Best SQUASH bags 2021: harrow and tecnifibre racket bags reviewed

Best Squash Bag Reviews and Buyer Guide

Having a squash bag is essential in that it can safely store number of equipment like your squash shoes, ball, squash racquet and maybe a new set of clothes to change into. Knowing the things to look out for when getting a squashed bag is highly essential. 

Apart from what I have mentioned earlier, there are some kinds of stuff that are important which are usually not considered. The list includes the water bottle, first aid kit and other personal items. Check out our list of the best squash bags in the market today





N0 1.

Harrow 3 racquet bag

N0 2.

Harrow 6-Racket Bag

N0 3.

Tecnifibre AIR Endurance 12R Unisex Adult Squash Bag

N0 4.

Python Racquetball Squash Galaxy Deluxe Backpack Squash Bag (Ultimate Value)

N0 5.

Python Racquetball Squash Galaxy Deluxe Club Squash Bag

N0 6.

Head core 3R pro tennis/squash bag

N0 7.

Harrow Pro Racquet Shoulder Bag

N0 8.

BLACK KNIGHT Double Squash Racquet Bag

How to choose a squash bag

Having a buying guide when you want to get a squash bag would be of great help when you decide to get yours. As other sports have bags, so does squash. Squash bags have different types, and they vary in size.

But significant feature common to all is that they can carry quite a number of your sports accessories. The kind of bag you would buy is heavily dependent on what you see and like. You would also want to work with your budget. There are several things to consider, and some of them would be listed and explained below. It is not advisable to just like something and get it for that sole reason.

You should consider the specs of it. There are about 4 types of squash bags to choose from. We have the backpack, shoulder bag, duffel bag, travel bag. Travel bags are about the smallest type. It has been created to keep rackets and several minor pieces of equipment when you travel. They are portable and mobile.

The shoulder bag is the largest of the squash bags which has been designed to carry all your equipment. It is carried over the shoulder designed with a single or double strap. The duffel bag is available in different sizes and it the best option for other sporting purposes and outdoor events. The backpack is not made for squash although they serve the purpose. They are comfortable when carried on the back. This bag is the ideal bag for racquets, but you may have a slight issue with the handle. This is because it sticks out.


Like I said earlier, considering how much you have to spend on an item such as the squash bag is essential. You should know a squash bag is a form of investment because it will serve you. The squash bag varies in price, and so getting a good idea of how much you are willing to spend with the features you want is topnotch.


It is crucial you know the size of the squash bag you want. Your choice is most likely to be in the size of rackets. Know the number of rackets you will be carrying and how much other equipment will take in the bag.

How versatile is it?

I as a person play not just squash, I play tennis, badminton, e.t.cAnd manufactures have decided to help by making bags that can serve more than one purpose. So it is not a bad idea to get a bag that can serve the purpose of more than one sport. You can save cash by getting such. 


It is necessary you look out for the proper quality of the bag you want to buy. Search for materials that are durable and will last longer. Make sure you get the right quality for your money.

The comfort of the bag:

In picking out a bag of your choice, consider how comfortable it is for you. Try not to get straps that give aches, but those are padded and soft. Get something that can serve your purpose and still be comfortable. Do not acquire something at the detriment of your back or hands. Getting the wrong bag can give you troubles.

The number of pockets:

Having a bag that has compartments and pockets is of a great deal: a place to keep your keys, shoes and other stuff.

Top 8 best squash bags

1. Harrow 3 racquet bag

This is a well-constructed material of 800 deniar which is durable. This bag has just three color options which are black and silver, navy and white and pink and white.



Detailed description

It features an inner lining that is softly padded. It has a main compartment for the gear and rackets. This bag is of a manageable size which can be taken to courts on a daily basis. More features include a padded shoulder strap, a large pouch that can carry layouts of squash balls located outside of the bag. It also has hand straps with two plastic pockets which are located inside the bag for keeping personal stuff.

2. Harrow 6-Racket Bag

This is one of the latest models of Harrow Racquet Bag. It combines backpack for convenience and racquet bag. It can be worn based on what the user prefers, and it secures items safely.



Detailed description

This bag characterizes of racquet compartments that are quite spacious with a pocket that is outside. These compartments both have zips can that keep 2 racquets each. It has a double carry handle in which one is with an adjoining pad at the top, and the other is at the bottom.

