Andy Murray Tennis Racket

Andy Murray Tennis Racket Review

Andy Murray's Tennis Racquet


Head PT57A Graphene XT Radical Pro


  • Length – 27 inches
  • Head Size – 98 sq. in
  • Weight – 11.6 ounces
  • Swing Weight – 332
  • Balance Point – 6pts, Head Light
  • Composition – Graphite/Graphene
  • String Pattern – 16 Mains / 19 Crosses

When you talk of men’s tennis in the last decade, there are certain names that would result come to mind – one of them is Andy Murray. The Scot international is one of the best players all over the world whenever he’s at his best.

Andy kicked off his professional career at an early age of 18, playing in a grand slam tournament where he went on to reach the 3rd round. The next year, he won his first ATP Title at the SAP Open. And that was the start of the tennis brilliance we know him to be today.

Throughout his career, Andy Murray has won three Grand Slam Titles, and he has already made runner up at eleven other major events. During these years, Andy clinched the top player rank on the ATP rankings for a total of 41 weeks.

Enough said about what an amazing career Andy has had. We can all agree that he was quite the talent in world tennis. But that only couldn’t have been the reason for his successful run through the years. Other important factors include style of play and tennis gear choice.

Every player plays to their strength, and this often informs their racket choice. Andy Murray has a powerful backhand, a great first serve, and also plays some difficult volleys.

His strengths are not the most aggressive of tennis move combinations. But when well executed, you can always bank on exploiting the opponent’s weak points. Which weapon does Andy that conveniently suits his style of play? It’s the Head PT57A Graphene XT Radical Pro. How does this racket fit in? You’ll learn below.

Head PT57A Graphene XT Radical Pro

The Head PT57A Graphene XT Radical Pro is an advanced professional racket with a stiff design that favors power and spin. The racket model has a distinctive dimension which affects quite everything about it – especially the size of the sweet spot.

This racket has a narrow throat compared to previous models and most rackets commonly available. This might prove difficult to get used, but once you master how to properly maneuver the racket, it proves very effective in making technical hits.

The racket head is 98 sq inches wide and has a weight of 11.6 ounces. These contribute to the power boost found with this racket. The power is needed to ensure that every hit counts while playing from a reserved position. Alongside the power, the racket also offers a blend of control and maneuverability. This makes it easy to deliver any stroke type from most positions.

On the downside, the racket has a stiffer feel which makes hits that are off the sweet spot to lack directions. This often makes it more difficult for non-professionals to get the best of this racket. So, before you go for this professional tracker choice for a deep sitting game, be sure to have mastered ball control.'s Exclusive Preview

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+ pros

  • Awesome power and spin
  • Easy to handle and get excellent ball control
  • Top-notch ball responsiveness and velocity in hits
  • Easy to maneuver and handle
  • Comfortable grip

- cons

  • The frame can be quite stiff while playing under pressure
  • Ball response can be erratic for amateur players

Features and Benefits – Head PT57A Graphene XT Radical Pro

In this section, we’ll be talking about the main features that distinguish the Head PT57A Graphene XT Radical Pro. And how you can properly use it to your advantage.


A major tool that most professional tennis players use in defeating their opponent is by dominating the game using power shots. And this is still an effective strategy till now. How then do they generate enough power during gameplay? Apart from personal skill and technique, it often boils down to the racket specifications; the swing weight, head balance, and the overall racket size.

This racket is one on the steep side of power play. With this tennis gear, you don’t need to worry so much about adding much force to your shots. The swing weight in itself allows enough force to drive a tennis ball across the court given you are able to handle it.


To go hand in hand with power hits is good ball control. This is important in order to get a fast moving ball going in the exact direction that the player wants. In several cases, ball control is determined by the string pattern.

The Head PT57A Graphene XT Radical Pro works best with a 16 x 19 string pattern, just as Andy Murray uses it. With this string tension, spins come off more easily. When there’s good drag on the tennis ball, it means better spin play and also a better ball control.


For someone like Andy Murray who plays mostly sitting deep in the baseline and sometimes around the net, there is even more need to get every shot right. And as every tennis player knows, to get the shot right, you have to get your racket handling right.

The grip is that area of a racket that determines how well it can be maneuvered. The Graphene XT Radical Pro has a handy grip; easy to flip and carry without causing mis-hits. However, the narrow throat dimension affects the overall maneuverability. What that means is that you need to pay more attention to positioning rather than just hitting the ball as it comes.


Much similar to ball control and racket maneuvering, responsiveness is one feature of the Head PT57A Pro Racket. Particularly, this has to do with the speed with which the ball bounces off when hit by the racket. As you might guess, this largely depends on the string choice and pattern. But also important is the racket head length. In this case, there is good responsiveness for groundstrokes and volleys, due to the fair broadness of the racket, but the racket doesn’t perform so we’ll serve.


It isn’t enough to merely covet Andy Murray’s consistency and style of play, you can take the next step by trying out how he does it. If you are considering using the Head PT57A Graphene XT Radical Pro, make sure you pay more attention to ball control.

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