Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine review: Pros, cons and specs

Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine (Best Seller Ball Machine in the World)

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Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine Review

Every tennis player desires to improve his/her performance in the tennis game. Needing to chase after balls at every serve can be tiring. Also, the need to rely on a trainer or a friend to serve for you to hit can be quite difficult and unsatisfactory. Hence, the invention and use of tools like tennis ball machine to help work on your serve, returns and the likes.

The Spinshot Player tennis ball machine (1) is one of the best performing tennis ball machines, and so, one of the most sought after. It is suitable for tennis players, irrespective of their skill level, who are trying to improve their skills.

Technical Details Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine

The Spinshot Player Tennis is an outstanding tennis ball machine with its excellent design and the fantastic features it comes with.

This tennis machine comes in a metal body, unlike other ones which come in a plastic housing. The green powder-coated aluminium body of Spinshot Player makes it more stable than other tennis ball  machines with plastic frame. It is also capable of withstanding harsh treatment because of its metal body.

For easy manoeuvrability on the court, the body of this product is mounted on towing wheels. The towing wheels make it easy for both adult and children to move it around the court.

The Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine comes with a dimension of 50cm(H) ×45cm(L) ×30cm(W) and a weight of 19kg for the AC model or 21kg for the battery model. This dimension and weight makes it lighter and more compact than most tennis ball machine.

+ pros

Below are some of the merits of Spinshot Player Ball Machine.

    • Portability- the dimensions of the Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine make it compact and so, a more transportable and accessible unit.
    • The various features of this product make it easy to use as well as able to meet the needs of any tennis player. In other words, the product is a multifunctional simple-to-use tennis ball machine.
    • Durability- the robust powder-coated metal construction of the Spinshot Player machine makes it highly durable and long-lasting.
    • This product allows you to practice returning the different types of shots that are spinning as they come to you. Thus, you will be able to overcome the difficulty of returning shots that has a lot of spins.

- cons

Some the demerits of the Spineshot Player Ball Machine are:

    • The ball capacity of this product is small; it can only take 120 balls at a time. Thus, the need to refill often.
    • It is a little bit hard to program the machine as you get ready to practice returning tennis shots. This issue is because the controls are located about halfway down one side of the device.
    • The Spinshot player Ball Machine has short battery life.

Features and Benefits – Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine

The Spinshot Player is a well-designed practice tennis machine which, without a doubt, will take your game to a higher level if you are consistent in using it. The fantastic features of this product add to the ability to improve your performance in the tennis game. These features include:

Oscillation capabilities

The Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine comes with both horizontal and vertical oscillation; these two are fully customizable. With this feature, you can adjust the width and height of swings; you can also change the depth of the shots.

Also, the horizontal oscillation gives a 2-line function; this makes you able to adjust the shot angle to be either narrower or broader. This feature of the product allows you to change the settings to suit your training requirements.

Moreover, this feature makes the tennis machine user-friendly and so, even young players can operate it.

Pre-programmed Drills

The Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine comes 12 pre-programmed drills. This product allows you to adjust all the drills and wholly reprogram them. Each of the 12 drills consists of six ball shots. The drills are so customizable that you can even customize each shot in the training to suit your needs.

This feature permits you to practice a single shot many times, or you can sequence several different shoots. All these help to improve your skills.

Electronic Elevation Control

All the features of this product are programmable through a control panel placed on the side of the tennis ball machine. You can as well use a remote control or use the downloadable app for the player model for free.  This is another unique feature of this tennis ball machine.

In most tennis ball machine, you need to crank the manual knobs to adjust the height of the ball.

But, in Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine, you can adjust the height of the ball using the electric elevation control. In other words,  by merely pressing a button on the remote or in the smartphone app, you can control the height at which the machine should shoot the ball.

The ease you get from using this product is undoubtedly not small at all.

Dual Power Modes

This product offers a dual option of powering itself. The default option is the use of a battery that provides 2-3 hours of court time, depending on the drills you are performing. Although this battery life seems small, it will satisfy even the players with the most stamina. It takes 8 to 15 hours to recharge the battery.

The alternative means of powering the machine is the use of an AC power module. The AC power module allows you to power draw power directly from the AC socket. This mode offers unlimited court time.


The Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine is not the cheapest on the market, but with the excellent features it comes with, you will get immeasurable value for the money you are paying for its purchase.

This product is one of the best choices you can make when it comes to tennis ball machines. It is an advanced tennis ball launcher machine that will offer you limitless training capabilities. The product is user-friendly, so a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced tennis player will be happy training with it.

With the Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine, be sure to improve drastically in your gameplay.
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