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PlayyourCourt Review: tennis lessons on your local courts review - pros, cons, and benefits

In a hurry? have no time to read the full review? Bottom line is jam packed with resources to make you a better player.
For the price of a tennis ball can a month, PlayYourCourt is a NO BRAINER.

When you decide to sign up on the PlayYourCourt site, you’ll be asked a couple of questions to know more about your game and also give you a provisional PlayYourCourt rating number that will be used later on. This rating would change often based on your match results, as it would help them continue to pair you with players that are evenly-skilled even as your game continues to improve.

Every Tuesday of the week, you will send be sent a custom video instruction that is entirely based on your PlayYourCourt ratings. These videos will be short and precise because they are aware of how busy you would be and would want to ensure that you continue seeing progress, so these quick videos would come with actionable instructions that you can easily apply to your game in an instant.

If you decide to make use of your weekly coaching videos, you would be given a blueprint for exactly what is required of you to practice. Now that you are aware of what is needed for you to work on, you can then make use of the Practice-Finder tool to help in scheduling a practice session efficiently with an evenly matched player as well.

If you’re the type that likes to be competitive, then you can see how you would size up against other PlayYourCourt members by calling them out to a match. The Challenge League is quite flexible as well, since you can play as much as you want and then proceed to climb up the PlayYourCourt rankings at your own pace without much pressure.

Some of the resources adopted for usage on include: Tailored Video Instruction

In other to ensure that you not only meet up with new players to play, but you also improve on your game, every Tuesday, you will be getting an impactful and precise video coaching for your specific skill level and set exclusively. These videos will offer you an excellent sense of what you need to place emphasis on and focus on during practice that can help take your game to the next level.

The Challenge League

Anytime you want to test your skills, then it is time to go for the match play. As a member of PlayYourCourt, you have the right to play as much as you would like in the flexible Challenge League. You would find that there are no commitments or teams; you just have to play matches at times and locations that are convenient for you.

Practice and Match-Finder

One primary reason why people stop playing tennis is that they do not have anyone to try to practice with. There is a Practice-Finder feature, which makes it so easy to connect with evenly-matched players and also squeeze in practice sessions alongside your busy schedules.

Member Only Deals

This is exclusively designed for members, and if you make use of your benefits well, you would realize that your membership is often better than being free. As a member of PlayYourCourt, you would be able to enjoy insider-access to discounts and deals on apparel, gear, video products, travel packages, and so much more.

Private Members-Only Community

The moment you become a member, you would enjoy access to the individual “talk tennis” Facebook group, where you can easily mingle and interact with some of the best coaches in the world to gain some feedback on those tough tennis questions that have been proving elusive and challenging to answer.

playyourcourt membership plans

In terms of payment, there are two primary plans that you’d have to go for, and each has its perks, so it is left to the player to determine which is most suitable for them. They are;

Monthly Plan

  • Enjoy access to the match-finder tool
  • Access to the private, members-only community
  • Access to the practice-finder tool
  • Unlimited practice sessions with other members
  • Discounts on entries into PlayYourCourt events and tournaments
  • Access to unlimited matches in the challenge league
  • VIP pricings on lessons from coaches
  • Instructional functions to work with the world’s best coaches
  • All these at $5.99 per month

Yearly Plan

  • Access to the practice-finder tool
  • Access to the private, members-only community
  • VIP pricings on lessons from coaches
  • Unlimited practice sessions with other members
  • Discounts on entries into PlayYourCourt tournaments and events
  • Instructional events to work with the world’s best coaches
  • Enjoy access to the match-finder tool
  • Access to unlimited matches in the challenge league
  • All these at $49.99 every year

The PlayYourCourt outfit has set out to deliver optimally on the tennis lesson experience, and their efforts and dealings can be explained using these sub-topics;

More benefits that make playyourcourt great

Being wealthy or having money doesn't make you get better at tennis

Tennis has been observed to be a sport exclusively for the wealthy for a long time, but a piece of good news worth sharing is that this is 2020, and you do not have to spend thousands or millions of dollars to be able to play tennis anymore. A lot of times, we feel it would be better to belong to an exclusive country club, but for those who are unable to afford, they have come up with an affordable solution to help improve your tennis game significantly.

