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Petra Kvitova Tennis Racket Review. Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail Tennis Racket and Luxilon ALU Power 125 Tennis String.

Petra Kvitova's Tennis Racquet


  • Length – 27 inches
  • Head Size – 97 sq. inches
  • Strung Weight – 11.7 ounces
  • Swing Weight – 320
  • Balance – 7 pts Head Light
  • String Pattern – 16 Mains, 19 Crosses
  • Stiffness- 65

If you are conversant with women’s tennis around the globe, you would have noticed some extraordinary players who probably have gotten less acclaim than others due to one reason or the other. Irrespective of that, there is no denying the pool of talent available in this category of players.

A household name that readily comes to mind in women’s tennis is Petra Kvitova. She is a Czech professional tennis player with a unique playing style that has earned her 27 career singles titles since she went professional in 2006. The height of her play being her Wimbledon Grand Slam wins in 2011 and 2014.

Petra is widely acknowledged as a real fighter in tennis, especially since her experience in a burglary incident where she sustained knife wounds. And yet still, she made a full recovery and returned to playing at the big stages.

Just like many other tennis pros, Petra Kvitova has built her game around the obvious edge she has over most other players, which is her height. She utilizes her serves quite well and also banks on a dominant forehand. She often uses her vantage point to take advantage of her opponents and play to their weak sides, thereby controlling the game flow.

Supporting her major areas of strength with other technical skills like a double-handed backhand, tight volleys, and other special hits ensures that Petra stays in control of the game for the better part of play time. It then begs the question, which racket does she use to perfectly execute her style of play? That’s the discussion of this writing. And to answer the question, Petra Kvitova uses the Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail.

Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail

The Wilson Pro Staff is a common choice for many pro tennis players. The line of products has seen many players with the headliner being Roger Federer endorsing the product for the masses. And truly, the product line has a consistency of quality.

For the Wilson Pro Staff 97 CV, it is a perfect blend of power and control, with the balance tilting towards control. However, this racket has a design that fits the playing pattern of professionals. The first noticeable feature is the narrow throat which makes the sweet spot also to be smaller.

This racket excels in power, but this majorly comes from its weight. This can be a sort of drag for many players, but for players that have developed wrists, they can handle the pressure quite well.

To support the weight, the Wilson design team made the Pro Staff 97 Countervail to have a better feel. The grip and frame in general is made of special graphite material. This improves the consistency of the racket during play, as it acts as good pressure relief, then it also feels more natural in handling.

On a general scale, Petra’s racket is one that can be easily adapted to even by beginners when used over time. It has an easy swing, great spin, and good maneuverability.

Racket Specifications

  • Length – 27 inches
  • Head Size – 97 sq. inches
  • Strung Weight – 11.7 ounces
  • Swing Weight – 320
  • Balance – 12.6 inches, 7 pts Head Light
  • Composition – Graphite braided with aramid + Countervail
  • String Pattern – 16 Mains, 19 Crosses
  • String Tension – 50 – 60 pounds's Exclusive Preview

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+ pros

  • Boosts power shots
  • Excellent ball control with large head size
  • Sturdy grip for outstanding balance
  • Easily maneuverable
  • Quick responsiveness

- cons

  • High weight often becomes a drag for players with less powerful wrists
  • Narrow sweet spot can make ball control more technical
  • Stringbed consistency can be erratic

Features and Benefits – Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail

As is expected in most rackets, there ought to be good power generation. And oftentimes, power is generated when there is a good swing weight. The Wilson Pro Staff CV has a moderate swing weight of 320, which avails enough power to play from the baseline.

The racket weight of 11.7 ounces can be quite the drag for beginner players who are not well adapted to heavy rackets, but this is much needed for any racket to easily make powerful shots. Also contributing to the power generated on hits with this racket is its string tension.


This is one of the major talking points of the Pro Staff CV, and this quality especially shows in Petra’s game pattern. The racket affords her the edge needed to boost her powerful strokes by making topspin shots easily.

This feature is largely because of the 16 x 19 string pattern. The string tension sort of douses ball tension and in turn causes the ball to bounce off in a spin. Spin often serves as a deciding factor in games where the power of both players is matched.


The balance of power and control for this racket is excellent. And ball control is a very important factor in the game of tennis. You need to be able to dictate where you need the ball to be and get the expected outcome. Most ball control is associated with the racket’s head size.

For the Wilson Pro Staff CV, it has a sort of narrow head with a size of 97 sq inches. This also affects the sweet spot size, making it relatively smaller than most other rackets. So, the ball control this racket offers can be best seen when used by a professional or any player who has a good mastery of maneuverability.


Players who play with the Wilson Pro Staff 97 CV often complain of a sort of erratic stringbed, meaning the tension of the racket sometimes messes with ball control. This is not only common to this racket but happens with almost all rackets. What you can do about it is to reduce the tension of the string to a preferred level.


Petra Kvitova’s racket choice, which is the Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail, can be a technical racket to use especially for beginners. Notwithstanding, that should not stop you from trying it out. Especially if your game is built around power shots, you would only need to develop your ball control as you get used to this excellent tennis equipment.

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