Andrey Rublev Tennis Racquet Review

Andrey Rublev Tennis Racquet Review

Andrey Rublev Tennis Racquet Review


  • Head size: 95 sq. inch
  • Balance: 7 points Head Light
  • Strung Weight: 12.3 ounces
  • Flex: 66 RA
  • Swing Weight: 332
  • String Pattern: 18×20

One of the most promising next-generation players in the world of tennis is Andrey Rublev. This Russian tennis star gained popularity in a 2019 season, where he had his real breakthrough at the biggest stages. Although he has no big titles yet, he has gone far in many prestigious tournaments.

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Rublev is known for his impressive racquet head speed and aggressive game. With all of Rublev’s success on the court, many people desire to know what racquet he uses to compete at the highest level.

So, if you are part of the people who are asking what racquet Rublev uses, look no further as this article is put together to provide information about his tennis racquet.

Technical Details

Audrey Rublev Tennis Racquet is the Wilson Six-One 95, a racquet which is one of the most popular on the ATP Tour. This racquet is painted to look like the Wilson Burn 100s, and it is strung with Luxilon Alu Power.

The Wilson Six-One 95 has a head size of 95 square inches, a length of 27 inches, 7 points headlight balance and a strung weight of 12.3 ounces/349g. Also, it has a flex of 66 RA, swing weight of 332 and 18×20 string pattern. This racquet provides a classic feel for big-hitting advanced players.

This racquet is known for being explosive on the court. It is a formidable weapon for attackers and so making it easy for them to stun their opponents and dominate their game.'s Exclusive Preview

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+ pros

Below are some merits of the Wilson Six-One 95 Tennis Racquet.

  • The Wilson Six-One 95 Tennis Racquet offers an excellent blend of control and stability, thus, allowing advanced tennis players like Rublev to earn points from anywhere on the court.
  • Perfect for advanced players- the properties of this tennis racquet meets the need of advanced players with a strong technique and swing whose desire is a heavier racquet with significant control.
  • High-Quality Workmanship- the Wilson Six-One 95 tennis racquet is of high-quality, especially in terms of its style and durability.

Therefore, with this tennis racquet, you are sure of a reliable plough through and precise response.

- cons

The basic demerit of the Wilson Six-One 95 Tennis Racquet are:

  • It is unsuitable for beginner players of the tennis game. The properties of the Wilson Six-One 95 are the ones that are desirable for advanced tennis players and not a novice or beginner of the game.
  • Hard to manoeuvre- the heavyweight of this racquet results in difficulty in manoeuvring it. Thus, this racquet requires more effort on the player’s end, particularly, if the player’s wrist is not yet that superior.

Features and Benefits – Wilson Six-One 95

The Wilson Six One 95 Tennis Racquet comes with some excellent features which make it suitable for advanced tennis players like Audrey Rublev. These features are:


The BLX Technology is a feature of the Wilson Six One 95 which involves the use of basalt, a natural volcanic rock in the process of production of the racquet. The rock, Basalt is woven longitudinally with Karophite Black (a next-generation nanoscopic material).

The combination of these materials creates one of the most advanced materials in the industry. Thus, leading to a tennis racquet which offers excellent vibration resistance and clean feedback.

This feature is the reason for the vibration resistance, responsiveness and extra stability of Rublev’s racquet.


The Double Hole Technology of the Wilson Six One 95 tennis racquet makes its grommets larger than traditional grommets. The larger grommets allow for 26° of string movement instead of the 22° of the standard grommets.

The extra movement in the grommet hole of this racquet allows for a more significant trampoline effect and extra power. Also, it results in more excellent ball pocketing on impact, thus, increasing shock absorption and comfort.


The Parallel Drilling Technology of the Wilson Six One 95 tennis racquet offers a consistent more forgiving sweet spot response and at the same time increasing the sweet spot. Also, because the main strings have no bends, so they are less to breaking on mis-hits.


The Wilson Six One 95 tennis racquet comes with 18×20 string pattern. This pattern denotes 18 mains (vertical) and 20 crosses (horizontal); it results in a tighter string spacing as well as a denser string pattern.

This feature offers more control and ensures better string durability. The denser string pattern of this racquet enables you to hit more strings on impact. Thus, you get a much more stable shot when playing the tennis game.

Moreover, the string pattern of the Rublev’s tennis racquet gives flat hitting players better directional control on the court, even though it does not produce quite as much spin as other string patterns.


The head size of a tennis racket is the area of the racquet head where the strings create the face or stringbed of the racquet. This parameter is measured in square inches. The Wilson Six One 95 comes with a head size of 95 square inches. This head size makes the racquet suitable for advanced players like Rublev, who consistently hit the sweet spot and generate an incredible amount of power from their swing action.

Experienced tennis players benefit from this racket because it offers more control than racquets with large head sizes.  Also, the small head size of this racket makes it easier to manoeuvre for players with excellent wrist strength. The ease of manoeuvrability helps advanced players like Rublev to react faster and aggressively on the court.


Audrey Rublev’s Tennis Racquet, the Wilson Six One 95 is a perfect product for experienced players who love to be aggressive on the court. Its combination of spin and control makes it a suitable choice for big-hitters.

Even though the racquet is a bit expensive, it is a valuable product because of the exceptional performance it delivers. This racquet is readily available on the market; however, there are many versions of the racquet.

This racquet provides you with sufficient power while still being stable as well allowing you to be in control of your swing. Thus, if you are looking for a game-changing racquet that will improve your gameplay, the Wilson Six One 95 is a good buy for you.

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