The Yonex Vcore 95D- Stan Wawrinka Preferred Racket

Stanislas Wawrinka's Tennis Racquet

Stanislas Wawrinka is a pro tennis player from Switzerland, and he has been very much underrated in tennis during this last decade. He has played beautifully well in the shadows of the big four which includes his countryman, Roger Federer. That has not set him back, however, as Stan did go on to win three grand slams in his career so far.

Stan’s style of play is unique and can even be termed as contrasting from the majority of gameplay patterns among tennis players. He prefers to sit calmly and let the opponent attack while he responds with good powerful hits, directing the ball to areas that would be difficult for his opponent to respond. This is harder than it sounds because Stan is a player with a small physique, which means he can’t afford to stretch as much as other players to save his game. And that leaves room for no error in his playing style.

Many tennis enthusiasts and even professional players commend Stan’s style of play. Some even go as far as studying this style to reenact it. However, for most tennis players, their favourite gaming pattern is not learned. Instead, they have adapted the different skills and techniques they have learned over time into a convenient match pattern. That is why you would see some aggressive baseliners doing so much on the volley while others go with the regular forehand and backhand groundstrokes.

Back to our discussion, what we should wonder is how Stan manages to generate much power consistently through the game? The answer is not in his positioning or fitness regiment; it is mostly related to the type of racket he uses. Stan Wawrinka uses the Yonex VCORE 95D with a Babolat RPM Blast 16 string in the 16 x 18 pattern. How does this gear work for him? We’ll discuss in detail below.

Yonex VCORE 95D

Although the Yonex VCORE 95D is not often in the market, it has a close brother in the series, the VCORE Pro 97. The first and significant difference in the VCORE 95D is its weight. The racket is significantly heavier than the close Yonex counterpart and as such can take a heavy toll on your game. Some privileged users of the racket complained about how they were quickly worn out while making use of this tennis gear. How does Stan make use of this heavy piece? The most probable answer would be that he has built his arm resistance over time, and also that he needs the power to be generated into his house.

Next is the streamlined body of the racket. The racket comes with the NAMD technology, which allows for rackets to turn sharply and deliver pinpoint accuracy. When swinging, the racket moves faster through the air and even sits solidly during an impact – needed to ease ball pressure. To complement this, the racket is very handy and easy to maneuver. The combination of power, accuracy, control, and maneuverability makes it an excellent choice for players with average skills and above.

Stan especially enjoys this racket owing to his string choice, and The Babolat RPM Blast adds significant weight to the racket, which improves its power. But that’s not all, the string pattern allows for additional drag on the ball which means a lot when it comes to playing shots like topspin and slicing. These are some other techniques that Stan uses to his favor.

Racket Specifications

Head size: 95 sq inches

Weight: 372 grams

Length: 27 inches

Beam width: 21/21/20 mm

Balance point: 31 cm

Materials: H.M. Graphite, Nanometric XT, Namd

Stringing pattern: 16×20's Exclusive Preview

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+ pros

  • Phenomenal power generated on hits
  • Great combination with ball control
  • Comfortable feel on the grip and during play
  • Good blend of stability and maneuverability

- cons

  • The weight of the racket is high and can cause wrist injuries

Features and Benefits – Yonex Vcore 95D

1. Groundstroke

The groundstroke is the go-to move for any player from the baseline. On average, most tennis players spend the chunk of their time playing from the baseline. When they now add aggressive to the baseline play, then they become dominant in the game and easily dictate the game flow. If Stan should, however, try to be bold in his baseline play, it would wear him down faster because his racket choice is heavier than that of most other players.

The Yonex VCORE 95D is excellent for groundstrokes. The racket is easy to swing thanks to the streamlined design, but the player needs to factor in the smaller size of the racket head – 95 inches is smaller than the standard 100 inches size. For the forehand and the backhand, the racket delivers excellent results with a touch of spin as added by the string type.

2. Serves

For most players, it would be challenging to have a good service with the VCORE 95D. This is understandable because the racket is heavy, and the ball would tend to move slowly. The real potential of the racket is in responses and swings. How then does Stan use this racket to achieve excellent serves? That is because he doesn’t focus on power. Instead, he engages the directional control of the tennis gear to exploit the weaker side of the opponent.

3. Control

The ball control that the VCORE 95D offers is quite top quality. With the excellent swing that comes with the racket design, it helps the player to focus more on ball control. And with the right string choice on a 16×20 string pattern, the racket adds good spin to the mix.

4. Feel

The Yonex VCORE 95D has an incredible feel overall. When the player gets accustomed to the weight of the playing gear, they can easily take a swing or a slice when playing because the grip and handling fit perfectly on the hand. This can go a long way in helping the player get good maneuverability and ball control as well.


Stan Wawrinka’s racket choice is not the most common of rackets. And at the same time, the racket is not designed for everybody to use. Only players who need good power behind every shot and are ready to sacrifice some agility for reasonable control should consider using this racket.

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