Serena Williams Tennis Racquet Review.

Serena Williams Tennis Racquet Review

Serena Williams's Tennis Racquet


  • Head Size: 100 sq. inches
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Strung Weight: 11.2 ounces
  • Balance: 4 points Head Light
  • Swing Weight: 324
  • Stiffness: 67 RA
  • String Pattern: 16×19

Serena Williams is a household name in the world of tennis and one of the greatest players of all-time in women’s tennis.  The world has enjoyed her gameplay over the last two decades, and she has won a total of 23 grand slam singles titles. She is a powerful, strong baseline player with powerful strokes and one of the hardest serves in the history of the tennis game.

Owing to her excellent performance and success in the tennis game, many people wonder what tennis racquet she uses. This review is therefore provided to give you detailed information on the tennis racquet that this professional tennis player plays with.

Technical Details

Serena Williams plays with a tennis racquet that is specifically designed for her game. This racquet is the Wilson Blade SW102 AUTOGRAPH. Serena’s racquet differs a little from the stock versions. Her racquet has a larger than average head size of 102 inches and an extended length of 28 inches.

The main and noticeable difference between the stock option and the actual racquet of Serena Williams is the weight and the swing weight. Serena’s racquet swing weight ranges from 355 to 360 while the stock option has a swing weight of 349. The higher swing weight of Serena’s racquet gives a little more depth and power on her shots.

Thus, this tennis star racquet feels more like a heavier, head weighted racquet compared to the more balanced stock option.

The Wilson Blade SW102 AUTOGRAPH has a strung weight of 11.4 ounces, a stiffness of 69 RA, with a swing weight of 349 and 18×19 string pattern.

Serena uses a hybrid setup of Wilson Natural Gut Luxilon 4G in her racquets. It is a norm for a lot of professional players to use hybrid strings for the perfect feel.

The combination of the easy and fast swing with the increased power of the Wilson Blade SW102 AUTOGRAPH results in a feel and balance that is perfect for advanced players of the tennis game.

The versatile nature of the Wilson Blade model makes it to be one of the most sophisticated intermediates and advanced tennis rackets you can get in the market.

Ultimately, this racquet offers you incredible control that will, in turn, allow you to produce sufficient power while generating adequate spin. Without a doubt, Serena’s racquet will bring an improvement to your game without minding your skillset.'s Exclusive Preview

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+ pros

The Wilson Blade SW102 AUTOGRAPH Tennis Racquet is an excellent product for it to be serving a professional tennis player like Serena Williams. The merits of this racquet are:

  • The extended length of this racquet allows for extra reach on groundstrokes and also momentum.
  • It offers an impressive blend of power, precision and stability. These properties make it a perfect choice for advanced players of the tennis game.
  • The racquet also boasts of an excellent spin capability.

- cons

The following are the demerits of the Wilson Blade SW102 AUTOGRAPH:

  • The heavyweight of this racquet makes it challenging to manoeuvre. So, it sometimes feels cumbersome at the net. The need to continually fight the racquet to get in the right position makes it unsuitable for players who are struggling with their volleys.
  • It is unsuitable for beginner players of the tennis game. There is a need for good footwork and fast preparation on shots to perform excellently with this racquet. The absence of these properties in a beginner player will result in making the racquet cumbersome for them.

Features and Benefits – Wilson Blade SW102 AUTOGRAPH

The Wilson Blade SW102 AUTOGRAPH tennis racquet performs well because it comes with some fantastic features. These features include:


The Wilson Blade SW102 AUTOGRAPH tennis racquet comes with Amplifeel Handle Technology. This technology involves the incorporation of basalt inserts, customized foam and a soft buttcap into the handle of the racquet.

This feature helps to give a lean and enhanced feel when using the racquet to play on the court. It also helps to remove harsh vibrations so you can enjoy maximum comfort when playing the tennis game.

Moreover, the combination of Amplifeel Technology with the string pattern of this racquet enables you to feel more comfortable handling it and at the same time, offering you improved accuracy. Thus, with this racquet, advanced players are getting a comfortable frame that will equally assist them in controlling their game correctly.


The Wilson Blade SW102 AUTOGRAPH comes with a head size of 102 square inches. This large head size allows for great power. Also, it results in a larger hitting area and sweet spot, thus resulting in more forgiveness on off-center hits.

Also, the large head size allows for solid control, and so you will be able to make better contact with the ball in various instances.

Moreover, the 18×19 string pattern is another feature which enhances the control of the racquet and allows for shot-making.


Serena’s tennis racquet comes with a length of 28 inches as opposed to the 27 inches standard length of an adult tennis racquet.  This feature makes the racquet longer. And so providing more reach on groundstrokes, slightly more power as well as added leverage on serves.

The extended length of this racquet will ultimately help you to manoeuvre more than you used to before. It will also help you to get the stability required at the point of impact with the ball.


Serena Williams’ tennis racquet, Wilson Blade SW102 AUTOGRAPH is an ideal product for advanced players who want a powerful, stable and precise racquet. With this racquet, you will get extended reach, momentum as well as a bigger sweet spot for forgiveness on off-center shots.

Since the Wilson Blade SW102 AUTOGRAPH is built for a specific type of player, to use it, you don’t have to be as good as Serena Williams. However, it would be best if you played somewhat similar to her style, relative to your level.

Without a doubt, the Wilson Blade SW102 AUTOGRAPH is a very powerful weapon which will be rewarding for you, especially if you can set up the shots you want to hit.

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