Bianca Andreescu Tennis Racquet and string Review. Head Graphene Touch Prestige MP and Babolat RPM Blast

Bianca Andreescu 's Tennis Racquet

Bianca Andreescu is a top-rated Canadian player who broke through on the big tennis scene when she won the title in Indian Wells after qualifying. She then became the talk of the tennis world after winning the US Open. Her performance is awe-inspiring; she is only 18 years old and winning a Grand Slam title.

With Bianca’s success on the court, many tennis fans are curious to know what tennis racquet she uses to compete at the very highest level. This review is provided to erase the curiosity on your mind by giving you the details of the tennis racquet Bianca Andreescu uses.

Technical Details

Bianca Andreescu presently plays with a pro stock version of the Head Graphene Touch Prestige MP which is painted to look like the Head Graphene 360 Speed MP. She strings her racquet with the Babolat RPM Blast.

The exact modification done to the racquet is yet to be released by Head or Bianca herself. However, since it is a pro stock racquet, it is heavily modified, and there is bound to be some changes with the retail version.

The Head Touch Prestige MP comes with a head size of 95 square inches, a length of 27 inches, a 6 points head light balance and a flex of 65 RA. Also, it has a strung weight of 11.9 ounces, swing weight of 321, an unstrung weight of 11.3 ounces and an 18×20 string pattern.

The weight of the Head Touch Prestige MP tennis racquet allows players to counter their opponents because of the extra oomph it adds in their shots.

The representative colour scheme remains red and black colours. The unique colour combination of this racquet makes it a perfect choice for players who are looking for simplicity and elegance. The Grip Type of this racquet is the Head Hydrosorb Pro which offers you a comfortable grip.'s Exclusive Preview

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+ pros

Below are some merits of the Head Graphene Touch Prestige MP Tennis Racquet:

    • It offers easy access to control, and this helps you to place the ball anywhere you want on the court, that is, you get to hit your target while serving and returning serves.
    • This racquet also creates a more muted and dampened feel when the ball touches the string bed. In other words, this racquet provides you with a great feel.
    • The fantastic feel you get from this racquet allows you to play more freely and this ultimately, makes you more confident on the tennis court.

- cons

The basic demerit of the Head Graphene Touch Prestige MP Tennis Racquet is:

    • It offers low power. The need for players to generate their power when using this racquet makes it unsuitable for a beginner player of the tennis game.

Features and Benefits – Head Graphene Touch Prestige MP

The Head Graphene Touch Prestige MP tennis racquet comes with some unique features which enhance its performance when used to play the tennis game. These features include:


The Head Graphene Touch Prestige MP tennis racquet features the Graphene Touch Technology. This technology is added to the frame to move weight from the throat and towards its head and handle to give a faster feel.

The optimized weight distribution brought about by this technology also improves the racquet’s swing weight and manoeuvrability. The material which allows for these beneficial properties of the racquet is Graphene, a material which is both strong and light. Ultimately, this feature offers you better comfort and touch when playing the tennis game.

Also, the material, Kraibon, is added in the construction of the racquet helps to absorb the vibrations which come from off-centre shots.


The Head Graphene Touch Prestige MP tennis racquet features the 18×20 string pattern. This pattern denotes 18 mains (vertical) and 20 crosses (horizontal), to give a tighter string spacing and so a denser string pattern.

This feature offers more control and better string durability. This denser string pattern enables you to hit more strings on impact and thus, provides a much more stable shot. In other words, this string pattern allows players to take significant cuts at the ball, knowing that the string bed is going to be consistent and precise shot after shot.

Also, the string pattern of this racket offers flat hitting players better directional control on the court, even though it does not produce quite as much spin as other string patterns.

Ultimately, this string pattern allows the ball to be in contact with a maximum amount of strings to enables you to place the ball wherever you want.


The head size is the area of the racquet head where the strings create the face or string bed of the racquet. The head size is measured in square inches. The Head Graphene Touch Prestige MP tennis racquet features a head size of 95 square inches. This feature makes the racquet suitable for pro tennis players who consistently hit the sweet spot and generate an incredible amount of power from their swing action.

Another benefit of the head size of this racquet is that it offers more control than racquets with large head sizes and so more suited for experienced tennis players.  Also, the small head size of this racket makes it easier to manoeuvre for players with excellent wrist strength. The ease of manoeuvrability helps advanced players like to react faster and aggressively on the court.


Getting the Bianca Andreescu’s racquet with the same modifications is a highly challenging task. This is because the modifications done to her racquet is not known, and so it is quite impossible to get the same racquet as hers. However, the retail version of Bianca’s racquet is an excellent alternative as it is very similar to her own.

The retail version of the Head Graphene Touch Prestige MP tennis racquet is available on different online stores.

The Head Graphene Touch Prestige MP tennis racquet offers you a massive amount of control with more and better feel. Thus, it is one of the most rewarding racquets on the market. Players who want a modern player’s racquet and like to redirect pace will love what the Head Graphene Touch Prestige MP has to offer.


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