Best Tennis Training Aids 2021: top training tools

Best Tennis Training Aids

Getting to know how to play tennis can be quite difficult that you might get discouraged from learning any further. Fortunately, there are some learning aids, generally known as the tennis training aids(1), which help to train you and thereby prevent you from losing your interest in tennis. 

The tennis training aids help to guide you to put up the right behavior and movements on the court. These aids help to improve your skill in the tennis game faster than verbal instructions. 

This review is provided to inform you of the best tennis training aids you can use to improve your gameplay in tennis.





N0 1.

TopspinPro - Tennis Training Aid

N0 2.

The Total Serve Tennis ServeMaster Serve Tool

N0 3.

BIG LEAGUE EDGE Velopro Tennis Training Harness

N0 4.

SingXlsm Tennis Trainer Rebounder for Adults\Kids

N0 5.

Oncourt Offcourt Tennis Grip Trainer Swing Tool

N0 6.

Oncourt Offcourt Serve Doctor

Buying Guide for Best Tennis Training Aids

There are some things to consider before going ahead to purchase a tennis training aid. These factors are necessary as they help you to make the right choice of a tennis training aid, the one that will meet your needs and ultimately help to improve your tennis skills. These factors include:

The skill to develop: 

A very important thing to consider before buying a tennis training aid is to choose a skill you want to develop or a tennis problem you would want to correct. 

This factor is vital as it will determine the type of tennis training aid to get and so it will prevent you from getting an unsuitable one that will have no positive effect on your tennis skills and performance.

The individual tennis training aid is constructed and comes with its unique features to improve specific skills of the tennis game. For instance, there are tennis training aids that are designed to improve your topspin while some are put up to work on your point play patterns. 

Therefore, you need to know the skill to develop to take your gameplay to the next level. Then, you can go to a befitting tennis training aid. 


Type of Tennis Training aid: 

As rightly stated, tennis training aids come with a specific area of the tennis game that they help you improve. That is, they help players to isolate and improve performance in specific areas depending on the choice of the player. The different types include tennis rebounder, tennis ball machines, topspin aids and so on.

The tennis rebounders are suitable for learning different shots as well as to learn to perceive the ball in flight in a better way. They can also be used to improve ball control, reaction speeds and footwork.

The ball machines are good for training you on how to change direction, perform a new stroke. Depending on the specific drill of the machine, they also help to improve your speed, ball control, reaction time. 

Topspin aids is a great means of developing topspin, a vital skill that is required in almost all the games of nowadays. It also helps you to master the basic technique as well as develop your muscle memory.

Other tennis training aids include athleticism aids and tennis court targets. So you get to pick according to your need.



The material of a tennis training aid is important as it determines the durability of the product. Tennis training aids that are constructed from high-quality materials tend to be very durable and suitable for use on all court surfaces. 

The material also determines the weight of the training device, and the weight ultimately determines the mobility of the product. Thus, a tennis training aid that is made of lightweight but durable materials are easy to carry to anywhere you will be practicing.



It is important to consider the price you are willing to pay for a tennis training aid as they come at different prices. Some are cheap while some are very expensive. Thus, you need to choose the one within your budget.

It is best to go for a moderately priced one as this type will give you optimum quality with performance.


Even though tennis training aids come with specific skills of the tennis game to improve, some come with extra features that enable them to offer beyond what they are designed to do.

Versatile tennis training aids offer basic tennis skills and techniques like enhancing your fitness, speed and reaction time in addition to their specific tennis skill they help to improve. Therefore, with this type of product, you get many things in one. Even though they can be expensive, you get more value than what you’re paying for. 

Top 6 Best Tennis Training Aids


TopspinPro - Tennis Training Aid

TopspinPro-Tennis Training Aid is a great tool suitable for improving your skills in the tennis game. This revolutionary training aid is suitable for use for players and coaches to have the edge over their opponents as it enables them to have a better level of knowledge of the tennis game. 


  • Comes with adjustable height
  • It is perfect for both beginner and intermediate players of the tennis game
  • It is an extremely rapid means of adding topspin to your groundstrokes
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • It is portable


  • Gets monotonous after hitting on it for about 10 minutes

Detailed description

Over 90% of the tennis game is played with topspin; this is because it is the only way to control the ball with pace. Therefore, mastering topspin with the use of the TopspinPro – Tennis Training Aid enables you to perform better on the court when playing the tennis game.

The TopspinPro tennis training aid comes with a combination of visual and kinaesthetic (perception of the movement of one’s body, limbs and muscles) which are vital for accelerated learning. The screens of the TopspinPro tennis training aid is designed to reflect the required racket face angle; it forces the same bio-mechanics of modern topspin groundstrokes.


The Total Serve Tennis ServeMaster Serve Tool

The Total Serve Tennis ServeMaster Serve Tool is the suitable tennis training aid to use to improve your serve. It is suitable for a beginner player who wants to learn how to serve in tennis. Moreover, it is also suitable for you if you have been playing for long, but you are yet to learn how to make effective serves properly. 


