Best ProLite Pickleball Paddles 2021

Best ProLite Pickleball Paddles

Looking to get a boost in your pickleball gameplay? Then, you should be considering getting a high quality playing instrument.


Ball control and power are the two effects players maximize in pickleball. Those are the two skills that matter most in the game. The making of a paddle determines the bulk of these abilities.


ProLite products are about the most common on the market. How then do you know which is the most quality? Here is a selection of the best ProLite pickleball paddles to help you in your gear choice.





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ProLite Supernova Black Diamond Pickleball Paddle

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ProLite Crush PowerSpin Pickleball Paddle

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ProLite Cypher Pro Pickleball Paddle

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ProLite Chrome N-R-G

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ProLite Rebel PowerSpin Pickleball Paddle

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ProLite Covert Pickleball Paddle

N0 7.

ProLite Titan Pickleball Paddle

Buying Guide for Best ProLite Pickleball Paddles

Arguably the Topmost and most popular gear brand in Pickleball, ProLite is the go-to name for quality gameplay gears. They have a good number of tested products used by both Pros and novices alike.

In their Pickleball paddle collection, ProLite offers worth for the money on every design made. No matter what you are looking to capitalize on in your gameplay, you have a paddle. Let’s take a look at the distinguishing factors for the various products to help your decision making.

Structure and Weight

Two noticeable features of pickleball pads are their outer structure and how heavy they are. You can know how you’ll perform from these properties. Lighter and broader pads offer better dynamic movements, while weightier ones provide more force.

The average length of the paddle is about 15 – 16 inches. A few quarter inches can redefine how responsive you are with a paddle. The weight is also much directly proportional to the length of paddles and varies around 7 – 8 ounces.


The inner make-up of pickleball gameplay materials is very vital to its responsiveness. Materials such as Nomex, polymers or aluminium are used. These have varying degrees of shock absorption and weight addition.

Aluminum cores are lightest, Nomex options are more massive, while polymers are mid-placed. Premium ProLite paddles use polymer cores which give better ball usage. The rough surface also serves as better shock absorption.

The lighter core paddles produce lesser power shots but are more adapted for skilled ball control. Denser cores are more power-oriented. However, with materials like polymer, you get a proper balance between skill and force. Its high shock absorption can add rebound force to the energy ordinarily produced from its weight.


Two common surface material choices are graphite/carbon and composite. ProLite paddles often come with rougher graphite surfaces which is great for game dynamics. A remarkable innovation of ProLite in this field is its carbon fiber surface make. The material used for this is solely carbon. This makes it an excellent shock absorber.

The energy absorbed by the surface fiber is evenly distributed on the pad. This eases out shock and vibrations. You feel comfier using this while preserving the ball’s responsiveness and your total control during play. The ball hovers for a few more crucial milliseconds on the pad affording you more time and space to react to shots.


This can be best put in the handling of a paddle. In pickleball, your grip is the first determinant in how well responsive you would be during gameplay. The size of the handle and the length contribute to the overall control of your game.

Small grips are usually more sturdy and firm; however, they are not best for control and technical shots. On the other hand, lengthy ones are great for swift control. This is mainly for double-handed players that love switching between both hands.


Much of the durability of paddles is dependent on the contouring and finishes structured. The edges, contours, padding, and surface must be well detailed. It is these points that bear more of the forces during smashes or mis-hits. 


ProLite paddles are well fortified in this regard. With MicroGuard innovative technology, pickleball pads in this product line have a functional edge guard. The technology is made of high tensile strength materials that are valid for ball control and provide the long-lasting property of ProLite paddles.

The top 7 Best ProLite Pickleball Paddles


ProLite Supernova Black Diamond Pickleball Paddle

“Black Diamond” is a series of pickleball playing gears from ProLite. This line of products boasts some of the most sophisticated paddles in pickleball. The Supernova Black Diamond is designed for overall excellent performance. It is built for optimal skill display, response, and power.


  • Pure carbon surface offers better ball control
  • QuadCore polymer core for maximum force retaining
  • Lightweight design of about 8 ounces
  • Customized SofTac cushion grip makes handling more comfortable


  • Relatively expensive

Detailed description

Using a quality paddle is one of the surest ways to better your gameplay. The Supernova Black Diamond is constructed with quality materials and has a structure for better gameplay. The head is shaped to create a large sweet spot with a smaller length/breadth ratio.


The carbon surface means the paddle absorbs more shock from ball hits. And from the rough texture of the material, it retains the ball better for more skilled control. On the inner, the QuadCore polymer retains shot force and boosts power hits. These paddle materials support spin shots owing to excellent responsiveness and velocity on the ball.


The ProLite Supernova offers its money worth not only in usability but also in durability. With MicroGuard edges, this pickleball bat is one piece that lasts. The lengthy grip is also padded with a SofTac cushion, which makes it comfier on the hand. 


ProLite Crush PowerSpin Pickleball Paddle

The Crush PowerSpin is for players who are particulate about getting the ball moving fast and far. This paddle is designed with different features to support more power on hits. With a skillful player, this paddle is a good one to get past opponents in no time.


  • It comes with SpinTec PowerSpin technology for power with finesse
  • Composite fiberglass surface allows for good response
  • QuadCore inner core gives base power
  • Highly durable with MicroGuard technology


  • Relatively heavy
  • It can cause mishits for players that hit very hard.

