Best Hard Court Tennis Shoes 2021: men’s top picks

Best Hard Court Tennis Shoes

Playing tennis (1), as you well know, is a rigorous sport. Often, after a play session, players come off fatigued. And in most cases, with body aches also. 

As normal as these might seem, there is a degree to which fatigue and aching can be reduced. This is with the use of the appropriate tennis gear. This doesn’t just stop at tennis racquets and strings but also applies to sportswear and shoe type.

Agreed, pros are more accustomed to the gameplay intensity, and they’ve adapted to the stress and fatigue for long. However, they also reduce their chances of getting fatigued by using quality gear.

One area where gears count the most is on hard courts. If you don’t use the right playing equipment, not only won’t you play well, but you’ll also wear out faster. That’s why I’ll be shedding more light on products that pass as part of the best hard court tennis shoes.





N0 1.

ASICS Men's Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes

N0 2.

adidas Men's Courtjam Bounce Tennis Shoe

N0 3.

ASICS Men's Court FF Tennis Shoes

N0 4.

adidas Men's Solecourt Boost Tennis Shoe

N0 5.

Head Graphene Speed Lite Tennis

N0 6.

Nike Men's Tennis Shoes

N0 7.

New Balance Men's 796 V2 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

Buying Guide for Hard Court Tennis Shoes

Various factors to consider in choosing the right tennis shoe for hard court play. Be that as it may, the main point in any hard court shoe is to protect the feet from hurting.

Given that the ground is solid and provides little or no cushion, unlike in grass courts, the shoe must provide optimal support for the feet. This can be simply put as shock absorption. Without this, there would be no peculiarity to distinguish a hard court shoe.


How premium or well made a tennis shoe is can be traced back to its design. Quality is not just a thing with brand names or fancy looks but more about the details of the design.

The various parts of a tennis boot, including the sole, the vamp, and the upper, all work together to provide support for the feet. The materials used in making each specific part determines how quality the shoe comes off. Take, for example, the midsole ought to be made from more flexible and lightweight material than the outsole.


How well a player can utilize a tennis shoe determines how valuable the shoe is. When it comes to performance, hard court tennis shoes have to provide extra cushioning and balance. These are what counts in keeping the player fit for a playing session.

One’s performance can be enhanced by going for a shoe that provides enough lateral support – width to allow free movement. Also necessary is the arch support, which counts for agility and speed when using any shoe. In general, the best performing tennis shoes are padded the right amount at critical areas for maximal support of the body.


In selecting a sports shoe, one factor that readily comes to mind is comfortability. You just can’t overemphasize it. You have to feel relaxed in your boots to play well. Otherwise, you are focused on your footwear rather than the game.

As much as appropriate shoe size plays the most crucial role here, the material and design of shoes also come into play. Once again, what matters the most is the cushion of the shoe, mostly the sole and the vamp. How well-padded a tennis shoe counts a lot in making your footwear choice.


How well a tennis shoe lasts is proportional to the material used in making it. Mostly, organic polymers like PU or EVA are used in making tennis boots. PU is much lightweight and softer than EVA.

A careful combination of both polymers can give a very durable and yet comfortable tennis shoe. You should be wary of boots too heavy as that would in itself cause fatigue. The same way, a shoe that is also flexible and soft won’t last, especially on a hard court. When getting a tennis shoe, you should instead look out for a tough outer with soft padding.


No one likes to spend money on what doesn’t last. That’s why we often prefer quality to budget-price. However, you should also be prudent in your spending. Don’t just buy products because of the brand name. Instead, buy them because of the quality they offer.

Top 7 Best Hard Court Tennis Shoes


ASICS Men's Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes

ASICS has many tennis shoe products in the market. The peculiarity of each product is what matters in your choice of product. The Gel Challenger 12 is custom-made for hard courts. The design provides a comfortable fitting around the sole.



  • Durable outsole
  • Great traction from the sole design
  • Lightweight material
  • It comes at budget price


  • The padding seems to give way upon heavy usage

Detailed description

An excellent product for a great price. This is one product to get on the go. The trainer pair comes with quality features that give you your money’s worth while bouncing around in the play. The sole is flexible and bounces enough to keep you energetic.


On the other hand, the vamp and upper part of the tennis boot are made from soft, padded material that offers comfortability and class. The midsole and outsole also are made from polyester materials that give it a good bounce and cushion.


The shoe, in general, is lightweight and comfy on the feet. It is not too soft not to be useful on a hard court, and yet it’s not unnecessarily weighty or hard.



adidas Men's Courtjam Bounce Tennis Shoe

Another premium brand name among tennis shoemakers is Adidas (2). A brand name known for quality and unique designs that fit specific needs. The Courtjam Bounce is particular to the hard court’s fast play type. You get maximal responsiveness and less strain on the legs.


  • Comes with customized bounce cushioning
  • The extended outsole provides better support
  • High durability
  • It is made from durable material


  • Break-in period can be unsettling for new users
  • Relatively high price

Detailed description

The technological design of this premium sports gear is one commendable and worth every penny of its cost. Adidas provides tennis players with a great design with attention to the precise needs of hard court users. As you need to run around and balance on your toes, the Courtjam Bounce is designed to give the best lateral and arch support.

