Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine Review: Great Tennis Ball Machine for topspin

Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine Review

An impressive customizable, portable and intelligent ball machines in Tennis is the Spinfire Pro 2. This product is known for shooting fast balls with topspin. This property of this tennis ball machine makes it perfect for top tennis players.

This product is also suitable for children and low-level players as it can shoot low-speed balls. Thus, it is ideal for private training and club training. It is straightforward to understand that even a non-technical person can successfully operate it.

The features of the Spinfire Pro 2 tennis ball machine make it belong to the category of best tennis ball machine in terms of quality. To know more about this excellent tennis ball machine, take your time to go through the review.

Technical Details

The Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine is a new and upgraded version of the original Spinfire Pro; thus, this product results from several improvements made over the original machine of the Spinfire Pro. This fantastic product comes with all the key features of its predecessor as well possess some unique features. The ability to adjust the machine’s features allows you to customize this machine to match your training requirements fully.

The Spinfire machine can shoot balls at a maximum speed of 140km/hour in combination with massive topspin. This product makes it easy for you to practice a wide range of shots, test yourself with a variety of pace, elevation and spin as well as extend your mobility and fitness with ample practice drills.

This machine can either be connected to AC mains or powered with a battery. It weighs 24kg/52lbs and has a dimension of 49cm (H) × 67cm (L) × 51cm (W). Its ball speed can be adjusted from 20-80mph with variable topspin. The ball interval can be set anywhere between 2 and 5 seconds to suit your training requirements.

+ pros

Below are some of the merits of the Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine.:

  • The internal oscillation of the Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine allows for a quick, less predictable shots; this ultimately results in a realistic on-court experience.
  • The extreme grip you enjoy from this product due to its counter-rotating wheels for firing balls enables the machine to remain quiet while producing topspin and slice.
  • The ability to reverse the 200-ball hopper of the machine to reverse it makes this product very compact. Thus, you can transport it easily to and from court.
  • This machine is capable of storing your favourite settings. Thus, when you turn on the machine, it remembers the last setting you were using for spin, speed and interval.

- cons

The basic demerits of the Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine are:

  • The main Spinfire Pro 2 package does not come with remote control. Thus, you need to purchase it separately to enjoy this feature.
  • It comes with no preprogrammed drills.

Features and Benefits – Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine

There are some unique features of the Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine which make it a good-quality, mid-level tennis ball machine. The outstanding features include:


The Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine comes with improved ball variations. In this product, the Horizontal Oscillation function is replaced with Horizontal Random; this allows it to randomly select spots across the court instead of sweeping from side to side. This Horizontal Random function now comes with a narrow option.

It also comes with the Vertical Random in place of the Vertical Oscillation function. With this feature, you get to randomly select the longest or shortest points instead of sweeping up and down.

With both horizontal and vertical random modes, balls can be delivered across the full width of the singles court with depth variation. This tennis ball machine can be set to deliver the same trajectory over and over or a different random trajectory. With this feature, you are guaranteed a very realistic pattern.


The Two-line drills is another feature of the Spinfire Pro 2, which offers alternating forehands and backhands. It enables you to set to ‘wide’, ‘medium’ or ‘wide’ to vary the degree of difficulty.

The wide setting enables you to run from side to side; the narrow setting allows you to remain in the middle of the court while the medium setting is between the two. Moreover, you can set the timing between each ball.


The counter-rotating wheels of the Spinfire Pro 2 operates very quietly and is capable of producing maximum topspin and slice if need be.


This excellent tennis ball machine allows for improved portability and practicality. The more compact design is due to an extra handle at the top of the mouth when the white hopper is inverted. The inverted hopper helps to neatly cover the machine while the robust wheel and the extendable handle enables you to pull or push the machine anywhere.

Moreover, the larger transport wheels with a full axle through the machine’s body allows for extra stability and strength. The inverted hopper helps to neatly cover the machine while the robust wheel and the extendable handle enables you to pull or push the machine anywhere.

With the lightweight and compact nature of this product, it easily fits in the boot of most cars.


The Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine moves internally, unlike, most other ball machines that change the ball’s direction by moving the whole machine from side to side. This unique property of this product allows for faster redirection as well as makes shots less predictable. Moreover, the internal parts are black to disguise the shot direction further.


The range of the Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine’s unique features makes it a must-have amongst budding tennis stars. Since it is fully customizable, it is, therefore, suitable for tennis players of all abilities.

With this product’s internal oscillation, it is much more difficult to predict where the ball is going, unlike other products that rotate the entire ball machine. Thus, with this tennis ball machine, you undertake training session as if you were playing with an actual partner.

Moreover, you get extreme spin which offers a very heavy topspin and slice. These properties ultimately enable any player to train for about any type of shot they face on the court. Without a doubt, the Spinfire Pro 2 will improve your game whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced tennis player.

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