweight paddle improves the rate of recovery after each stroke. Beginners will appreciate the feel the lightweight gives the paddle because they can play fast and comfortable with it.  With this feature, you can return the ball quickly and get back in your position. 

Light sponge

It’s got a 2-millimeter inverter rubber sponge. The sponge is on the light side. This lighter feel allows for an increased spin with wrist flicks and helps reduce fatigue when playing aggressively for long periods of time. It is perfect for learning ball control.

Concave Italian Composite Handle

The handle is made of a concave Italian composite and uses Stiga’s WRB (Weather-Resistive Barrier) System for proper paddle balance and control.  A recess in the handle helps provide increased control of the ball.  Plus, this design helps reduce hand cramping even after long, elongated play periods.

The Grip   

The focus of this racket is on control and technique, and the grip reflects that focus.  The Stiga Titan table tennis racket has a solid grip which helps you counter your opponent’s incoming spins. The ability to read and then react to incoming spins is an important skill, and this racket’s design can help you develop that.


The Titan has a speed rating of 80. As the fourth fastest paddle, the Titan isn’t top of the line but can still produce quite a force. Although the Titan isn’t the fastest, it is lightweight and easy to grip, and that can help you learn proper technique and shot control quickly.    


If you are new to this game and want to improve fast, then this should make a great first paddle. Due to its very lightweight, you will be able to practice for a more extended period without becoming tired.

It will be an excellent choice for you if you desire to play the game with much confidence and control that you can build as you master the fundamentals of the game with this helpful racket.

Consider buying this racket if you value the features it comes with.

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