BUTTERFLY TENERGY 64 TABLE TENNIS RUBBER review: red or black sheet

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Player level: Advanced

Player type: Attacking








Looking for an excellent rubber to use on your table tennis racket? Rubber with a combined property of fast speed and a powerful spin. Then, the Butterfly Tenergy 64 Table Tennis Racket is the most suitable choice for you.

The Tenergy family of rubber is generally known for its mercurial nature. This includes the likes of Tenergy 05, 25, Tenergy 64, Tenergy 80 and so on. The Butterfly Tenergy 64 Table Tennis Rubber stands out to be the fastest among the rubbers that make up the Tenergy family.

The Tenergy 64, a reversed rubber, is the choice of the attacker that plays for the offensive play in a middle distance because of its speed.

Do well to go through the remaining parts of the review to know more about the Butterfly Tenergy 64 Table Tennis Rubber. Do hope it helps you make the right choice in your purchase of rubber for your table tennis racket.(1)


Butterfly Tenergy 64 is the fastest racket in the Tenergy family. The no.64 is the development code of the pimples used in producing this racket.

This racket has a softer feel and more control on the ball than Tenergy 05. This is because the pimples in Butterfly Tenergy 64  spread more apart than in Tenergy 05.

The Butterfly Tenergy 64 is an upgraded version of the Tenergy 05, especially in its speed.

Spring Sponge Technology is a unique design of the Tenergy 64. Pimples that are more separated from each other is of use too. These offer it its peculiar speed attribute. 

It is a reversed type of rubber. It has a speed rating of 13.5, a spin rating of 10.5, a density of 36 and a thickness which range between 1.7-2.1mm.

With some of its features as provided above, the Tenergy 64 rubber is a proper consideration for an attacker who plays at a middle distance from the table.

+ pros

*Speed-this is an essential feature of the Butterfly Tenergy 64 Table Tennis Rubber. Of all the rubbers in the Tenergy family, it has the highest speed.

*Spin-it has a good spin that complements its high speed.

*Serves-serving shot is easy. It also ensures the playing of serves with a lot of spins.

*Durability- the Butterfly Tenergy 64 Table Tennis Rubber is not only helpful in the playing aspect but also very durable. That is, it can last for an extended period with its playing ability still maintained during this period.

*Control- it is magnificent to control. This is especially true for advanced players.

- cons

*It requires practice to control. That is, beginners, find it difficult to control.

*Cost- it is a little expensive. This is as a result of its quality which ensures its durability, as well as the helpful features it comes with.


The design of the Butterfly Tenergy 64 Table Tennis Rubber is with latest innovations which influence its performance in positive ways. These innovative features include:

Spring Sponge Technology

The Spring Sponge Technology involves the peculiar format of air bubbles within the sponge and the thin pimples of the very flexible surface. This provides dynamic topspin play with heavy rotation.

The spring sponge technology in use in Tenergy 64 is the latest of the technology.

Its peculiarity is a sense of “catching” the ball, which is a phenomenon that is only found in the Tenergy 64.

 The Spring Sponge Technology provides a feeling of being in control.

The principle of the Spring Sponge Technology is: the longer the ball stays in contact with the rubber, the higher the grip. That is, the deeper a ball can dig into the rubber, the longer the ball will stay in contact with the racket.

The Spring Sponge Technology is also referred to as Distinctive Grasp Feeling. This is because this technology creates the impression as if the rubber holds onto the ball longer than usual.

High Tension Technology

High Tension Technology is an essential feature of the Butterfly Tenergy 64 Table Tennis Rubber.

This technology is also known as Energy Built-In Technology. This technology increases the tension on a rubber’s surface and sponge. Thus, allowing the rubber to reflect the energy of an incoming ball and make use of the power outwardly.

Addition of tension in the sponge, the surface of the rubber or addition of High Tension in both parts of the rubber is an innovation which is an adoption in the Tenergy 64 rubber. This technology provides a lot of feels, spin variations, and firm dynamics.

It helps to reduce the energy loss by giving tension to the molecules of the rubber. It also helps to increase speed performance, rotational performance and improves the control performance in a great measure.

Top players rely on this technology. This is because this technology provides high performance which is demanded by the top players.

Unique Pimples Structure

The no.64 of the Butterfly Tenergy 64 Table Tennis Rubber is the development code of the pimples used in producing this reversed rubber.

The pimple structure of Tenergy 64 has a width of 1.7mm. The pimple of Tenergy 64 is higher, and there is a greater distance between the pimples. This is different from the pimple structure of all other rubbers in the Tenergy family.

The unique arrangement of the pimples of the Tenergy 64 enhances its speed. It also provides a softer feeling and offers more control on the ball.


There is no doubt that the Butterfly Tenergy 64 Table Tennis Rubber is a great and excellent rubber for use on rackets. This is because of the unique features it has.

Tenergy 64 being the rubber with the highest speed among the Tenergy family of rubber. It is thus, the ultimate attacking rubber.

It is thus the most suitable for the attacker who plays for the offensive play in a middle distance.  Professional table tennis players often select it, so that they can achieve a high speed and power in their shots.

The Butterfly Tenergy 64 rubber can adapt with any situation, to any style and any player.

The Butterfly Tenergy 64 Table Tennis Rubber is sure to serve you well irrespective of your style and level of advancement in the tennis game. And you can rest assured that it will maintain its performance for an extended period.

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