Detailed description

The ProLite Crush PowerSpin is a model of pickleball paddle designed with the brand SPINTec addition. The idea here is to have a power generating pad surface yet ball retaining to allow for ball control needed in skill moves. The composite fiberglass surface is also a significant contribution to the responsiveness of this paddle.


Like other ProLite products, the Crush PowerSpin also consists of the Honeycomb QuadCore polymer inner, which is a significant force retainer. The overall design of the Crush paddle makes it a great boost for players in power hits.


ProLite Cypher Pro Pickleball Paddle

The Cypher Pro is the last member of the Black Diamond series on this list. It is designed with quality materials with a focus on its weight. This product is as light as it comes, and yet has the power and control effects.


  • Ultra-lightweight with a low of 7.3 ounces
  • Broad paddle head with a large sweet spot
  • QuadCore polymer allows improved power shots


  • Requires a dominant wrist for optimal use

Detailed description

This product has the ball control of all Black Diamond paddles due to its pure carbon surface and polymer core. The power is also residual but needing a little nudge, unlike other models. This product is, however, excellent in reach and dynamic play.


The ProLite Cypher is very useful for swings. The head is elongated and has a perfect length/breadth ratio. This helps deliver the needed control and spin on all hits. 


ProLite Chrome N-R-G

The Chrome N-R-G is a regular ProLite paddle with great features to serve beginner and intermediate players. It has a composite surface for excellent responsiveness and a polymer core for power and support.


  • It has an elongated head with extended reach
  • The triple-layer composite surface gives quick ball response
  • Very lightweight with a limit of 7.6 ounces


  • High length/breadth ratio makes sweet spot narrow
  • Relatively less durable

Detailed description

With the Chrome N-R-G, you can be assured of an excellent ball response. This is a paddle for making swing shots. The head is elongated to reach more space, coupled with the lightweight, makes shots easier.


The materials used for its core and surface support fast-paced games. This means the ball is quickly hit and has enough power to travel in the desired direction. The composite surface also has a good hold on ball control.


ProLite Rebel PowerSpin Pickleball Paddle

The Rebel PowerSpin, as the name suggests, is a paddle designed for the power in its spin shots. This pad is constructed in a way that adds strength to any hit made. Power counts for a lot in pickleball, just as much as technical shots like spin do. 


  • Fiberglass composite surface responsible for more power
  • Polymer inner core allows better responsiveness
  • Lengthy pad head allows for more reach
  • The pad is well designed to last long


  • Amateurs experience more mishits due to more fast moving shots.

Detailed description

The selling point of the Rebel PowerSpin is the technology used in its design. The PowerSpin technology equalizes natural power shots produced from the composite facing with technical ball control. With a minor stroke of the ball using this paddle, you can create a spin shot; it feels natural using this.


While the spin gives comparative advantage due to technicality, the honeycomb polymer core is responsible for the needed power. The combination of the ball retaining quality of the PowerSpin tech allows for more accurate technical shots. 


ProLite Rebel Powerspin paddle also has a natural feel in its handling. The grip is sturdy and comfy on the palm with a long head that allows for extended reach. The overall design is also quite durable, with a regular weight of around 8.2 ounces.


ProLite Covert Pickleball Paddle

The covert paddle is another quality composite-surface pickleball play gear. Here is one of ProLite’s budget models with the same standard as other products from the brand. This product is designed to give optimal ball control with a large pad head.


  • QuadCore polymer core allows sufficient power in hits
  • Large pad head in length and breadth with a minimal ratio
  • More reach and an extended sweet spot
  • Sturdy grip gives a well-balanced structure


  • A bit heavier than other models

Detailed description

The Covert pickleball paddle has the regular ProLite features of power and shock resistance. The Honeycomb QuadCore polymer inner is used for this product as well. This serves to produce more power in shots and as a base for finesse shots.


With its vast head region, the paddle is useful for reaching the ball with more ease. This also means there is more space to hit the ball, giving better ball control. The sturdy design provides this pad with its long-lasting quality.


ProLite Titan Pickleball Paddle

Here is a second member of the Black Diamond product line. The ProLite Titan is a masterpiece in terms of convenience of use and reactivity of paddle. The pad uses the premium carbon surface and the polymer inner core to blend energetic and skill moves.


  • Lightweight design with a lower limit weight of 7.7 ounces
  • Carbon surface for better ball control
  • Large sweet spot on pad head
  • Sweat-absorbing diamond grip design


  • COmparatively shy in power shot production.

Detailed description

The Titan Pro paddle is a top-quality ProLite product, which has about the best dynamism on-court. You can produce technical shots effortlessly using this pad. The carbon surface retains the ball enough to take a spin move in the desired direction.


Using the QuadCore inner compartment adds more power to shots. The Titan is perfect for advanced professionals who have the strength in their wrist to drive the ball as needed, and they need lightweight pads. However, it’s an excellent choice for recreational players as well. It adds finesse to your skill moves.


The head of the ProLIte Titan Black Diamond is large and has a diagonal measuring about 7 inches. And to back this up is the grip is designed with an anti-sweating diamond-clad material. This makes the paddle feel natural and less slippery while playing on-court.


Choosing a pickleball paddle is more important than any other gear choice. Your bat determines how the ball responds to hits, how much power your shots have, and the ball’s spin.

ProLite has many great products, especially paddles. Be that as it may, the Supernova Black Diamond paddle is an excellent combination of all the desirable qualities in pickleball pads. It has responsiveness, power, ball control, and feels comfortable on the palm. This is a product you won’t regret spending on.

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