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Roger Federer Tennis Racquet and string Review. Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph and Luxilon Alu Power Rough.

Roger Federer 's Tennis Racquet

Roger Federer is one of the best tennis players in the history of the sport. Federer has a record of 20 Grand Slam victories and 31 Grand Slam final appearances. When this professional player is playing at the highest level, he makes the game look completely effortless.

Federer can hit clean balls on both wings; he also plays with a beautiful serve, and this is the envy of many. With the exceptional performance of Federer on the court and his success in the tennis game, many people wonder what racquet he plays with.

This review is therefore provided to give detailed information on the tennis racquet Roger Federer uses to complete at the highest level.

Technical Details

Roger Federer has played exclusively with Wilson racquets since the start of his professional career in 1998. Currently, he plays with the pro stock version of the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph. He strings his racquet with Wilson Natural Gut in the crosses and Luxilon Alu Power Rough in the mains.

Roger Federer’s racquet is pretty close to what a customer can buy online. However, there are some slight customizations to the frame to suit his style of play better. Federer’s actual racquet has a little more mass and also a higher swing weight.

He uses a custom grip that is very close to a standard 4 3/8 grip size. This smaller grip size gives him the ability to get more wrist snap on his serves. Also, he adds an overgrip to build the size of the handle slightly.  And so, he secures the racquet in his hands.

The retail version of the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 tennis racquet comes with a head size of 97 square inches, a length of 27 inches, a strung weight of 12.6 ounces and a balance of 12.38 inches. The racquet has a swing weight of 335, a stiffness of 68 RA, a beam width of 21.5mm and a 16×19 string pattern.'s Exclusive Preview

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+ pros

  • Roger Federer’s tennis racquet, the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 comes with some advantages. The advantages are:

    • The heavyweight nature of the racquet offers you solid power. With the heaviness of this racquet, the ball leaps from the strings when you make contact, and it also helps you add some pop to your serve.
    • The racquet comes with great control and stability. It also gives an improved sense of feel and touch.
    • The high quality of materials used in the construction of this tennis racquet makes it durable.
    • It is an excellent all-court racquet.

- cons

  • As great as the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 tennis racquet is, it has some disadvantages. The disadvantages are:

    • The added weight of this racquet makes it challenging to manoeuvre and also, makes you get tired quickly.
    • Also, it might result in serving problems, mainly, for players who are not used to the racquet’s weight. Its stiffness makes it less responsive; this can cause the tennis game uncomfortable for some players.

Features and Benefits – Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph

The Wilson Pro Staff RF97 tennis racquet comes with some unique features which enhance its performance used to play the tennis game. These features include:


In the construction of the Wilson Pro Staff RF97, Braided Graphite and Kevlar are used to form a layer in it. Kevlar is a synthetic polymer developed in a super strong and stiff product. This material is different from graphite because it is made from synthetic sources.

The addition of the braided-like layers (made from the blend of Graphite and Kevlar) to the Carbon fibre mats results in an increase in the racquet resistance to properties that diminishes the racket’s flexibility and vibration absorption.

This feature offers a pure, reliable and consistent feel for players. It also helps to dampen vibration and improve touch and control. The braided graphite construction is foam-filled to allow for uniform weight/balance as well as to provide extra solid feel by deadening sound.


Another feature of the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 is the Spin Effect Technology. This feature is a complete racquet technology which players of all levels to produce more spin without the need to change their swing.

This feature allows for 2 inches more net clearance and 12 inches more margin of error. It maximizes string movement to increase the strings snap back by 69% without serving as a barrier to the capacity of the player to make swing effortlessly.

With this technology, spin is generated. The generated spin ultimately allows for controlled power as well as open areas of the court a flatter ball might not reach.


Roger Federer’s tennis racquet comes with a head size of 97 square inches; this is termed to be a small head size. This feature helps to generate more control while allowing for easy maneuverability.

This head size does not allow the ball to sink deep into the tennis strings and so gives a less rebound effect.  As a result of this, greater control with less power is achieved.

Moreover, the small head size of the racquet offers less surface area and this results in a low margin for error.


The Wilson Pro Staff RF97 comes with a 16×19 string pattern. This feature opens up the string bed and enables more hit on the ball. Thus, this string pattern offers players more spin as well as the sufficient control and power that is required for a fast-paced tennis game.

Also, the beam width of 21.5mm makes the racquet’s beam slightly broader and more angular. This feature, therefore, offers a significant boost in power.


The Wilson Pro Staff RF97 is a perfect choice for Roger Federer because it gives him access to spin when he needs it. Also, this racquet offers him plenty of control to give him direction when he is trying to hit flatter and find lines. The features of this racquet allow for the solid power it offers.

The retail version of Roger Federer tennis racquet is readily available on the online market. With this tennis racquet, you can hit the ball deep in the court with ease and keep your opponents back.

Even though there is no tennis racquet in the world which can turn an average player into the next Roger Federer, however, the use of the right racquet can help you maximize your potential. The Wilson Pro Staff RF97 will sure help to improve your performance on the court, especially if you are a tennis player with sound technique to wield it effectively.

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