Nick Kyrgios Tennis Racket review

Nick Kyrgios Tennis Racket Review

Nick Kyrgios's Tennis Racquet


Head Graphene Speed Pro


  • Length – 27 inches
  • Head Size – 100 square inches
  • Weight – 11 ounces
  • Balance Point – 13.1 inches, 3.2pts Head Light
  • Composition – HM Graphite + X Fullerene
  • String Pattern – 16 Mains, 18 Crosses
  • Flex Rating – 67
  • Swing Weight – 312

Nick Kyrgios is no new name on the ATP floors even though he’s not known for the right reasons. But still, there’s no denying that this guy has what it takes to be outstanding in this game called tennis.

Throughout Nick’s career, he has reached eight ATP finals and has won six ATP titles. Most notable of his feats is his record against the best of the best. He hasn’t lost a match against Novak Djokovic, and he also defeated the big three; Nadal, Federer, and Djokovic, the first time he played against each of them. What a guy!

Consequently, it begs the question, what does Kyrgios do that makes this exceptional? Apart from his eccentricities, we might want to say he’s a natural at the game. But it’s always good to credit the efforts of the individual. And from there, we can also study his style of play.

From this progressive thinking, we can birth the discussion of which instruments do Kyrgios put to use? And the most vital of his play kit, his racket choice. What is Nick Kyrgios’ tennis racket? It’s the Yonex EZONE XI 98 – a not-so-common racket choice with advanced level specs. Over the next few paragraphs, we would look into this racket particularly. It promises to be fun.

Yonex EZONE XI 98

The Yonex EZONE XI is a choice product for players looking for explosive power, preferably for an aggressive playstyle. That’s because the racket boasts a spectacular 332 swing weight, and with its 16×18 string pattern, you have a power hit machine on your hands.

This Yonex racket is made of graphite material and X-fullerene technology. These are basic designs that deliver a well-adjusted racket with excellent responsiveness and sound power output.

If you are not so used to a racket that sends off the ball in such haste like the Yonex EZONE XI, you’ll probably struggle with many mishits just starting with the racket. But you’ll also get used to the flow in no time.

What the EZONE XI over-delivers in terms of power on shots, it compensates for in spin. When you can play topspin conveniently, it is easier to exercise ball control. How does that work? In playing spins, you are more deliberate with the power you’re putting into the hit. Therefore, you get a well-rounded shot.

The Yonex EZONE XI 98 is so named because of the head size, which is 98 inches. The length of the racket, however, is designed with different isometric technology. This majorly deals with the balance of the headlight racket. This design results in the sweet spot region being slightly positioned above the bid region.

Another prominent feature of this premium Yonex racket is the sturdy design of the racket frame. The structure adapted is one that absorbs ball pressure well. Then, the racket is easily maneuvered, which comes in handy when you’re playing from a corner.

Technical Specifications

Length – 27 inches

Head Size – 100 square inches

Weight – 11 ounces

Balance Point – 13.1 inches, 3.2pts Head Light

Composition – HM Graphite + X Fullerene

String Pattern – 16 Mains, 18 Crosses

Flex Rating – 67

Swing Weight – 312's Exclusive Preview

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Features and Benefits – Yonex EZONE XI 98

What distinguishes the Yonex EZONE XI from other Yonex products and every other racket on the market? It boils down to its specific features and the benefits associated with the same. These points are what we discuss in this section.


As we’ve discussed at length in the racket overview, the Yonex EZONE XI 98 racket’s central area of strength is its power. The racket has a moderate swing weight and a well reactive string pattern.

As an aggressive baseliner, there’s one thing you want to keep doing to fetch you the results you desire from every match, and that particular skill is the fair old power play.

The more power shots you can force against your opponent, the more dominance you have in the game. In tennis, the player that determines the game flow most likely wins the game.


As simple as the groundstroke seems in a tennis game, it is about the most used shot type in any game. It comes naturally to any tennis player; therefore, any racket choice must have good reactivity when hitting shots on the normal groundstroke.

In playing with the Yonex EZONE XI 98, the forehand is quite powerful and also the backhand. Still, as the sweet spot is relatively high, it is advisable to keep the easily controlled forehand to get your groundstrokes deep into the opponent’s court. You’ll get fewer miss-hits with this style of play. If you can then master the backhand combined with the forehand, the EZONE XI would deliver you with classy results.


Once again, the Yonex EZONE XI 98 generates the power that affects how well the serves come out. On a norm, you need your serves to go just the right amount of deep into your opponent’s half. The racket delivers the power you need to achieve this.

But like with every other hit, you can only profit from such fast ball movement when it’s in the right direction. And here’s ball control coming to the fore again. To exert control in your serves, you need to put in some spin on your serves.

And then, to get your game from the go by playing difficult serves for your opponent, then you need a bit of maneuverability on your racket to get the ball in an unpredicted direction, primarily on the second serve.


Like I’ve pointed out, as a prerequisite to getting the most out of the Yonex EZONE XI 98, you must bank on the easy control that comes with the tennis play gear.

Spin balances out the power on a racket and makes shots quite technical on the return. But you should also know that the more maneuverable a tennis racket is, the better it’s control abilities and spins inclusive.

The Yonex EZONE XI grip is quite handy and sits in line with the rest of the racket because of the isometric technology. This makes it easy to flip the racket into the appropriate position to get the perfect shot.


Going through the specs and abilities of the Yonex EZONE XI 98, I can see what Nick Kyrgios sees in this tennis gear. Game dominance and good gameplay are almost for sure using this racket. However, if you’re going to opt for this play equipment, be sure to have mastered your racket control techniques not to have the racket’s strengths working against you.

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