Joola Nova Dx Outdoor Ping Pong Table Review. All Weather Table Tennis Table.

Joola Nova Dx Outdoor Ping Pong Table Review

Typically, table tennis or ping pong is usually an indoor game. However, this can be played outdoor, but there is a need to get a table designed for outdoor use. Making use of a table designed for indoor use for outdoor ping pong game makes the tabletop at risk of warping as damp conditions like rain and direct sunlight could lead to the table’s damage.

Outdoor ping pong tables come with some features like galvanized steel undercarriage, net, posts, and weatherproof tabletop surface; these make them capable of withstanding environmental conditions like rain, sunlight and so on. One of the best outdoor ping pong table to get is the Joola Nova Dx Outdoor Ping Pong Table.

This review is provided to give you detailed information about this high-quality outdoor ping pong table.

Technical Details

The Joola Nova Dx is an outdoor ping pong table designed with longevity and fun play in mind. This product is built by Joola, the official brand of the U.S. Nationals tournament.

It comes with a 6mm tabletop made of aluminum plastic composite which is very durable prevents warping and allows for stability during play. The composite top of this outdoor table enables it to stand up to temperature and humidity changes because it is rust-resistant.

The 2-inch heavy gauge welded steel legs of this table are very sturdy. The Joola Nova Dx in its unfolded state has a dimension of 108 inches (L) × 60 inches (W) × 30 inches (H). Its dimension in the folded state is 62 inches (L) × 22 inches (W) ×67 inches (H).  It comes with a leg thickness of 40mm × 40mm and an assembled weight of 166 lbs.

This high-quality is capable of being used inside or outside, but it is specifically designed to withstand outdoor use all year round, in all terrains and weather conditions.

A great thing about the is outdoor ping pong table is that its initial assembly is super easy. Since its hinges and other components come pre-assembled, all you need to do is attach the legs and wheels; then you can start playing with it.   There are only eight bolts to screw in. Thus, it is relatively painless. With two people, assembling the table should not take more 15 minutes.

+ pros

The Joola Nova Dx Outdoor Ping Pong Table comes with advantages, making it a good buy for you if you desire to play the ping pong game outdoor. These merits are:

  • This outdoor table comes almost fully assembled; this reduces its assembling time, and so, you get to play with it within a short time of purchase. Also, it comes with easy-to-follow instructions for assembling.
  • Its net set is resistant to all weather conditions.
  • Even though the Joola Nova Dx Outdoor Ping Pong Table comes with a high level of quality and extra features; it is competitively priced. Thus, it is by far one of the least expensive outdoor tables you will find anywhere.
  • Its ability to break into two halves allows for easy transportation and storage of the table.
  • This table includes a latch system which helps to keep it in the right position.

- cons

As excellent as the Joola Nova Dx Outdoor Ping Pong Table is, it has its demerit. The basic demerit of this product is:

  • Complaints that the two table halves are not level, so, you can see a noticeable dip from one side to the other.

Features and Benefits – Joola Nova Dx Outdoor Ping Pong Table

The Joola Nova Dx Outdoor Ping Ping Pong Table’s unique features and design make it the perfect choice to make when considering buying an outdoor ping pong table. These features include:


Generally, indoor tables come with a surface thickness which ranges from 15mm to 25mm depending on their quality. On the other hand, outdoor tables typically have 5 to 7mm thick tabletops. The weather-resistant materials used in the build of outdoor tables make them come with less thick tabletops.

The Joola Nova Dx Table comes with a 6mm thick aluminum plastic composite surface that is more than enough to offer a good bounce and play speed for casual games. The material of this table surface is weather-resistant. Thus, it does not warp out of shape when exposed to the elements.


Another key feature of this outdoor ping pong table is its undercarriage which is strong and rust-proof. The 30mm × 30mm rust-resistant and powder-coated undercarriage of this table makes it durable.

The leg levellers of each of the end legs of the table are very easy to use. Thus, you only spin them to increase or decrease the height. This enables you to ensure the tabletop is completely flat even on uneven surface/terrain.


It is essential for a table to be capable of being folded; the foldability of a table allows for easy and safe storage. The two separable folding halves of the Joola Nova Dx Ping Pong Table makes it compact and easy to store.

Moreover, the separate halves are a space saver and allow for easy movement of the table by easing the burden of the weight of a whole table. This is because each table half comes with four caster wheels and locking devices; this ensures optimal safety and stability during play and transport.

Ultimately, you can store this table in tight spaces by combining the nesting halves and wheeling the table to your desired location.


The double anti-tilt locking devices of this table automatically lock on each half when the table is folded. This feature offers easy and safe transport and storage. To unlock, you need to press the lever, and the table starts to unfold automatically.


The Joola Nova Dx Outdoor Ping Pong Table is without a doubt a remarkable product which is capable of accommodating a wide range of player types and situations, while still being affordable. This table is guaranteed to offer you a consistent playing experience because it is designed with the highest quality and dependability.

This table is light and easy enough to move inside for play during winter months. At the same time, it is weatherproof and durable enough to be taken out for play during the summer. Even though, there are several remarkable outdoor tables on the market; the Joola Nova Dx Outdoor Ping Pong Table stands out because of its quality, versatility and price-performance ratio.

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