Butterfly Tenergy 80 TABLE TENNIS RUBBER review: balance between spin & speed

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Player level: Advanced

Player type: Attacking







Choosing the right rubber for your play depends on your strength and wishes as well as your style of play. Before now having an all in one rubber; speed, power, control had been quite difficult. Tenergy 80 table tennis rubber presents all of these abilities in itself.

Are you a player that needs control and spin?  The Tenergy 80 would be a worthy rubber for you.

Tenergy 80 is a Butterfly rubber that has been designed in between Tenergy 05 and Tenergy 64 in terms of speed and spin while maintaining the grip of Tenergy 25. It is the latest release from the Butterfly Tenergy series that has taken the table tennis world by surprise.

 Tenergy 80 is very suitable to the all-around attacking topspin player whether you are a player who plays close to the table or from mid-distance. 

 If you place a high value on comfort, Tenergy 80 is just right for you. It is comfortable and effortless to play with. The spin you get from the rubber is super heavy, combined with its unique spin, it is an all-around perfect rubber.

Tenergy 80 is bouncy, and it is perfect for off table looping and counter. Tenergy 80 would allow you to win most of your matches when used on both sides of your blades. It is also very significant for offensive game styles.

Carefully read through the other parts of the review to learn more about Tenergy 80 table tennis rubber as you make your decision.

Technical details

Tenergy 80 is the newest product in the Tenergy series, and it presents a perfect blend of the Tenergy 05 and Tenergy 64, in height, weight and pips.

The rubber of Tenergy 80 is about 2.1mm thick, and it weighs about 68 grams when it is uncut and 44 grams after the cut in Butterfly standard size. Compared to Tenergy 05, the Tenergy 80 rubber is a bit softer, and the sponge is harder.

Tenergy 80 table tennis rubber has an inverted surface with 0.7mm surface thickness and 1.6mm top sheet thickness. It is best suited for backhands and often pushes the ball high with its good rubber.

This table tennis rubber comes with pin spacing of about 0.7mm. The slightly less dense pips and softer top sheet makes it easier for counter looping because the rubber angle is more open.

The speed of Tenergy 05 and Tenergy 80 is very similar, but 80 takes a more direct trajectory due to a lower throw angle. If you are looking for speed, This Tenergy 80 will give you a lot of momentum. It offers a perfect balance between speed and spin at the most exceptional level of the Tenergy Series.

+ pros

  • It is very good at attacking short balls.
  • You can perform well with the low push and keeping the ball short.
  • The sponge of T80 is stronger than Tenergy 05 and Tenergy 64.
  • Players can have a perfect balance of the heavy spin of the Tenergy 05 and the High Speed of the Tenergy 64.
  • Its softer rubber helps the player achieve passive control.
  • The Tenergy 80 is durable, and the edge does not wear off quickly.

- cons

  • This rubber does not perform excellently well if you are trying out looping.
  • The Tenergy 80 is quite pricey.


Tenergy 80 has been created using advanced technologies for its design and structure. Some of these unique features include:

Well Balanced Rubber

Tenergy 80 table tennis rubber has the perfect balance among the Tenergy series in terms of speed spin, power and control. It is best described as combining the strengths of the Tenergy 05 and Tenergy 64 to give a high performing racket. The touch is excellent, with good precision and a proper throw angle.


The Tenergy 80 table tennis rubber is the most potent all-around rubber from Butterfly ever. It offers you breakneck speed, while still maintaining very decent control and good feeling. It is also perfect for smashes since you can generate massive power with comparatively less effort.


Regarding spin, it is straightforward to generate an incredibly powerful loop, side spin, and backspin with Tenergy 80. Regardless of play style, Tenergy 80 features all-around topspin for both attack and counter-attack styles. It can perform well in topspin rallies at mid-distance and also counter-attacking played close to the table.  With Tenergy 80 table tennis rubber you can perform brilliant spins with control and not have to use too much effort.


Regarding defence, it features very decent blocking performance for skill players and intermediate players since the rubber is pretty sensitive.  Butterfly Tenergy 80 is also suitable for professional level players.

Strong Sponge

The sponge of Tenergy 80 is also stronger than Tenergy 05 and Tenergy 64. It is firmer, and you might not necessarily have to worry about the glue getting off the surface. You can rub it harder when you apply the glue, and it won’t get off the surface. The feel of Tenergy 80 is also tougher, and it can give you more obvious feel when you stretch the rubber. The feel is just like natural rubber.

Greater strength

The Tenergy 80 has great power compared to other rubbers in the Tenergy series. It also offers balance when performing active block and the counter shot behaviour with its soft spins, with this rubber you can block well in the Short game.


Overall the Tenergy 80 is an excellent rubber and a great addition to the Tenergy series. It is great for attacking short balls. It makes a unique rubber for intermediate or advanced players who aren’t particularly fussy but want a solid rubber that gives them that extra kick. Tenergy 80 table tennis rubber has lifted the level for many players as highly demanded techniques such as countertop spins and “Chiquita” flick suddenly becomes possible for everyone. 

Tenergy 80 is great table tennis rubber as it blends entirely innovative designs with comfort and excellent playing style guaranteed to give players success in their games.

If you value the features of this rubber, you should consider getting it.

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