STIGA Pro Carbon table tennis paddle review


Player level: Intermediate

Blade: 7 ply extra light

Handle: Flared

Weight: 185 gr.







Overall rating: 87

STIGA Pro Carbon is one of the phenomenal paddles widely used in table tennis.

Carbon Tech technology makes excellent speed possible. It is having the combination of maximum elasticity in an extra light rubber. As such, it can offer you with high speed, spin, and control. 

With validation from the International Tennis Table Federation, Stiga Pro Carbon (1) meets all the regulations and specifications for paddles used during professional matches and any tournament play.

You’ll find this paddle an excellent choice if you are a player with a more offensive style, and always hitting the ball from a longer distance. This paddle is also in the best interest of intermediate players who desire to step up their game. It is like a launch pad into professionalism.

Carefully read through this review to know more about Stiga Pro Carbon and to decide if it suits your game level and goals.


Stiga Pro Carbon is manufactured by the famous Swedish company STIGA, which is ranked high amongst the world’s leading table tennis brands.

As the name implies, The Stiga Pro Carbon is designed with two layers of carbon infused into the blade to give it a lightweight outlook. Its rigidity and response also increase speed and power.

It weighs about 185g and comes in a dimension of 22 by 7 by 2 inches. This paddle helps you create the perfect ball spin you always wanted without losing control.

This paddle also comes with a heavy flared handle, which you’ll find to be heavier than other paddles or paddles. The heaviness of the handle helps you have a better grip on the paddle, allowing you to adjust the way you hit the ball for spins and loops. This is a common feature of paddles designed for professionals.

More so, the technicality of the paddle makes it very ideal for attacking players. (2)

+ pros

  • Great for spinning serves and forehand loops.
  • Ease and comfort- every player wants to use a paddle or paddle that provides comfort. This paddle gives that feeling of ease and comfort while playing. It may feel a little stiffer but can still sense the hard and soft impact of the ball.
  • Durability- this is one benefit which is not often talked about. The rubber can be replaced when it wears out, making it durable and long- lasting.
  • Attractiveness- the wood layers are in contrast with light. It is dark in the handle which provides more attraction and beauty to it.
  • Speed- with a rating of 10, Stiga Pro Carbon is fast enough for you to take some solid shots.

- cons

  • It is not ideal for players in need of a control paddle
  • It works better with loops than soft shots.
  • It may take some time to feel comfortable using it because of its more firm handle.

Features and Benefits – STIGA PRO CARBON

Stiga Pro Carbon is designed with an innovative technology, which features Carbon Tech and WRB is responsible for its. WRB technology is one of the distinctive features of this paddle, and here is what it presents:

W for Weight Balance: The balance of the blade is shifted to the point of contact with the ball. R for Rate of Recovery: The decrease in blade weight improves the rate of recovery after each stroke. B for Ball Sensitivity: It is strategically positioned in the handle to provide an extra sensitivity of touch for players.

Unique Construction

Stiga Pro Carbon is made from lightweight wood, making it one of the best paddles for long-term play. The paddle also features a thin layer formed from a sponge material underneath the rubber to help you hit the ball harder, which will give you more spin and more speed.

Lightweight Blade

The blade of the paddle is constructed from 5 plies of balsa wood and 2 plies of carbon, which culminates into a total of 7 layers. This sophisticated combination, gives the Pro Carbon a lot of power, while still maintaining a reasonable degree of control. Despite having a more substantial handle, the blade on this paddle is exceptionally lightweight. This lightweight design lets you play longer while experiencing less discomfort. It is also infused with a Crystal Technology which hardens the surface of the blade, thus increasing its speed.

Heavy handle

The handle has a metal rod inside it that makes it more substantial. This has two purposes. First, it gives you a better grip and makes the blade feel more balanced. Second, it gives you more mass to strike the ball with, which makes it go faster.

ITTF Approved Rubber

The rubber of the STIGA Pro Carbon is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) for tournament-level performance, and when the rubber wears down, you can easily remove and replace it. The rubber also has an extra elasticity and with a 2.0mm sponge, gives it a catapult effect, which contributes to the paddle’s speed and power.

Wide Sweet Spot

It gives you a wider ‘Sweet Spot’ when playing. It’s an ideal paddle for offensive players who like looping or smashing as the full sweet spot is more forgiving than other paddles. The harder carbon helps you generate more spin and power on your returns. Because of the two carbon layers, which are infused into the blade, and the various technicalities done by STIGA, the sweet spot on the Pro Carbon is more extensive than on other paddles.


Having explored the construction, good and bad of this paddle, it’s fair enough to say that it remains a fantastic choice and not a loss.

It is very suitable if you are moving from using a pre-made paddle to a custom made paddle. It may take some time to get used to it, but once you do, you can be assured of it winning more games.

With an average and affordable price tag, nothing should hold you back from making this purchase. Its performance is worth the penny!

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