Lobster Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine: One of the best Lobster Ball Machines

Lobster Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine Review

Are you a tennis player looking to improve his/her skill of the game but lacks a partner to train with? If so, then the Lobster Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine is a fantastic choice for you. This is a product of the Lobster, a highly reputable brand and popular one known for offering a comprehensive line of machines.

The Lobster Elite 3 is a training accessory that comes with excellent features and functions, making it capable of serving as an ultimate training partner for you. This product will also allow you to experience a first-class tennis ball machine that truly simulates professional match play to elevate your tennis game. With this compact and lightweight tennis ball machine, you are assured of having fun and improving your game at the same time.  

Take your time to read through this review to know more about the Lobster Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine.

Technical Details

The Lobster Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine is the third model from Lobster’s famous Elite line of products. This product comes with all the functions of the previous models and brand new features, making it the most equipped model of them all.

This tennis ball machine comes with an impressive ball speed, spin capabilities with an adjustable release point that allows you to test all kind of tennis shots. The panel on the back of the machine serves to control all the top-quality settings of this product. However, for a more convenient experience, you can add a wireless remote to the Lobster Elite 3; this allows you to dictate your settings from anywhere on the tennis court.

The different settings in spin, speed feed rate and oscillation offered by this product make you feel like you are hitting against a real person on the other side of the net when you are practicing with it. Thus, with the Lobster Elite 3, you are genuinely in control of the ball.

+ pros

The merits of the Lobster Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine are:

  • It allows for full corner-to-corner random oscillation, and this helps to work on your forehands and backhands.
  • The ball speed of the machine helps to improve your reaction time up to 130 kilometres per hour.
  • The design and oversized wheels of this machine enable you to transport and store it with ease.

- cons

The basic demerit of the Lobster Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine is:

  • The tennis ball machine requires longer recharging time. To recharge the battery takes up to 24 hours with the standard charger. Also, the standard charger does not come with the overcharge protection; thus, you need to step up to save your battery from destroying.
  • It comes with no remote control in the basic setup.

Features and Benefits – Lobster Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine

The Lobster Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine comes with some features which makes a better training accessory. These features include:


The Lobster Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine comes with a unique design which is recognizable from a distance and appeals to all. The durable plastic of this tennis ball machine leads to the reduction in its weight.

The oversized wheels of this product allow for its easy movement on the court. Also, the handle and ball feeder of the tennis ball machine are foldable; thus, it helps to improve its storability and transportability.


The Lobster Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine possesses the oscillation features in the Elite Two model and the 2-line function with narrow and wide shots optionality.

In all, this product comes with random horizontal, random vertical, random horizontal and vertical, plus 2-line narrow and wide oscillation. Therefore, these features allow you to choose the depth and width of the shots and increase the variability of drills you can experience with the Lobster Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine.

The 60 degrees lobs is a feature of this machine which is not available on any other ball machine. This unique property allows you to practice your overheads.


The Lobster Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine comes with an impressive speed range of 20-80 mph (miles per hour) across four settings. This feature allows players to gain real-life match speeds during practice sessions. The speed range from 20-45 mph is recommended for beginners to practice while the speed between 45-80 mph is ideal for advanced players.

Combining the speed with this product’s unique spin adjusting capabilities allows for an enjoyable training session. With a choice of topspin or backspin on offer, the Lobster Elite 3 tennis ball machine enables you to train both your offensive and defensive techniques with a variable feed rate. Ultimately, this gives you the perfect preparation for competitive tennis matches.


The Lobster Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine is powered using a long-lasting 240V battery charged using the provided Fast Smart Battery Charger.

Once, the battery is fully charged, it can deliver an extraordinarily long life of up to 8 hours; thus, you enjoy plenty of time on the practice court. This feature makes the product helpful for tennis clubs and tennis coaches.

This product’s battery life enables you to have four or five subsequent during a day without any need for recharging.


The Lobster Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine is a fantastic product that allows for an excellent simulation of a real opponent’s shots. This property is due to its 2-line and random oscillation features.

The full range of ball speed options you get with the Lobster Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine provides you with a lot of versatility. And so, as a beginner, you will enjoy the slower speed while as you get more advanced, the faster ball speeds will serve to challenge you. In other words, this product serves you even as your game grows.

In all, there are only a few tennis ball machines which offer a variety of features in the price range of the Lobster Elite 3 Tennis Ball Machine. It is designed for maximum durability; thus, its ergonomic design makes it strong and flexible to keep power for the long run. Without a doubt, this product is truly a great buy.

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