Babolat Pure Strike 16×19 3rd gen tennis racquet review


Player level: Advanced

Flexibility: Semi Stiff

Balance: Head Light

Weight: Heavy (11.3 oz.)

Head size: Mid Plus (98 sq inch)

Babolat Pure Strike 16x19

Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 USA Tennis Racquet (3rd Gen)





Ground strokes








Overall rating: 8.9

The game of tennis keeps getting interesting with the production of different rackets. As the competition gets tight amongst players so also it is amongst manufacturers (1).

From its name, the new Babolat Pure Strike is for strikers who speed up the ball and need quick response to increase their accuracy. An optimized string pattern that has a wider spacing of the crosses provides more power. 

The particular model delivers a more consistent and robust response. With a broader sweet spot and more robust backbone, it provides a much-improved hitting experience.

The new Babolat Pure Strike is a remarkable and impressive advancement from the previous model. It would interest you to read through this review carefully, to explore the wonders and dynamics of this racket.


Babolat is one of the best tennis racket manufacturers in the market today, and they have been maintaining consistency in revolutionizing the rackets players use to remain at the top of their game. By listening to the player’s needs, they keep making great improvements to their rackets.

This Babolat Pure Strike stands out among other top selling rackets and can perform just as much as a Yonex Ezone DR 98, due to its material construction and specifications.

This tennis racket features an average length of 27 inches and a 98 sq inch head size. With this these features, the Babolat Pure Strike takes advantage of its accuracy and responsiveness to every movement.

With a strung weight of 11.3oz, 10.8oz unstrung and a swing weight of 323oz, this definitely puts the racket at a higher end of the racket range, but interestingly the Pure Strike will provide you with enough mass to send the ball cruising to your opponent’s baseline.

It also features a 16 by 19 string pattern, and a 4 points head light balance. This puts the weight in your hand allowing you to whip the Babolat Pure Strike around easily. The head light balance also means that the Pure Strike makes volleys at the net easy. You’ll be able to get into position and keep attacking rapidly.

The dimension of its beam width is 21.3 mm / 23.3 mm / 21.3 mm, which is slightly thicker allows for speed in the hitting zone and a right amount of spin. Also with this more extensive beam sections in the throat and at 3, 9 and 12 o’clock, the accuracy is enhanced and increases stability at ball impact.

The default version of the Babolat Pure Strike comes with a 16×19 string pattern. A perfect combination between an open string pattern and a closed one, this string pattern will give you more than enough spin and control for any tennis ball you encounter.

+ pros

  • Confident Swing- Babolat Pure Strike appears to be living up to its name because it is designed to play with speed and spin to land the first strike. If you are a player, who had trouble doing that on your serves, with this racket you’d be able to adjust quite quickly to the pure strike and swing with more confidence.
  • Broader sweet spot and more robust backbone- this provides a much-improved hitting experience.
  • Powerful strokes and impressive precision

- cons

  • Not arm- friendly- In time past, users have complained about this racket being too stiff for them leading to muscles and elbow problems.
  • The ball tends to jump off the strings, and some players have observed difficulty in absorbing the pace. Perhaps, players with milder strings would be able to excel well with it.


From its name, the new Babolat Pure Strike is for strikers who speed up the ball and need quick response to increase their accuracy. An optimized string pattern that has a wider spacing of the crosses provides more power. 

Babolat Pure Strike is crafted with advanced technology. Pure Strike may not quite deliver the effortless power of Pure Drive and the spin ability of Pure Aero, but it offers enhanced control and all-court flexibility with a responsive feel.

The implementation of these latest technologies in manufacturing the racket give room to better players’ performance.

Without a doubt, The Pure Strike skilfully occupies a spot in the category of modern frames like Yonex EZONE DR 98 and Wilson Blade 98. It is lighter and provides more help than a traditional players frame, but still maintains a measure of the same playability.

Enhanced Sweet Pot

The Babolat Pure Strike possesses the maneuverability and playability of the Pure Aero, but with an increased sweet spot and overwhelming amounts of pop. The weight and frame heavily contribute to allowing players to hit deeper balls than ever before. The balance will enable you to easily maneuver the frame to get into position and annihilate some volleys.

Effective net plays

The Babolat Pure strike makes getting into place and punching through volleys unbelievably easy.

Great Serving Motion

You’d feel the mass of the racket as you go through your serving motion, but it is not too discomforting. Serves are easy to hit with this racket. Some players have observed that it feels as though they are serving at a higher percentage using Babolat Pure Strike.

Hybrid Frame Technology

This improved technology gives you a unique combination of power and control. It is made out of both square and elliptical sections. Babolat decided to improve the frame a little to increase accuracy and stability at the moment of ball impact.

The frame of the pure strike racket is also infused with FSI technology; that is the upper crosses of the racket have more spaces. While on the court, this results in more power and spin.


The Babolat Pure Strike creates powerful serves and deep baseline shots making it perfect for aggressive players.

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