Killerspin Jet 600 review- top paddle for spin


Player level: Intermediate/Advanced

Blade: 5 ply extra light

Handle: Flared

Weight: 182 gr.







Overall rating: 8.5

The Killerspin Jet 600 is designed to be a competition-grade table tennis paddle that is centrally aimed for intermediate and advanced level players. Since the ITTF has well approved this paddle, this means you could use it during competition too.

This growing maker is producing virtually everything needed to play from both beginners to premium grade paddles, even tables, and accessories.

You would get this with Killerspin. Most of the products released from Killerspin are well made, most notably their premium paddles like the Killerspin Jet 600.

Technical Details- Killerspin Jet 600

The Killerspin JET600 is one of the most balanced paddles available in the Killerspin line. With a blade that has been designed with five different layers of premium woods, the JET600 offers a lightweight, plus a solid base for precision and increased power.

It has been created for both the intermediate and advanced-level player. The JET600 with the premium rubbers it has combines a soft-feel and enough spring that would be useful for the hard-hitters. The Killerspin JET600 was designed to elevate the aggressive player’s game and also put away the competition with relative ease.

The speed of this paddle is impressive as makes the ball bounce off as if a magnetic field repels it. It is great for intermediate players that want an improvement to their speed, spin, precision, and control.

+ pros

  • Proper Control: this blade is perfect for players that want to work on gaining more control during play. With this paddle, you can work on your spin and control to get better than it was before. It is a balanced paddle when you consider the speed, spin, and control.
  • It is lightweight: this paddle 6.0mm thick foam, and this is light when compared to some other paddles. The base of the paddle is dense as a result of the lightweight feature.
  • It is very powerful
  • It is perfect for intermediate players.
  • The quality of the is good
  • Sturdy build
  • It comes with a 30-day warranty
  • It comes with a good rubber combination
  • It is ITTF approved

- cons

  • it is pretty expensive
  • it is considered heavy to some other people
  • the adhesive glue is hard, so you may not be able to replace it
  • does not have enough power for aggressive attacks
  • the rubber option isn’t good enough
  • some reviews say the flared handle is too short

Features and Benefits

Killerspin Jet 600 is a great paddle that comes with very good control, fast speed, and powerful enough. The features that are present in this paddle is what makes it worth the price and quality. The features bring about the benefits of this impressive paddle.

The Five Layer Construction

This feature is the main body of the paddle. The features are responsible for how incredible the Killerspin Jet 600 is wrapped up in the five-layer construction of premium wood. This paddle is long-lasting, quality, and dense due to the five-layer construction made of all wood. The wood surrounding the paddle is a 2.0mm sponge with Niitrx-4Z rubber that is approved by the ITTF. It lets you hit the ball hard.

It comes with a flair grip that is as long as 3.78 inches. The grip feels very nice with this paddle. These elements come together to provide a player with speed, power. It is also responsible for stable control and solid spin. Getting a Killerspin Jet 600 make your control and spin much better. It has a protective layer on the two sides of the bat plastic; one is on the red side and the other on the black side.

The sponge and high quality rubber used in this design offers the paddle a premium look that makes it perform well also. Although the Five layer all wood construction puts the price down, the Jet 600 still doesn’t come at a cheap price. Price can actually be considered as the biggest demerit of this paddle.

This feature makes this paddle ideal for players that want to compete for tournaments and competitions. It is 6.0mm thick which flares at the bottom, and it has been designed for solid control. The flared handle gives you the right and proper grip that is perfect for various hand shapes and sizes.

The weight

This paddle comes with a dimension of 6.1 x 10 inches, and its weight is 175 grams. Some people love this weight while others criticize it. It is considered as a heavy paddle that offers you good attacks and nice spins. Others that do not like it say it is more substantial than some paddles that are in the same league as the Killerspin Jet 600.

The issue is that this paddle makes their shots hit straight ahead instead of hitting into a curve. The straight shots allow the opponent to hit back and get a rebound fast.


Killerspin Jet 600 is a paddle that meant for players that want to improve the speed of their game, their shots and also have very good control. It does not have an aggressive attacking feature, but the power is good enough to get you in the game. 

The paddle features a high-quality, Nitrx-4Z rubber which, when combined with a premium sponge, can serve to offer surprising power and speed as well as providing reasonable spin control and characteristics. The Killerspin is still considered to be a newcomer to the world of table tennis. But, don’t let that fool you, as they have made some perfect waves lately.

Though, it is expensive when compared to some paddles are of equal status and quality, you would still enjoy it. When you think of the speed, spin, and control of this paddle, it should hasten your decision in acquiring this paddle.


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