Novac Djokovic Tennis Shoes Review

Asics Court FF 2 – Novak Djokovic Tennis Shoes Review

Novac Djokovic Tennis Shoes Review

Novak Djokovic (1) is a household name in the world of tennis today. This tennis player is not only one of the most popular but also one of the greatest tennis players of all time. His popularity and success on court cause a lot of tennis fans to wonder what tennis shoes he wears to compete at the very highest level.

This review is therefore provided to answer the questions in the mind of people about what tennis shoes Novak Djokovic wears. The current tennis shoes of Novak Djokovic are the Asics Court FF 2 Novak.

Take your time to read through this review to know more about these tennis shoes that are serving a great player as Novak Djokovic.

Technical Details – The Asics Court FF 2

The Asics Court FF 2 Novak (2), which is the current tennis shoes which Novak Djokovic wears is a shoe made in collaboration between Asics and Novak. This collaboration is done to do to celebrate and honor Djokovic’s successful career. However, during the clay season, Djokovic switches to a tennis shoe that is suitable for the season. His shoe for the clay season is, therefore, Asics French Open Court FF 2 Novak.

Tons of research and technology is put into the construction of these shoes because the playing style of Novak Djokovic needs a particular type of shoe which enables him to have outstanding court coverage.  Also, it gives the ability to slide on any surface and offers plenty of speed.

The Asics Court FF 2 Novak are great tennis shoes; this makes them one of the most hyped-up tennis shoes in the world as well as one of the top-selling tennis shoes of the year for the Asics brand.

The fabric of these shoes are made of synthetic and mesh; the sole material is also made of synthetic. Their closure type is lace-up.'s Exclusive Preview

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+ pros

Some of the merits of the Asics Court FF 2 Novak Tennis shoes are:

  • Better agility and quick movement of the player is ensured as a result of the mono-sock and Twistruss features of the tennis shoes.
  • Lightweight and exceptionally comfortable- the internal twist helps to reduce the weight of the sole of these tennis shoes. Thus, making the shoes extremely light. And as a result of this, players enjoy easy and fast movement on the court, ultimately, leading to great comfort.
  • These shoes offer enhanced toe durability and better control on the court.

- cons

As advantageous as the Asics Court FF 2 Novak Tennis shoes are, they come with some demerits. The demerits include:

  • They are a bit costlier than other tennis shoes.
  • Laces are too thin

Features and Benefits – Asics Court FF 2 Novak

The Asics Court FF 2 Novak boasts of a lot of features which are of great benefits for the player while playing on the court. These features include:


The Asics Court FF 2 Novak comes with the Trussic System Technology, a design features in shoes used for intense sports like tennis running to reduce the weight of the sole. Thus, the material used for the sole of this shoe is from a combination of light rubber and other light material which helps to ensure that the shoe is lightweight as possible.

This feature does not only make the sole light but also ensures that they are strong enough to withstand pressure while playing on the court. Therefore, it increases stability and at the same time, improves the comfort of the shoe.


Another feature of Novak Djokovic’s shoes is the Mono-Sock Technology Fit System. This design is an elastic sock-like sleeve in the shoe that serves as the tongue of the shoe. This feature replaces the traditional tongue and acts like a sock for your feet.

The benefits of these design are increased comfortability, improved support and stability. It also helps to secure and hold your foot in place to give you maximum stability and balance.


The FF in the name of Novak’s tennis shoes is as a result of one of the best features of the shoe. This feature is the FlyteFoam (FF) technology.

This technology involves the use of a unique design (super fibres material) in the midsole of the shoe to give a bounce or spring to the player. With this feature, you get an exceptional bounce back and responsiveness irrespective of the distance.


The GEL Technology is fitted at the front and back of the Asics Court FF 2 Novak to allow for the complete and effective attenuation of the shock. That is, to provide cushioning and lessen the player’s landing impact.

This design of the shoe enables players to move in multiple planes and angles while playing the tennis game. With this feature, both your toes and foot are protected during foot transitions.


The outsole of this shoe is made of Asics High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) to give excellent grip and durability. This all-court outsole makes the shoe suitable for any surface.

Moreover, this highly resistant rubber compound of the outsole of this shoe helps to reduce wear on the parts of the shoe, which make lots of contact with the ground.


The Removable ORTHOLITE Sockliner that comes with this shoe helps with bounce and moisture management. Thus, keeping your feet fresh and cool when playing the tennis game.

Another feature of the shoe which helps with moisture management is the upper body. The upper body of this shoe is made from a synthetic mesh material that allows for breathability.

This material of the upper allows air in and cools the feet, thus ensuring that you are comfortable throughout the match.


Without a doubt, the Asics Court FF 2 Novak are exceptionally great tennis shoes which comes with fantastic features. Thus, making it suitable for the use of Novak Djokovic for his aggressive level of the game on the professional tennis circuit. These shoes are, therefore, a perfect product for aggressive movers as it enables them to get a lot of life out of it.

This shoe offers traction, support, stability and all-round comfort for players while playing.

These tennis shoes are currently available on the market and so suitable for players who play tennis competitively or those striving to play competitively in the future. In all, the Asics Court FF 2 is a tennis shoe which will not disappoint in any way if you are looking for a high-performance one.

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