The bounce cushion used in the midsole of the shoe is what gives the much-needed shock absorption. This means you can leap and land as much as you will without fear of ache in the leg. The padding around the ankle also makes the shoe very comfy.

For remarkable durability, the extended outsole is made from TPU material, which not only supports the sole but also allows for excellent traction.


ASICS Men's Court FF Tennis Shoes

The FF court tennis trainer from ASICS is another high-quality product for any tennis player willing to go on a hard court. The shoe offers excellent responsiveness and mobility. This is a product fashioned to taste for pro tennis players. So, almost nothing to complain about here.


  • Upgraded outsole for better stability
  • Fitting upper design
  • Flyte foam cushion for exceptional bounce and comfortability


  • Relatively high price.

Detailed description

The construction of this trainer is directed towards optimal cushion and support from the sole design to the vamp and the upper region. The padding of the midsole brings good bounce and responsiveness to the table.


The shoe is lightweight enough to keep you moving without feeling the coarseness of the hard court surface. The outsole also is specifically designed to give optimal control to the player. You can quickly leap on one foot and not get any aches with this product.


adidas Men's Solecourt Boost Tennis Shoe

The last product on this list, the Adidas Solecourt Boost, is tennis footwear that is not only fancy but very tough as is needed for a hard court. The shock absorption proffered by the sole is remarkable.


  • Lightweight design
  • Structured sole to provide good traction
  • Breathable material


  • Not well suited for prolonged use

Detailed description

Boost, as its name implies, is a feature that provides tennis players with the needed support to propel for a run or any move for that matter. The well-padded outsole and midsole facilitate this. The TPU material used provides better cushion and support.


With a lightweight construction, the Solecourt Boost from Adidas is well adapted to a fast hard court gameplay style. You can rest assured you’ll feel at alert playing in these comfortable shoes.


New Balance Men's 1006 V1 Tennis Shoe

One of the few budget products of New Balance. The 1006 V1 is a hard court tennis trainer notable for its high traction and maximal cushion the sole design offers. This product would be an excellent pick for players that run around a lot.


  • Lightweight design
  • Structured sole to provide good traction
  • Breathable material


  • Not well suited for prolonged use

Detailed description

The New Balance 1006 V1 tennis trainer is a shoe pair well constructed and structured for hard court use. The shoe is remarkably lightweight, which means you feel much freer to run around. The traction of the sole also ensures that you don’t slide while playing. All these for a fair price compared to more fancy versions.


With this product from New Balance, you can be sure of a comfortable fit. The edges of the shoe are made to fit the feet, referred to as break-in. This tennis shoe set also provides bearable cushioning, which seems just right for hard court sessions. However, you might find it too flat if you are used to sole high shoes with high bounciness.


Nike Men's Tennis Shoes

As one of the most popular shoe brands worldwide, Nike produces quality tennis trainers. One product of choice from Nike for hard court use is the version designed for men. The well-padded shoe offers high performance and support.



  • Synthetic sole which provides good support
  • Breathable shoe cover
  • TPU Midfoot design for lateral support
  • Durable outsole


  • A bit lagging in bounce

Detailed description

This shoe is no doubt one of the best products available in the market. With a design specialized at offering optimal support and cushioning. Most notable of its features is the padded outsole, which provides comfort and durability.

The padded collar alongside the breathable sides also ensures you stay comfortable putting these on. One other selling point for the Nike hard court men’s shoe is the low-profile heel, which makes it simple on foot. The midfoot shank and modified outsole also provide excellent traction during gameplay.


New Balance Men's 796 V2 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

Another quality product from New Balance is the Men’s 796 Version 2. This version is designed to give optimal movement even on hard courts. The significant regions are reduced by stuffing instead of using thick polyesters all through.


  • Very lightweight
  • Fits firmly on the feet with no break-in
  • Optimal mobility with midsole and outsole structure


  • Cushioning gives way too fast upon prolonged usage.

Detailed description

This is yet another budget-price product that offers excellent movement for tennis players on hard courts. Your mobility as a player on a hard court counts for everything. This is because the ball tends to bounce faster and more powerfully. Hence, a shoe that allows you to propel can be invaluable.


The fitting that NB 797v2 offers is another excellent factor that works in tandem with the mobility the shoe offers. This is important as it gives you good responsiveness. Essential to enjoying such a design is a firm support design. And the product structure provides excellent cushion and support with a well-carved vamp and fortified outsole.


With all said and considered, no doubt, you are ready to get on the court to test some of these footwear. They all offer exceptional quality and support to the feet and legs by extension. No doubt, these would improve your gameplay on a hard court.

One stand out product from this list is the ASICS Gel Challenger 12, which combines quality features with budget price. The product lasts long, even with constant use, providing excellent shock absorption and responsiveness. Most important is to enjoy a good game while using a comfortable footwear.

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