Babolat RPM Blast (12m, 16g) string Review

If you have played tennis(1) with a sloppy racket that barely gets the ball over the net, you’ll know what I mean when I say “Gears determine games”. No matter how good a tennis player is, he can only play well as much as his racket allows. Most importantly, the string on your racket plays a significant role in your ball control and any type of stroke you favorite.

The Babolat RPM Blast is a quality co-polyester string that delivers well. One thing to take away from this string is the ball control and spin it delivers. Little wonder its name is “RPM”. If you want to know a bit more about the hype around this product. Here’s my take on it. I’ll try to be quick about it and as honest as I can be.

Babolat RPM Blast

RPM Blast is made from thick monofilament with octagonal design strung together to give a responsive racket string. The high density of the string lines delivers a top-notch feel and ball control.

As a polyester string, the Babolat product has its peculiarities. This is in terms of power and comfortability. The fast response and high spin that this string brings to the table also mean you have to sacrifice a bit more power on your strokes.

As a beginner or intermediate tennis player, you’ll find this string quite amusing. You’ll get your groundstrokes more easily with RPM Blast because the ball readily bounces off the string. This means you can focus more on developing your power stroke.

+ pros

  • Here are some of the perks of using the Babolat RPM Blast.

    • Maximal control: One thing that this string offers is reasonable control of the ball. You get to direct the ball with less energy expended, and yet the ball spins in the direction you want.
    • Firm design: The octagonal monofilament design of the string makes it quite thick. This makes the string sit very firm on the racket, which comes in handy in making power strokes.
    • Lasts long: Although every gear wears out with time upon continual use. However, Babolat RPM Blast pays its dues when it comes to durability. The string is well constructed for long hour play provided you string it at a favorable tension; around 51lbf.
    • Delivers comfortable handling: Most players want a string that doesn’t tension the hand. RPM Blast absorbs ball pressure well and vibrates less, giving players more comfortable usability.

- cons

  • Some downsides of RPM Blast from Babolat include:

    • Low power return: The co-polyester material used in this product makes it a less suitable gear for power strokes. Not that you won’t get those shots, but you have to put in more effort compared to gut material strings.
    • Can be draining: To maintain a high level of gameplay, you need to keep the same tempo through the game. This takes its toll on your energy level faster. This especially applies to players that play more power strokes.
    • Complexity of usage: Due to their design and construction, balls bounce more dynamically on polyester strings. Players with a rigid style of play, hit-and-go, tend to have issues with this.

Features and Benefits of Babolat RPM Blast

If you are familiar with polyester strings (and if this is your first try, it’s okay), you’ll bear with me that there’s this versatility that comes with them. What does this mean? In simple terms, you can easily manipulate the ball with a little swing of the racket with less power expended.

Here are contributing features to enjoy using the RPM Blast string:

1.      Good spin

What is spin? In layman terms, it’s how the ball rotates off your racquet. And yeah, it matters a lot in tennis gameplay. Spin is a skill that pro tennis players have mastered, and it can help you easily outclass your opponent.

Babolat RPM Blast is designed with spin in mind. The orientation of the monofilament lines of the string makes it easy to spin tennis balls. If you are looking to develop your gameplay in terms of skill, this might just be the perfect string for you.

2.      Control

When you make a stroke move and get the exact direction you anticipated, there’s this morale boost you get. This is precisely why using quality gears like RPM Blast from Babolat is essential for an enjoyable tennis session.

Think of it this way. Say you make a neutral flat stroke, and this string still delivers well. Yes, I was thinking with the co-polyester material, it’ll be all spins and technique shots. But you’ll be amazed at how well this string delivers virtually all types of strokes with crisp execution.

3.      Durability

One thing every player wants in their tennis gear is for it to last long. I mean, it can be so tiring when you have to restring your racquet now and then because the string keeps snapping.

What determines how long a string lasts includes the material, thickness, and the stringing. That said, what matters most is the integrity of the string after consistent use. And I can conclude that Babolat RPM Blast maintains its form well even after several uses.

4.      Power

Another essential feature of the fast-response RPM Blast is its adaptability to heavy strokes. Generally, to get more dynamic play using the string means you’d have to sacrifice a bit of the power generation of the gear.

However, if you are energetic enough, the string delivers just right on the power stroke. So, all you need to do is to put in the work, and the string does the rest.


In total, RPM Blast is a high quality string for players that want their strokes delivered as intended. Great for players looking to develop their skill set. As well as pros who are looking to add finesse to their ball delivery.

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Last updated on August 9, 2021 10:25 am

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