Butterfly Tenergy 05 ping pong rubber sheet review: Pros, cons and specs

Butterfly Tenergy 05

Butterfly Tenergy 05 (1) is one of the world’s most popular table tennis rubbers. It has been around since 2008 and is used by lots of professional players. It is one of the latest innovation from Butterfly designed with the spring sponge to produce a new rubber model. It will interest you to know that Tenergy has been wielded by many of the world-class table tennis and of course many others.  

Tenergy 05 is an advanced rubber that is great for players who like attacking with solid technique who can control the ball at high speed.

Have you been searching for a high-quality rubber for your attacking topspin game? No need to look further, you’ll realise Tenergy 05 is the perfect rubber for you.

I’ll take you through an exciting review; please read carefully to find out if it fits your level of the game.


Tenergy 05 is very delicate, and it is recommended that you protect the rubber surface with protective rubber film after a game or practice.

With a super speed of 13 and a spin of 11.5, this racket delivers a full range of topspin play at or away from the table. Spin power happens to be the most celebrated feature of this rubber, and it is arguably higher and more potent than Tenergy 80

The rubber is quite heavy at almost 50g, and it offers a medium to hard feel with the new high tension technology from butterfly that optimises its spin and speed

The Butterfly Tenergy 05 has an uncut weight of 69 grams and cut weight of 49 grams.

+ pros

  • The rubbers high sensitivity allows you to grip the ball well, producing an excellent spin.
  • Easy smashing and blocking.
  • Good speed
  • Incredible spin and loops.
  • A short game made very easy

- cons

  • Not suitable for everyone- Tenergy 05 is indeed not for everyone, you need to have sufficient technique due to how sensitive and responsive the rubber is. This works perfectly for competent players, but it will be hard to control for players who don’t have sufficient technique.
  • It can be tricky to handle for beginners and intermediate players who don’t have the skill set to handle it do to its medium to a hard sponge rubber and also a medium to a high throw and due to its intense spin capabilities.
  • Tenergy 05 can be a bit harder to control when pushing and blocking.
  • It is costly
  • Lacks durability

Butterfly Tenergy 05 – Features and Benefits

Tenergy 05 is infused with advanced technology. The implementation of these latest innovations from Butterfly enhances players’ performance. Some of these unique features include:

Inbuilt Spring Sponge Technology

The spring sponge technology applied to Tenergy produces both increased flexibility and high elasticity. It makes a high arc and powerful stroke achievable.

High Tension Rubber

This will allow you to put a lot of spin on the ball in topspin plays, providing you with the new high performance in matches. The rubber comes into play here as you can feel it biting into the ball against backspin. Its ability to grip the ball is great and allows you to produce a great amount of spin.

Tremendous serves

In terms of service, Tenergy 05 is quite good decent, as was the short game in general. It’s very quick of course, but it behaves quite well for such a fast rubber.

It’s a very popular rubber because of its spin qualities. If you make good contact with the ball, you can generate massive amounts of spin.

Counter Top spins

The Butterfly Tenergy 05 is great for counter top-spins. When well-timed counters with the rubber are usually outright winners. Again it does require sufficient technique to control these counter top-spins as the rubber is very sensitive to spin. The advantage Tenergy 05 gives is even when using little effort, and counter top-spins are very fast and explosive.

Topspin Strokes

This is what Tenergy 05 is renowned for. It refers to the amount of speed you can produce on the ball while at the same time getting tons of spin. The top sheet is very grippy and when combined with the sponge helps create fantastic topspin shots that are both extremely fast and full of spins.

When top spinning with Tenergy 05 you’ll be consistent even when playing at high speed. It is observed that Tenergy always gives regular contact that is still reliable. This encourages you to keep up trust in your strokes as you never need to stress over how the rubber will respond. This helps you maintain confidence in your strokes as you never have to worry about how the rubber is going to react.

You can also remain relaxed as the rubber has a lot of propulsion on its own, without always having to go for full power to create high amounts of speed.

Who is this for?

The Butterfly Tenergy 05 is most fit advanced players, who like to attack with topspin. On the off chance that you’re a intermediate player, who is building up a topspin playing style, at that point you could attempt it as well. Be that as it may, in the event that you are a careful, all-round player, who likes to push and block, I don’t think that the Butterfly Tenergy 05 will be choice of your pick.


Tenergy 05 has already been assessed by a large number of leading players, as well as by scientific measurement, as the best rubber for spinning the ball, both when serving and during a rally.  It has an outstanding record of consistency and is highly recommended for advanced looping attackers.

You can generate huge amounts of spin. You can easily topspin over the table with backhand and forehand flicks. You can play topspin attacks close to the table and further back from the table. I believe you will find it as one of the best rubber you’ll ever use for playing topspin.

If it were found in the hands of top players like Timo Boll, Zhang Jike and Michael Maze, then it sure would feel great in your hands too.

Regardless of its high-budget price. The quality it offers is top notch and is worth every penny. Get yourself a Tenergy 05!

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