Butterfly Dignics 05 TABLE TENNIS RUBBER review- great for topspin

Rubber SPECS:

Player level: Advanced

Player type: Attacking







Butterfly Dignics 05 is one of the most popular table tennis rubbers in the world. It is one of the latest innovations from Butterfly designed with the spring sponge X to produce a new rubber model. It will interest you to know that Dignics has been wielded by many of the world-class table tennis players including Apolonia Tiago, Lin Gaoyuan, Timo Boll, Hamamoto Yui and of course many others.  

Dignics 05 is an advanced rubber perfect for players with attacking game styles with control at high speed.

If you’ve been searching for a high-quality rubber for your attacking topspin game, you just got served on a silver platter with this innovation.  You’ll realize Dignics 05 is the perfect rubber for you.

I’ll take you through an interesting review, and please read carefully to find out if it bests suit your level of the game.

Technical Details

With a super speed of 13 and a spin of 11.5, Dignics 05 delivers a full range of topspin play at or away from the table. Spin power happens to be the most celebrated feature of this rubber, and it is arguably higher and more potent than Tenergy 05

The rubber is quite heavy at 68grams, and it offers a medium to hard feel with the new high tension technology from Butterfly that optimizes its spin and speed.

+ pros

  • Excellent trajectory when driving
  • Very high spin performance
  • Additional elasticity
  • It is easy to handle in real fast moments, because the rubber holds the ball well, resulting in a lot of stability and spin in your strokes.

- cons

  • Difficult to control
  • Not so durable
  • Expensive


Dignics 05 is one of Butterfly’s latest technology, and it is designed with unique features to enhance the performance of players. Some of its unique features include:

Inbuilt Spring Sponge X Technology

The Spring Sponge X technology applied to Dignics 05 produces both increased flexibility and extra high elasticity. It makes a high arc and powerful stroke achievable. It is designed to produce more elasticity than what is found in the Tenergy series. The uniquely composed top sheet, with strengthened abrasion, proves excellent resistance on the surface, providing the feeling of holding the ball at impact.

High Tension Pimples in Rubber

This will allow you to enjoy spinning the ball in topspin plays, providing you with the new high performance in plays. The rubber comes into play here as you can feel it biting into the ball against backspin. Its ability to hold the ball is fantastic, making it possible and easy to generate a significant volume of spin.

Top Spins

This refers to the amount of speed you can get on the ball while getting tons of spin at about the same time too. The top sheet has more grip feel and when used together with the sponge results in excellent topspin shots that are both extremely fast and full of spins.

During top spins with Dignics 05, your grip is usually very noticeable with awe. Something unique about Dignics 05 is the arc. The arc is high and direct containing lots of spins. Typically, this amount of spin is only gotten when using rubbers like Tenergy 05, which have more top arcs or Hurricane 3, which have a lower arch but with reduced speed.

You will find this rubber enjoyable on your backhand side. A number of users have also commented on how they found it consistent when being used.  The rubber produces a grip that works well half-way through the distance mid to the table. It also allows you to take a step away from the table and still maintaining confidence in your strokes.


Spins with Dignics 05 is such a fantastic experience. While holding the ball onto the rubber, the amount of time it uses is always remarkable. The table tennis runner also gives an advantage of shots across the table like the backhand flick. The backhand flick allows you to get plenty of spins on the ball, and you will play fast and hard as well.


Short Game

For short games and flicks, Dignics 05 rubber holds the ball so well. When it comes to serving with Dignics 05, it works the same way rubber performs during the top spins; where you can generate lots of spins.  However, since it is a very fast rubber, you’ll need to gain control, so the ball does not drift long when you attempt short serves. Serving with this rubber is excellent. You can get lots of spins and keep it short with ease.

Passive Play

Dignics 05 gives you so much stability and control when playing off the table. Dignics 05 gives excellent control when you are on the backfoot and need to block. You can allow playing passive shots like this with so much ease, as a result of the grip and control. Like with backhand moves, flicking with the forehand also produces many results with the rubber. The ball will not just fly from the table end, and you will have so much control with high quality.


Dignics 05 has already been assessed by a large number of leading players, as well as by scientific measurement, as the best rubber for spinning the ball, both when serving and during a rally. It has an outstanding record of consistency and is highly recommended for advanced looping attackers.

You can generate high spin and easily topspin across the table using backhand and forehand flicks. You can play topspin attacks close to the table and further back from the table. I believe you will find it as one of the best rubber you’ll ever use for playing topspin.

With Dignics, your game level is sure to become advanced. Regardless of its high-budget price. The quality it offers is top notch and is worth every penny. Get yourself a Butterfly Dignics 05 Table Tennis Rubber!

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