  • Greatly improves your serve
  • It is durable
  • Simple and fun to use
  • Suitable for both left and right-handed players
  • Suitable for different age ranges


  • Can be cumbersome to use at first because of its weight and length

Detailed description

 The TotaL Serves Tennis ServeMaster Serve Tool comes with features that enable it to teach you to feel and use the continental grip. This continental that it teaches is vital for making advanced serves. It is great for all-round coordination for sequential or continuous movement on the serve. 

 It comes in three models to suit three age ranges. The 3 balls model is for adults; the 2 balls model is for the junior player while the 1 ball model is for players under the age of 10. 

This tennis training aid is constructed to imitate the feel of the racket with the larger percentage of the weight at the end. This unique design of the ServeMaster Serve Tool gives you the experience or feeling of how to coordinate the body and move the arm such that it is in motion throughout the time of use.


BIG LEAGUE EDGE Velopro Tennis Training Harness

The Big League Edge Velopro Tennis Training Harness is one of the best tennis training aids that help to increase your power. This training aid also improves your spit rates and shot accuracy.


  • Improves your power and velocity
  • Enhances your spin rating and shot accuracy
  • It helps to improve your performance of the tennis game
  • Offers maximum potential


  • Not very durable
  • Quite expensive

Detailed description

The Big League Edge Velopro Tennis Training Harness is a resistance training system that gives you instant power, velocity, shot accuracy and spin rating. The principle of this training aid is according to the three laws of motion by Newton. This principle of the training aid helps to connect your heels, and this forces you to drive with your back heel. 

This principle of the training aid also teaches how and when you should implant your front heel before rotation. This training aid trains your motor patterning to great athletic movement, rotational hip torque and linear drive force. All these features help the training aid to unlock your true velocity and power potential.


SingXlsm Tennis Trainer Rebounder for Adults\Kids

The SingXlsm Tennis Trainer Rebounder is a great tennis training aid for adult kids. It comes with features that enable it to improve your skills of the tennis game as well as your hitting precision control. 


  • It is durable
  • Easy to use
  • Teaches you proper hand placement
  • Helps you grip the racket handle the proper way


  • Quite frustrating to correctly position it

Detailed description

The SingXism Tennis Trainer Rebounder comes with a base that has a valve where you put water or sand to increase the weight of the tennis trainer. Another thing that is worthy of note is the small ring on the side that is used for hanging band. 

The small ring is thus, the concave part of the device that is for placing the tennis ball. Ultimately, the unique design of this product offers you stable support while training as well as makes it practical and convenient to use. 

This tennis training aid is constructed using durable and useful polyethene plastic. This material makes it lightweight when it is empty, and this enables you to take it with you to anywhere you would like to train.


Oncourt Offcourt Tennis Grip Trainer Swing Tool

The Oncourt Offcourt Tennis Grip Trainer Swing Tool is an effective product that gives you the right tennis lessons that will improve your gameplay and also make you play easy and comfortable. Apart from helping with hand placement, it also helps with the continental grip on volleying or serving.


  • It is durable
  • Easy to use
  • Teaches you proper hand placement
  • Helps you grip the racket handle the proper way


  • Quite frustrating to correctly position it

Detailed description

The Oncourt Offcourt Tennis Grip Trainer Swing Tool teaches you to grip the racquet handle without choking up properly. It also comes with features that enable it to help you serve, swing as well as carry out the volley grip technique and basics.

With the use of this tennis training aid, you learn how to hold the racquet in the right way by separating the middle and index finger. The Start Rite Grip Trainer is easy and quick to attach to the grip, and it does not make the grip size feel larger.


Oncourt Offcourt Serve Doctor

The Oncourt Offcourt Serve Doctor is another product of the Oncourt Offcourt company, a popular tennis industry known for the manufacturing of creative tennis training tools, aids and practice equipment. So you can be sure that the Oncourt Offcourt Serve Doctor will work to improve your tennis game. 


  • It is a simple yet professional-looking device
  • Easy to use and effective
  • Works with any ball
  • Helps to develop proper serve stroke especially for beginner players


  • Complaints about its low-quality

Detailed description

The Oncourt Offcourt Serve Doctor comes with an extension pole and Velcro system which can attach to any tennis ball. So holding the ball in position enables the player to hit it right off the rope. This device, therefore, helps beginner players to develop the right serve stroke. 

Having a feel for correct body position relative to ball position on the serve can be quite difficult for beginner players of the tennis game, with the Oncourt Offcourt Serve Doctor this difficulty is overcome. This device gives you a feel for the location and height of the contact point on the serve. This feature ultimately helps to improve your swing.


The TopspinPro Tennis Training Aid is the best of all the excellent tennis training aids reviewed above. This awesome tennis training aid allows you to learn how to control the tennis ball with topspin, and this will help to upgrade your gameplay to a higher level.

It is a good coaching aid for both adults and children because it comes with an adjustable height to suit all players of all ages. This training aid comes with balls placed on a spring-loaded spindle; this enables you to experience the feeling of this shot.

With the TopspinPro Tennis Training Aid, your struggle with consistency and the issue of the ball flying out of the court when making hard hits is overcome.

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