John Isner Tennis Racket

prince textreme beast pro 100 review – John Isner’s Tennis Racket

John Isner's Tennis Racquet


  • Head Size – 100 sq. inches
  • Length – 27.5 inches
  • Strung Weight – 12 ounces
  • Balance Point – 9 pts HL
  • Swing Weight – 351g
  • String Pattern – 16 Mains / 19 Crosses
  • Stiffness: 67 RA

John Isner is an American tennis professional who has been one of the consistent faces at the ATP tournaments and also frequents Grand Slam. And since his career started in 2007, he has gone on to garner about 15 titles for himself.

Isner has fared pretty well on ATP charts with an all-time high of number eight. But above all, he has been consistent with his playing style and pattern. This can be easily tied to his spectacular physique – standing tall with a whopping 6’10″ height, he has built a game around this.

As is expected, John Isner uses his height to his advantage. Although that was not an automatic feat, he had to put in the work required to perfect such a move. However, for tall players generally, good service comes more naturally. As a pro, Isner gets his serves on point almost all the time, and that often earns him a place atop the yearly aces charts.

Apart from his big serve, John Isner is also famed for his record of the longest tennis matches. On several occasions he has engaged in different matches that had to be spread across multiple days. Notable ones are the 2018 Wimbledon semis where he battled Kevin Anderson, and also the 2010 Wimbledon round games against Nicolas Mahut – a game which lasted for three days.

What makes Isner’s serve a tough nut to crack isn’t just the height it’s coming from but also the power embedded. It is not common for players to get much power behind serves, but that’s not the case here. And that’s quite a smart move for a tall player. The right question would then be, how does he do it?

For one, we know his height is an advantage. But that’s only half the equation. John Isner also uses a racket that fits his play style. So, if your style of play resembles that of the American tennis pro, then you should pay more attention to his play gear as well.

Isner’s racket choice is the Prince Textreme Beast Pro 100. It has proven as quite the weapon to execute a perfect serve as well as a dominant forehand.

Prince Textreme Beast Pro 100

The Prince Textreme Beast Pro 100 is a major upgrade on the regular Beast Pro 100, which in itself is a great tennis gear. The Textreme capitalizes on the lacking feel of the Beast 100 to offer a much more rounded option.

The first improvement is on the frame of the racket. The beam is much more solid with no room for holes and ports which reduce racket responsiveness. The new frame material is the Prince Textreme, which offers good stability with its high tensile strength. This is quite a welcome design as the material choice gives the racket better grip without causing unnecessary stiffness.

The Textreme Beast Pro 100 is a powerful racket with a design that makes the wielder play effectively with a good blend of control. The major contributors to the power of the racket are the head size, racket weight, and the racket length. These specifications can be quite hard for a beginner to handle, however, with frequent practice, this weapon could become a favorite in no time.

One last notable feature that has kept the likes of John Isner loyal to this racket is its spin friendliness. With a string pattern of 16 x 19, the Prince Textreme Beast Pro 100 has a relaxed tension which improves ball drag needed for ball spin.

Racket Specifications

Head Size – 100 sq. inches

Length – 27.5 inches

Strung Weight – 12 ounces

Balance Point – 9 pts HL

Swing Weight – 351g

String Pattern – 16 Mains / 19 Crosses's Exclusive Preview

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+ pros

  • It generates more power on technical shots
  • Easy access to spin
  • Excellent grip design
  • Good blend of stability and maneuverability

- cons

  • The size and weight can be challenging for beginners to handle
  • Some players experience stiffness of the stringbed

Features and Benefits – Prince Textreme Beast Pro 100


Much of the power that comes with the Prince Textreme Beast Pro 100 tennis racket is due to its swing weight of 351g. This is a fair weight for most professionals, but can be a bit tricky for players with underdeveloped wrists. Either ways, mere proper gripping of this racket would make your hits more powerful.

Another contributing factor to the explosive power of this racket is the sheer size of it. It has a length of 27.5 inches and a head size of 100 sq inches. Both these features are prerequisites for an explosive racket with relation to power and speed.


The Head size and string pattern are the features in charge of spin generation. And for John Isner’s racket choice, both are in the top quota. With a head size of 100 sq inches and a string pattern of 16 x 19, the Prince Textreme Beast Pro 100 comes with a large sweet spot which is responsible for quick and easy play of topspins.


The handling of this racket is another major take-home of the tennis play gear. With the upgrades in design and frame structure, this racket boasts a better grip and feel from handling. These make racket maneuvering during gameplay easier. More so that the racket has a moderate to low swing weight.


The feel of a racket describes how easily basic skills and techniques can be completed using the equipment. This does not mean these are the only moves the racket can be used for, rather a seal that it’s great for playing such.

As is expected, the serve is the first move that most players seek this racket for. And the power of the racket alongside a bit of ball control makes it a good option for this move. Other moves that are natural with this equipment are front groundstrokes and topspin shots.


John Isner is a great pro tennis model for many non-professionals out there, especially for players in the tall category. And a good place to start is to consider using his racket choice, Prince Textreme Beast Pro 100. This tennis play equipment offers solid feel and control with enough power generation.

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