Prince Textreme Warrior 100 tennis racquet review: pros, cons and racket specs


Player level: Intermediate

Flexibility: Semi-Stiff

Balance: Head Light

Weight:  Heavy (11.1 oz.)

Head size: Mid Plus (100 sq inch)

Prince Textreme Warrior 100





Ground strokes








Overall rating: 8.6

As a tennis player, knowing the particular type of racket that would suit your playing skills is of great importance. I’ve been playing tennis for quite some time, one major issue I had was getting the right equipment for my game.

 After going through lots of trial and error with respect to rackets, I eventually got one that met my needs. Prince Textreme Warrior 100 is indeed one of the best tennis rackets there is in the market.

It is a men’s racket, and it has gone through thorough improvements after the model of Prince Textreme tour 95. Bear in mind that it is a men’s racket and of excellent quality. 

Prince Textreme Warrior 100 is a tennis racket that has a frame material that does an excellent job in seeing to the stability of the racket. But this frame does not in any way affect the stiffness of the racket. It is a racket that comes in a specialized carbon fiber fabric that is ultra-thin which brings about an increase in strength and how rigid it is.

This is also without excessive weight. The upgrade version now brings about the power and control of the racket. This particular racket is one that is ideal for every player of tennis, but then, it is more advisable for the intermediate players.

The perfect frame it has makes it stiff alongside it being lightweight. It also has a sweet spot that is quite large which enhances the accuracy and stability for beginners and intermediate players. Thus, the purpose of this article is to share with you the basic knowledge about the Prince Textreme Warrior 100, the pros and cons, features, benefits. It is all in a bid to give you lots of reasons to get this excellent racket.

The exciting thing about this racket is that it comes in 5 beautiful variations. Isn’t that amazing? This way, it gives you the choice of buying whichever one you like the most. 

+ pros

  • It has an impressive speed
  • It is the racket for players that play with aggressiveness
  • It is very comfortable
  • Its groundstrokes are well above average
  • It maneuvers excellently
  • It is stable
  • It serves well enough
  • Quite powerful
  • It has good control
  • Volleys well
  • Its sweet spot is ideal for accurate hitting

- cons

  • It comes in limited color options
  • It does not come with a bag or cover
  • It may be too stiff for those with not so strong wrists

Features and Benefits

As said earlier, there are about five variations of the Prince Textreme Warrior 100. They include Prince Textreme Warrior 100T, Prince Textreme Warrior 100L, Prince Textreme Warrior 107, Prince Textreme Warrior 107T and the Prince Textreme Warrior 107L.

These variations have some standard features but also have features that make them distinct from one another. The features and benefits I’m about to discuss are those familiar to all five of Prince Textreme Warrior 100.

When this racket is strung, the weight of it is 11.14ounces. Prince Textreme Warrior 100 is somehow massive for those who have underdeveloped wrists. The standard length of the racket is 27 inches. The balance of it is 6 points head light which is not like other powerful rackets with massive heads.

Its stringing pattern is of 16 mains and 18 crosses. Although, if you want an unstrung version, the manufacturer recommends that the stringing tension should range from about 50 pounds to 60 pounds. It has a 100sq inch head and a flex rating of 66.

It has a swing weight of 320 which makes it a user-friendly racket. This is because most users tend to find it very easy to maneuver from every area of the court. 

The fact that its head is 100sq and 16×18 string pattern enables you as a player to get topspin on your shots with little or no work added. Prince Textreme Warrior 100 has impressive power with a combination of attributes. Playing with this racket is enjoyed when playing from the baseline from which power and spin are delivered.

It has good hitting with the help of 6 point head light balance which allows for quick and easy maneuver of the racket. The control of this racket comes in handy where we want to maintain more focus than before. As regards the power, it isn’t overbearing, but some players may want to have more control than others.

This racket has a stability that is sufficient for it, a great spin, very powerful with a solid feel. Its maneuverability is excellent and a good cushioning. 

This particular racket is quite enjoyable and among the most versatile rackets that is currently in vogue which performs well on the court. Its feel is responsive and reliable, groundstrokes of excellent quality and serve returns.

Its string bed is one that would not break easily due to its strings of excellent quality. It offers an impressive punch on volleys because of its feel. Also offers drop volleys that are very soft as a result of the extra flex and thin beam in its frame. Groundstrokes are essential to rackets, and this racket does not fall short of that.


Prince Textreme Warrior 100 is a racket that is made for men, but women who like the specs and know they can handle it can also get it. It is perfect for those with strong developed wrists and baseliners that are aggressive.

These aggressive baseliners are more concerned about power and spin of each and every one of their shots. This is an outstanding racket from the manufacturer.

It is not as light as regular lightweight rackets. But due to its head light balance, it is a perfect tennis racket for beginners with well-developed wrists and intermediate players and also advanced players . 

Shine in your next game as you make use of prince Textreme Warrior 100. Click here to check out the product, and you won’t be disappointed, trust me!


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