Serena Williams Tennis Shoes. Nike Flare 2 HC

Serena Williams Tennis Shoes

Serena Williams is one of the most famous athletes in the world. Apart from this, it is sure that her name will go down in history as the greatest and most successful female tennis player of all time.

Serena is a characteristically aggressive player who moves around the court a lot and makes sure she intimates her opponents. Thus, the need for a gear that supports her style of game and ultimately ensures she doesn’t have any problems. A critical tool which plays a significant role in ensuring her active movement on the court is her shoes which are the best among their category.

Many people are, therefore, curious to know what shoes Serena uses to compete at the very highest level. To know about the fantastic tennis shoes which serve this professional player, take your time to read through this review.

Technical Details

The tennis shoes Serena Williams currently wears is the Nike Flare 2 HC. The Nike Flare 2 HC is Serena’s signature shoe which is made to celebrate all accomplishments both on and off the court. She has an apparel and footwear sponsorship deal with Nike.

The Nike Flare 2 HC tennis shoe is not just good in its looks alone but also very efficient. This shoe is both worn and inspired by Serena; thus, it is designed for aggressive movers like Serena. This lightweight shoe delivers a quick and responsive ride, and so, it will improve your footwork tremendously on the court. Moreover, this excellent tennis shoes come with a blend of speed and a more feminine stylish approach.

Moreover, the lacing system of these shoes serves as excellent support for you, even in your aggressive movement. Even though the shoe comprises a bit on stability, it more than makes up for it with its flexibility and speed.'s Exclusive Preview

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+ pros

Serena William’s shoes, the Nike Flare 2 HC comes with some merits which make capable of serving this outstandingly great tennis player. These merits are:

    • The lightweight property of this shoe makes it ideal for players who like to move fast on the court and improve their footwork.
    • It comes with excellent breathability and cushioning, this result in the extra comfort offered by this shoe.
    • Also, Serena’s tennis shoes offer excellent traction on any surface, thus, enabling players to make quick cuts on the court

- cons

As good as the Nike Flare 2 HC is, it has some demerits. These demerits are:

    • The shoe is a bit lacking in stability and support; however, with time, you will get over it by getting used to the shoe.

Features and Benefits – Nike Flare 2 HC

The Nike Flare 2 HC comes with some unique features which makes it a perfect option for Serena Williams. These features include:


The materials used in the construction of the Nike Flare 2 HC makes it lightweight. And so, you get to enjoy a light feel when running around on the court.          When you are running with these shoes, it feels like you running around with socks, and this makes you feel faster.

Thus, with these lightweight shoes, you overcome the difficulty in movement that is encountered when putting on heavy shoes while playing on the court.

The length of this shoe is short; size up ½ size. It comes with a slightly narrow width, medium arch and a weight of 10.4 ounces.

The combination of the top-of-the-line explosiveness, lightweight cushioning and exceptional comfort enables you to execute swift changes in direction with quick steps.


The Nike Flare 2 HC comes with a wide mesh upper and fused overlays (soft fabric lining) to provide breathable comfort, that is, improved ventilation and streamlined support. Nike fused synthetics using a heat process to keep the shoe light and supportive at the same time.

Also, this feature offers a half-bootie construction to give a sock-like feel. The half-bootie design with an inner sleeve of these tennis shoes provides more manoeuvrability. Also, skin overlays allow for extra stability and durability.

Moreover, the lace-up closure of this shoe is attached to a skeletal structure plotted on the lateral and medial sides to give a secure hold. Apart from the lace-up closure, the foam padding added on the rear side helps to hug the heel and keep it from slipping during movements.


The midsole of Serena Williams’ tennis shoes features an injected unit with soft foam that is capable of taking on impact during court landings as well as deliver the needed energy return 3during takeoffs. Thus, it gives a lightweight cushioning.

Also, the entire midsole is kept low to give you good ground contact and improved control when you are moving around the court. In other words, the midsole of the Nike Flare 2 HC is designed to give you low to the ground court feel.


Another feature of this tennis shoe is its outsole made of XDR rubber, and this denotes an extra-durable rubber. It is made of an abrasion-resistant rubber compound that offers enduring traction. The durability quality of the sole of this shoe makes it ideal for use on multiple playing surfaces.

Also, the herringbone pattern wraps around the tip of this shoe, and the medial side offers you grip when sliding and performing sudden stops. This design also serves as reinforcement to the high-wear zones and so helps to put more life into the shoe.


The Nike Flare 2 HC tennis shoes are designed for players with aggressive playstyle and so the reason for its suitability for Serena Williams. This tennis shoe is readily available on the online market, but there are many versions of it; thus, you must make sure you are buying the right version.

The modified cut of this shoe is lightweight and minimalist-style to offer you the freedom and resilience to swing to all corners of the court.

The Nike Flare 2 HC is lightweight, breathable yet durable; therefore, it is designed to help athletes perform to the best of their abilities. With Serena Williams’ tennis shoes, you don’t need to worry about your foot getting toasty during intense matches.

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