Kettler 10 Outdoor Ping Pong Table. Waterproof Table Tennis Table

Kettler 10 Outdoor Ping Pong Table review

Do you like playing ping pong and are planning on getting a table for the game but you do not have enough space in your home or garage? If so then purchasing an outdoor table is the perfect solution for you.

One of the best choices you can make when it comes to an outdoor ping pong table is the Kettler 10 table. This fantastic model’s primary design is to bring all the significant aspects of ping pong to a location outdoors.

This review is provided to give you detailed information about this top-of-the-line outdoor ping pong table. The information provided will make it easier for you to decide whether this table is right for you.

Technical Details

The Kettler 10 Outdoor Ping Pong Table comes with a reliable surface on which you get to play the ping pong game with your friends and family. It is designed to hold up the weather elements and at the same time offers you a quality surface to play on which will not be interfered with by the outdoor weather.

It features several premium functions and features that you shouldn’t expect from an ordinary table. This table is built in the international tournament size of 9 inches × 5 inches, thus, it qualified for tournament play. It comes with a playing size dimension of 108 inches (L) × 60 inches (W) × 30 inches (H) while in its folded form it has a dimension of 26.8 inches (L) × 72.1 inches (W) × 65 inches (H).

The 2 inches wide square steel legs with the solid crossbeams on both ends make this table durable and stable in all environments.

+ pros

Below are some of the merits of the Kettler 10 Outdoor Ping Pong Table:

  • The design and construction of the tabletop of this product are very sturdy and durable. This property enables you to have a real table tennis experience when you play with your friends or family members on the table.
  • The material of the top of this table offers a solid bounce. And so the play on the table is fast and performs similar to indoor tables.
  • The one-hand locking mechanism implemented on this table makes the table folding task very simple and easy. Thus, you can fold this table with one hand if you are using the other hand to do something else.
  • The weather-resistant playing surface of this table allows for its ability to withstand all sorts of weather conditions.

- cons

The basic demerits of the Kettler 10 Outdoor Ping Pong Table are:

  • The manual and instruction for assembling this table are confusing; this makes assembling the table a bit tricky.
  • It is quite an expensive table.

Features and Benefits – Kettler 10 Outdoor Ping Pong Table

The Kettler 10 Outdoor Ping Pong Table comes with some fantastic features which make it an excellent choice for anyone desiring to play ping pong outdoors. Its features include:


The Kettler 10 Outdoor Ping Pong Table is absolutely weatherproof as it comes with a tabletop sheet made from 22mm (0.87 inches) Honeycomb ALU-TEC plus Underside composite aluminium.

This feature enables you to play the game any time irrespective of the weather condition; this is because the ALU-TEC + can expand and contract the tabletop due to weather changes and not damage the top.

Moreover, the table comes with a double layer coating, and resin treated board. The high impact resin apron around the edge of this table protects this product from damage and helps the top to resist warping. The UV-resistant weatherproof finish also offers you a certified real bounce of the ball.


This table comes with a tournament and professional grade of the net system. Its net is weatherproof and also features adjustable net tension and net height.

The durable net and resin post stays in the play position even when the table is folded for storage; this allows for the easy folding task. In other words, removing the net and installing it back every time you want close and open the table is extremely easy.


The Kettler 10 Outdoor Ping Pong Table comes with four legs built at the undercarriage. On the four legs are leg levellers which allow you to adjust the table to your desired height.

With this feature of the table, it becomes easy to level a bumpy terrain when playing outdoors.


Another unique feature of this product which makes it different from other outdoor tables on the market is its built-in-ball box. This feature allows you to store balls in and draw from it as you need them; this eliminates the need to fetch balls frequently.

This feature is particularly, beneficial for use outdoor as it prevents you from tracking down balls every time you hit one off the board. Ultimately, this allows you to quickly draw balls and gather them back up at the end of the match.


This product mainly meant for solo pieces of training because of its playback mode and its ability to lock together makes it excellent for a game of singles or doubles. In other words, this feature enables you to play against yourself by folding up one side and bouncing your balls against the wall. Thus, with this table, having nobody to play against presently, should no longer be an excuse for not training.

The ability to play against yourself helps to sharpen your skills even when you have no one around you to compete with.


The Kettler 10 Outdoor Ping Pong Table is, without a doubt an excellent option for you if you desire to play outdoors. It will also serve as a valuable addition to campgrounds and other recreational areas where people gather.

Its weather-resistant surface guarantees optimum protection against weather elements, while its outstanding features make it a high-quality option to play on. This premium quality table will ultimately offer you a great ping pong playing experience.

This table’s durability, bounce, and folding mechanism make it extremely desirable and of utmost importance to players of the ping pong game. In all, this is an excellent product for beginners or recreational players but even better for more advanced players looking for a table that can match the real ping pong bounce of indoor alternatives.

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