Luxilon Element rough 130 String review

As a tennis player, you should know by now that there is no perfect racket without the right string. With this in mind, you have to take conscious effort in getting a good and right tennis string for your racket.

One of the great tennis racket strings available on the market is the Luxilon Element string(1). This product is another co-poly string, which emphasizes control. At the same time, it offers a high level of feel. This string also offers comfort and a little bit of pop.

This review will help to acquaint you with the Luxilon Element String. And so, by the end, you can decide if it’s ok for your style and level of play or not.

Technical Details – Luxilon Element String

The Luxilon Element String is another product of the Wilson Sporting Goods Company. A company with great commitment to create and distribute products that ignite the potential of tennis players irrespective of their level of play. You can be sure that this product will meet your needs. Also, it will serve you so well that you have an amazing performance while playing the tennis game (2).

The Luxilon Element is the successor of the M2 Pro and M2 Plus tennis strings. It is the most powerful and comfortable string in the Luxilon line.

This product has a length of 12m and a gauge of 1.25 mm. It is available in bronze colour and a rough version.

+ pros

The Luxilon Element is a great string that comes with many advantages. Some of the advantages attached to using this product are:

  • The construction of this string enables it to deliver unrivalled spin and power.
  • This amazing product allows you to the tennis game with exceptional feel and comfort. This huge comfort makes it suitable for beginners and recreational players of the tennis game.

Also, the comfort and feel from this string make it perfect for players who experience arm problems with other polyester string.

- cons

The basic disadvantage of the Luxilon Element string is:

    • It is not as durable as its other counterpart. This property is because of its less thickness; thus, it is quite unsuitable for advanced, extended singles play. Also, because it is less durable, it is quite unsuitable for players who are prone to breaking their racket strings.
    • It loses its fair share of tension and becomes inconsistent over time.

Features and Benefits – Luxilon Element String

Some of the features and benefits of the Luxilon Element String are given below:

Multi-Mono Technology

The Luxilon Element features the multi-mono technology, which involves the addition of several flexible filaments in the Luxillon’s proprietary polymer matrix. In other words, in the string’s core are several tendon friendly fibres wrapped inside a specially designed polymer matrix.

This technology offers the string a slightly livelier and more comfortable feel.

This feature makes this product touch-friendly. And so, ideal for the majority of players especially, beginners and recreational players. The soft nature of this string gives it the ability to absorb the ball and keep it on the strings for a long time.

Thus, with the good cushioning and vibration dampening of the Luxilon Element String, it is very comfortable to play with.

Moreover, the combination of the multi-mono technology and the Poly Ether-Ether construction helps to enhance spin and power generation while increasing the comfort and ball pocketing. The ability of the string to pocket the ball and at the same time send it back with a high level of energy makes it a unique polyester string.

Also, this product being a poly string assures you of good levels of control. This simply means you get to swing as fast as possible at the ball. This factor is one of the reasons why poly strings are popular in today’s game.

17 Gauge

A gauge denotes the level of thickness of a tennis string. Generally, the tennis string gauge varies from 15 to 19, with the lower being thicker while, the higher being thinner.

The thicker the string, the more durable the string will be. Thinner strings provide more spin and a livelier feel; this is because they are wider spaced and so can move more.

The Luxilon Element String comes with a gauge of 17, so, it is quite thin. This feature of the product allows for added playability as well as more spin and power. Enough power offered by this string makes it more accessible for intermediate players.

Normally, switching from a multifilament string which is usually very powerful to a polyester string which feels dead is quite difficult and tasking. But, with the Luxilon Element String which offers you enough power, you get a nice and easy introduction to poly strings. Thus, if you are looking for a poly string with a bit of pop, then this product is a good option for you.

With this feature of the Luxilon Element String, you get a perfect blend of spin and power which is hard to get with the multifilament strings.

But, with the 17 gauge of this string, it is prone to breaking as a result of its less thickness. It less durability makes it unsuitable for players who are prolific string breaker.


The Luxilon Element is one of the excellent strings you can get to up your tennis game performance. It also helps to enhance your comfort while playing the tennis game. The unique features of this string allow for ultimate touch and feel. And so, making it the most comfortable polyester string available on the market.

The great comfort offered by this string makes it perfect for players with long, fast swings but dislike the harsh vibrations caused by other stiffer polyester strings. So, players who fear the low powered, firm property of a typical Luxilon string should not hesitate to give the Luxilon Element string a try.

Also, this string offers impressive power and great spin potential plus reasonable control. Without doubt, this is a good choice for players looking for a user-friendly control string with the impressive feel and all-round responsiveness.

In all, the unique blend of the characteristics of this product makes it a string that can suit various players, levels and styles.

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