The coach drives to meet you

Since we’re always very busy with kids, work, and even rush-hour traffic, in other for these lessons to work effectively, then they have to be convenient for both parties. This is where PlayYourCourt excels well, as they send you top-rated coaches to a court that is conveniently near you. You can still pick your court, or they could even help you locate one that’s most convenient for you.

Fitting lessons into your schedule

Just as you know, you can easily take lessons just down the street, but if you’re only available in the mornings, evenings, or even weekends, or on Tuesday nights around 6:30 pm. It’s not so bad, as you’re still safe. Apart from the fact that you get sent the instructions needed to play, the outfit would also work around your schedule to help you squeeze tennis lessons into your hectic lifestyle.

Tons of lessons don’t make your better, the right coach and training apparatus is the difference

A lot of folks don’t know how easy and straightforward it is to make significant improvements to their games after participating in just one lesson. The secret to this is locating a fantastic coach who knows his/her stuff. You shouldn’t be expecting to start getting results from a high school teacher that handles tennis lessons in his less-busy time; you need the services of a professional who has experience if you are ready to see speedy results.

Finding a perfect coach is difficult, but that is what they offer you

There is no need to sugarcoat the fact that there are a lot of pretenders out there, and this is not a new fact as well. So is there precisely a way of knowing the coach is a legit one?

There are only two organizations that are allowed to certify tennis coaches, and they are the PTR and the USPTA. Your coach is required to have at least one of these two certifications, as you must locate a coach who offers about five years of experience so that you’ll avoid feeling like a guinea pig in an experiment while still going through difficulties in your game.

Don’t waste your energy and time on trying to locate or track down a qualified coach. PlayYourCourt has already done all that for you and picked out the best local coaches that are available in your area. All the coaches they suggest are certified and qualified ones, with about five years of coaching experience, as well as an excellent and robust playing background. Now you just have to pick the coach that’s ideal for your specific goals and needs.

You need an authentic coach for your situation and goals.

It’s not just adequate that you locate a qualified coach, as you need to go for one that would be a perfect fit for you and your needs. There are a lot of amazing coaches out there that might not exactly be the best personalities to work with kids, or are not even patient enough to cope with beginners.

The secret to enjoying your lessons every step of the way is locating a coach that is not just qualified, but that also loves the act of coaching and is excited about the prospect of coaching people who are just like you. So how do you precisely locate that coach?

Go for PlayYourCourt

For close to 10 years now, players and parents, just like you, have left a lot of reviews for instructors for all to see. This helps to achieve two things in particular:

Firstly, it brings about accountability. You can be sure and confident that the coaches that would be sent to you would be pleasant ones, as they would show up on time, and offer their best to deliver an incredible lesson experience because if they do not do that, they would receive negative reviews and feedback and consequently get removed from the platform.

Secondly, as well, these reviews would help to make sure that you get paired with a coach that has a proven success track record with people that are just like you. In other to help you locate the coach that is perfect for you, you would be asked a few questions to know what you’re looking for precisely and you would also then be paired with a coach that has a good track record and positive reviews and remarks from people that are just like you.

Scheduling is simplified

You might be thinking that for such an incredible experience, the signup process would be a very painful one, but contrary to that, you would realize that it is quite simple and straightforward. This has been streamlined for you as well.

If you decide to check out the PlayYourCourt site, you would just be asked a couple of questions which would require easy answers, and you would be shown the coach that they feel would be the perfect fit for you and give you the room to buy lessons with all these going down in a couple of clicks. You would then instantly receive your coaches’ cell and can proceed to call them whenever you’re ready to go for your first lesson, with no intermediary required at no point.

You do not need to call them, but you can certainly do that in case you’d like to. There are already a couple of lesson concierges that are ready to provide answers to any questions and also help you with booking the ideal coach for you over the phone. The aim is to make the job of finding the perfect tennis coach to be as easy as possible.




A lot of people have commented that this is an excellent resource. If you want to locate a private instructor who would come to a court close to your home, they are your surest bet, as you would be matched up with a cool coach who would also be very accommodating and very patient with your kids as well.

The training videos are worth more than the monthly fee you would be paying. Mostly, you would learn a lot of things from the videos, as they would raise your game to a whole different level. You would also have so much success in finding training partners when you opt to make use of Play Your Court’s match finder.

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