Solinco Tour Bite tennis 1.35(15l) string review

You would agree with me that Solinco (1) is an exceptional brand which is popular for the manufacturing of quality strings. Solinco Tour Bite string is one of the amazing products of this great brand.

It is designed to offer you extreme power as well as intense spin and bite. This spin-friendly and control-oriented string is used by a lot of players on ATP and WTA tours. This product is one of the best strings on the market for an advanced player who likes to swing and at the same time retains good control.

Take your time to read through this review to know more about excellent racket string from Solinco.

Technical Details – Solinco Tour Bite string

The Solinco Tour Bite Tennis String is a newly developed polyester string from Solinco, one of the popular brands for string manufacture.  As a result of the production of this string, the brand has become a highly awarded manufacturer popular at the recreational and elite levels.

This high-performance string is designed to provide players, especially advanced ones with incredible and extreme power as well as a deep bite and spins when they make shots.

This product has growing popularity at the college level because of its great profiles with topspins. This string in the right hands can produce heavy balls through the spin at precise angles even though it does not really allow for massive power shots.

Thus, it is a tool for players who desire to place the ball deep into the court with faster strokes. Sloane Stephens is one of the professional tennis players (2) who use this string.

The Solinco Tour Bite String comes with more forgiving form and less hard chemical composition. The high

It is available in silver and black colours and in three gauges which are 16, 16L and 17. The string has a length of 40ft/12.2m.

The Solinco Tour Bite Soft String is another version of this string which is a much more comfortable one. With this model, you get a huge spin with reasonable levels of comfort. This softer model is a good option for players who like the feeling of soft string which will offer bot pop and spin without causing injuries to their joints.

+ pros

The string comes with some advantages which makes it a good buy for players. These advantages include:

  • It offers a perfect blend of control, spin and durability.
  • The complete blend of spin, durability and control offered by this string makes it an ideal product for aggressive players who like to smash the ball

- cons

As great as the Solinco Tour Bite String is, it has some demerits. These are:

  • It is a bit stiff for some people. Thus, an unsuitable choice for you if you suffer from any kind of arm discomfort/pain or if you are a player who does not take a massive swing at the ball
  • Also, it is underpowered for beginner level players

Features and Benefits – Solinco Tour Bite string


Tennis strings have different thickness and the thickness is known as the gauge. Typically, tennis string gauge ranges from 15, which is the thickest, to 19, which is the thinnest. The thicker the string the more durable it will be. On the other hand, thinner strings come with more spin and a livelier feel; as a result of their wider space which allows for movement.

Some String also comes with half-gauge; which are denoted by ‘l’ meaning light.

The Solinco Tour Bite String is available in three gauges which are 16, 16L and 17. The varieties of gauges offer you an avenue to pick the most suitable and perfect one for you.

The thin gauges of this string allow for great comfort, feel and sufficient power. Though, these thin ones are quite less durable. The thicker strings like 16 and 16L give great durability and adequate spin and control.

Co-polyester Monofilament Construction

The Solinco Tour Bite String comes an innovative and high-powered co-polyester monofilament fibre. This string is produced through a procedure which involves three separate heating and cooling stages. Each stage is carefully carried out at specific temperatures and durations with the use of specialized extrusion techniques.

These co-polyester materials also make the string very stiff and durable. Thus, it is an ideal choice for players who tend to break strings.

This material is shaped and designed to create optimum power and at the same time amplify the biting intensity and spin of the ball.

Also, the materials of this string allow for an increase in elasticity without leading to the reduction of the control of the string. 

This benefit of this feature is that it allows for a sensational hitting experience, especially for advanced tennis players. Ultimately, this enables them to take cuts at the ball and still find the court.

This product being a polyester string is distinct from other types of string as it comes with single filament, unlike others which come with microfibers. The microfilaments enable the string to deliver a perfect combination of control, durability and spin without sacrificing the fantastic feel it comes with.

This makes this string a perfect tool to serve as a remedy for players who desire to enjoy great spin and comfort in their games.

Moreover, the thermogut coating of this string helps to improve its strength, durability and longevity.


The Solinco Tour Bite String is an excellent product whose design allows for a more natural spin. Thus, perfect for advanced players who demand ultimate spin, durability and control.

This string is not only ideal for players looking for control and spin in their game but also provides a punch for those who favour a heavy ball. The features of this string make it suitable for big hitters who want great loads on head speed. 

Moreover, you can leave this string in your frame and get consistent results for longer than almost any other polyester string.

In all, the Solinco Tour Bite is a high-quality polyester which will suits you well, especially, if you take a massive swing at the ball and do not want to restring as frequently as you would with other high ends polyester strings.

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