It has an adjustable shoulder strap and a strap of a backpack that is at the back of the bag. This strap can be kept somewhere if it’s not needed. Another feature is an accessory pocket at the front of the bag with a zip and a wet shoe compartment located at the rear bottom of the bag.

3. Technifibre AIR Endurance 12R Unisex Adult Squash Bag

Technibre AIR Endurance 12R Unisex Adult Squash Bag  is one that gives room for quite a lot of equipment and necessities.



Detailed description

It has 3 main compartments, on shoe pocket, 2 pockets for accessories, a squash box that keeps balls and eyewear. The backpack has a pocket for 2 rackets, straps that are comfortable, 1 waterproof pocket, 1 shoe pocket, 2 side accessory pocket. A total of 5 pockets. The dimension of this backpack 33cm by 79cm by 34cm.

4. Python Racquetball Squash Galaxy Deluxe Backpack Squash Bag (Ultimate Value)

This is a unique squash bag in the sense that it is a combination of a bag and a backpack. Python racquetball is a company that has produced lots of stuff ranging from gloves to bags to grips, racquetballs, and many more.



Detailed description

It has 2 medium pockets that are for your shoe and accessories. It has 2 large compartments for that are used to hold 2 racquets very well in addition to a garment that is ventilated. It has small pockets are 4 in number namely: eyeguard, ball pocket, accessory pocket with a water bottle holder. The dimension of this squash bag is 12.6”, 19.7”,7.9” (32cm by 50cm by 20cm).

5. Python Racquetball Squash Galaxy Deluxe Club Squash Bag

This squash galaxy deluxe club squash bag is produced by python racquetball which is of excellent quality. This is a bag that can be worn in two different ways or preferably as a backpack.



Detailed description

The squash bag has four main compartments which can fit in clothes, and racquet pockets. It also has five mini compartments which are to keep other sports accessories. One of the compartments is for squash shoes and it well ventilated. These compartments also take sports accessories like balls, eye guard.

It also has two pouches that can carry whatever you want to take along. It has side pockets that come with an extra padded leather to protect your racquet. The dimension of this bag is 30 by 14 by 4 inches, weighing about 2.7 pounds.

6. Head core 3R pro tennis/squash bag

This bag enables you to pack about three tennis rackets whichever way you want. It has a shoulder strap that is adjustable with a handle. The firmness of the zipper ensures your stuff is safe.



Detailed description

The handle is padded, and this lets you comfortably carry your racquet. The durability of this bag is assured because it is made of complete polyester. It is of a single compartment with a zipper that is firm and convenient.

7. Harrow Pro Racquet Shoulder Bag

This particular bag accommodates many squash gear which includes racquets, clothing, shoes, and accessories.



Detailed description

It consists of 3 significant compartments that can take up to 12 rackets, this way you can always have spare rackets. This bag has accessory pockets for small stuff, and it is located on the inside of the bag. It has straps with the backpack that are padded and for easy carriage. It is produced in a number of colors, picks whichever suits your taste. Durability is assured.

8. BLACK KNIGHT Double Squash Racquet Bag

This bag is an excellent squash bag. This bag is fantastic as regards the design and the shape.



Detailed description

This bag has three major compartments with padded straps that are adjustable. It is unique in the sense that it is lightweight irrespective of the features. The bag has a premium finish, and it is also easily accessible and mobile. The capacity is 6 rackets and gear. The colors available are blue, black, white. It has a dimension of 30 by 12 by 13 inches.


Some people actually want me to pick one and say it is the best. Every bag has its pros and cons, and so it would be a bit difficult to say one is the best.

In getting a bag, be on the lookout for those that can hold the major things you take to the court. I mean things you know you would definitely need when you get to court or when playing. You can consider appearance, of course, the bag should have a lovely and beautiful outlook.

But ensure you consider the size, how durable the bag is, quality of the product, how much it can carry, how convenient and comfortable it is. Get the worth of your money and even more. And it is possible the quality of the bag is less in comparison to the price.

But don’t because of that, choose something less — budget with the mindset of getting a very good bag. You can try carrying the bag in the store to see how comfortable and reliable it is. Learn about the features and prices to know the best squash bags for you. Enjoy every bit of your squash experience with your equipment and your efficient bag!

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